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Garden looking untidy? Giving your garden a new look is a great way to reinvent the entire backyard, giving you a chance to spend time relaxing in a new and exciting space. Below are some tips on how you can give your garden a new look without spending too much money or taking up too much time.

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New and different plants can add an entirely new look to a garden, as well as a multitude of new colors. Creating or even adding more flowerbeds can completely reshape your garden, totally changing its atmosphere. Plants don’t just have to look nice though; vegetable and herb gardens not only look great, but they also become a constant source of food and flavor. The best part about growing your own food is you know it is organic and made without chemicals, making it healthier and fresher than any you could buy in a shop.

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{Patio Flooring is bluestone.}

Furniture sets the tone of a garden. It tells you what the space is used for. A garden without furniture is like a bedroom without a bed. To change the look of your garden, maybe all you need is to change the furniture. Replace a basic dining setting with a luxurious, outdoor lounge and you will find the entire backyard transformed. Many stores, like Super Amart, provide a huge range of outdoor furniture to choose from. Some new chairs placed strategically could be all your garden needs for a complete makeover.


Outside Room

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Creating a place in the garden where you can go to escape the indoors and to enjoy the weather and open air is one of the best ways for you to give your garden a new and exciting look. This outdoor room is not a covered extension of the house; it needs to be on its own, maybe even hidden away behind some plants or with a winding garden path leading up to it. It is important that it isn’t too big either. It’s something special, a personal space where you can enjoy your own company or that of a select few people. Don’t think of it as an entertaining area, but as a getaway retreat.


Add Your Own Style

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One problem with many backyard gardens is they all look fairly similar. By bringing your own style to the space, you not only give it a fresh look but you also make it uniquely yours. Repaint everything in the colors you want them to be. That includes exterior walls of the house, pots, posts and fences. Mix and match; the only thing stopping you is your imagination. A recent and exciting idea in garden decorating has been to use unique and reusable containers as pots for plants. It’s not just the old coffee tin becoming a pot though; larger plants are now in the mix with repurposed oil drums painted in an assortment of colors. Reusing is good for the environment too!

Outdoor Dining Area. French Outdoor Dining Area. Outdoor Dining Area Decor Ideas. #OutdoorDiningArea Margie Grace - Grace Design Associates.


There are a lot of ways you can give your garden a new look. Many of them can be done in next to no time at all, with very little expense. How have you given your garden a new look?

Sources: Images: 1, 2 & 3: Michael Kelley Photography. 4: Westover Landscape Design, Inc. 5: Alderwood Landscape Architecture and Construction. 6 & 7: Margie Grace – Grace Design Associates.

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Although spring hasn’t yet sprung around here yet, I am already making plans for when the snow starts to melt. We’re having a very long winter and I want to spend as much time outdoor as possible during the warm months. Nothing better than spending a quiet and relaxing Sunday afternoon with your family in the backyard. 🙂

I will be back later on with another post.

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    You are absolutely right! Spring cannot come fast enough. My backyard is waiting patiently, as am I….morning coffee sitting around the pool with the sun shining through the trees and birds chirping. Well, at least we can now hear the birds!! 🙂

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