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Cottage of the Week: France
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Are you ready to dream about a little cottage in France with me? How would you imagine it to be? This one is pretty much how I would have imagined, with beautiful vines growing on the walls, making it look somehow even more enchanting. What about stones walls and beams? A history, rooms with personality and furniture that’s timeless? Everything brings you to an another time, another era, a better place. Everything feels incredibly romantic and everything also feels very French. Are you ready to travel to this tiny French cottage now?



The yellow glows with the stone arches and stairs. It becomes almost like a magical space.

Books and Words

Located in La Motte d’Aigues on the South Luberon, this 17th century village cottage has been featured in many French and British magazines. Notice the bookshelves and the charming floors.


Every cottage looks better with beautiful china used as art.

Living Room

The small living room feels incredibly cozy and charming. I adore the beams and the little window on the right by the fireplace.

Master Bedroom

Very French. The bed has beautiful fabric and I like the blue hues in this space. Blue and white are classic.


I want to bring these chairs home!

Guest Bedroom

Simple and delicate. Great carpet.


The master bedroom opens to this beautiful terrace. I could spend hours here.

Al Fresco

Some French wine, this cottage and good friends. The perfect recipe for a perfect evening.

Don’ you wish you could be in this place right now? I’d love to escape these chilly and rainy days to a cozy cottage like this one. I can picture myself just taking it easy, reading by the fire and enjoying the good life in this place. Who wants to come with me? :-)

Wishing you a really special day and thank you so much for being here!


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21 Comments to 'Cottage of the Week: France'

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  1. I want you to bring those chairs home to. Bring me some. Their wonderful.

  2. Brenda said,

    What’s not to like? Simply gorgeous, and yes I’ll come with you!!!

  3. This place looks so homey without being too clutterd – exactly what I think of when I think about “authentically French”! Luciane, I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger award because I adore you AND your blog – stop by to take a look at the details when you have a chance. Have a great day! :)

  4. Sigh….I love the cottages you feature and it desperately makes me want to live in one. Some day, Some Day, my husband will be a famous percussionist and I will be singing opera at some of the greatest house in Europe, then I can have my cottage. 😀 Have a fantastic day!

  5. Manderley said,

    So cute this cottage, romantic and chic. Luciane come together (well, with husbands too) hahaha


  6. Doesn’t that outdoor table look like a fun time. And I love the bergere chairs in the bedrooms since I just recovered mine to go in my bedroom…feeling very French :)

  7. Carolyn said,

    Sigh. Just love this. The blue flowered Louis XVI arm chairs are just divine. The cottage is lovely and romantic with the patina of age I covet, and I adore blue and white. Since I’m a reader and end up with more books than I have places for, I particularly love all the book shelves filled with actual books! And those outdoor terraces and the blue shutters make me swoon. The only things I don’t particularly care for are that modern taupe sofa against the yellow gold walls and the Moroccan-looking coffee and end tables in the stone vaulted room. They seem so chunky paired with those lovely fauteuils. Other than that, I’d be perfectly content in this darling cottage. Thanks for always finding the perfect cottage of the week.

  8. oh how i am “dying” over here, so in love with this cottage. i will take small and cozy over large any day, especially one with stone barrel ceilings

  9. omg it’s charming. but i would choose to stay right where i am at the moment as we are knee deep in renovation, and it’s getting very exciting since we’re so close!

    hugs to you, brazilian bombshell.


  10. Kathy said,

    the outside dining table is to DIE for…..ah dreaming of france tonight thanks to you!

  11. Barbara said,

    Now, this is my idea of a cottage! Simply gorgeous, especially the living room, master…patio off the master…oh my!

  12. Greet said,

    Beautiful!!!! Oh Luciane, imagine spending your holidays in such a charming French house!! I love the arched ceiling and that kitchen blue-doored cabinet!! I love every single room of this house!

  13. Ann said,

    What a cozy and charming cottage. Oh how I love the interiors. The bedrooms, the living room, and the library … they are charming spaces. Nice wonderful terrace too.

  14. Tereza said,

    Luciane, que casa maravilhosa, a isto chamo viver com elevado nivel de qualidade.

  15. This is one of the few that I don’t think I’d want to live in, but it was REALLY interesting to look at! I love the cottages you find — you’re the best at it!

  16. Sherry said,

    Beautiful! I especially love the outside areas.

  17. Tee said,

    I wouldnt mind having a vacation there, but not my style for permanent living… Never really was a fan of the french… like so many others are :) Cant wait for next weeks cottage…

  18. kate said,

    love the crazy ivy on the house. magical :)

  19. THAT is a cottage!
    Each room is like a perfect jewel box of “cottage-ness”, the kind you can stare at for a long time, finding more + more details. Lovely!

  20. ana maria said,

    Agora fiquei suspirando… que casa incrível.
    Amo o rustico… Agora essa varanda ou terraço, é o paraíso!!!!!!!!
    Salvei essas duas imagens amiga! não resisti!!

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