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4 Tips to Keep Your Home’s Air Clean This Winter

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As winter approaches, people start spending more time indoors. If the air in your home isn’t clean, you could suffer from allergies, cough, and congestion that make the season miserable. Follow these four tips to keep your home’s air clean this winter so your whole family will feel happy and healthy.
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1. Dust Your Home Regularly

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It doesn’t take long for dust to cover unused surfaces in your home. If you haven’t cleaned behind your bed in a while, expect to find a thick layer that looks like it belongs in an abandoned house.

By cleaning regularly, you prevent dust from contaminating the air. Dust might not seem like a big deal at first, but it’s a serious nuisance that often contains:

  • dead skin
  • food
  • fur and hair
  • decomposing insects

Dust can even contain arsenic, lead, and DDT. Think about that the next time you need a little motivation to clean.


2. Keep the Floors Clean

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In addition to dust, your floors probably have ample amounts of hair and dirt.

The problem is even worse if you have carpeted floors. Shoes can grind all kinds of nasty things into carpet fibers. When people walk across the floor, the dirt and other contaminants get kicked into the air.

Sweep and mop hard-surface floors at least once a week. Vacuum carpets as often. When you have time, rent a carpet cleaner for a deep cleanse.


3. Replace Your Air Filters Monthly

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Your home’s HVAC system does more than regulate temperature. It also removes dust and other particles from the air. Hopefully you already know this. If not, then your system probably has an extremely clogged filter that you need to replace immediately.

Most experts recommend changing the air filter once a month. Depending on your home’s air quality, though, you may need to do it more often, especially during winter when the furnace runs for several hours a day. If the filter has turned a dark gray, you should replace it.


4. Decorate With More Houseplants

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Plants create oxygen that makes life on earth possible. They also clean the air, making it healthier for animals and humans. Obviously you’re not going to plant a tree in your house just to purify the air. Luckily, there are several houseplants that can improve indoor air quality. If you look at the home of someone with an online respiratory therapy associates degree, you’ll probably spot helpful plants such as:

  • spider plants
  • golden pothos
  • weeping fig, which is actually a type of fichus
  • Chinese evergreen

These plants remove troublesome pollutants like carbon monoxide, benzene, and trichloroethylene. You don’t really need to know what those pollutants are. You just need to know that they’re common and they don’t belong in your home, especially if you have children who could develop allergies or asthma.


Use these tips to keep your home healthy and fresh this winter.


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