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We’ve all been there. You get to the end of a long day and all you want to do is kick off your shoes, run a bath and climb in to soak away the troubles of the day in a relaxing and warm environment. But what if your bathroom isn’t exactly the most relaxing environment or you want to know how to create a relaxing place for you to chill in with some guidance? Here’s a quick list of nine things you can do to create a relaxing environment in your bathroom so next time the world gets too much, you can just retreat to it and chill out!

Scent It Up

Bathroom Design Ideas. Relaxing Bathroom. #Bathroom ALICE BLACK INTERIORS

A great place to start is to try using fragrant oils, or scented candles. Experiment. Try chamomile and rose for soothing smells, and get hold of a candle that has a complimentary smell pattern to your body wash or soap. That way you won’t have conflicting smells getting all up in your vibe and ruining your relaxing atmosphere.


Sounds Good

Bathroom. Spacious bathroom design. Charlie & Co. Design, Ltd

Set up some speakers in your bathroom (get some waterproof ones for the shower or bath if you’re feeling adventurous or just really love adjusting the volume from the comfort of the tub). Then, before your bath or just to have all the time, make a playlist of your songs, and choose the ones that remind you of a nice and chilled out time. Avoid the trap music for this one. Press play, sink into the bathtub and enjoy the soothing vibes!


Colorful Inspiration

Farrow & Ball Hague Blue No

{Paint Color: “Farrow & Ball Hague Blue No.30” }

All-white bathrooms may be easy to clean, but they can also backfire and put you in the mind of a hospital. A fun floor tile or bathmat for a splash of color, or possibly a colorful mirror, attractive bathroom vanities or curtain can help to ease the all-white effect.


Green Vibes

Farrow & Ball Oxford Stone No. 264

{Paint Color: “Farrow & Ball Oxford Stone No. 264”.}

A quick and easy fix to making your bathroom seem more soothing and relaxing is to get some greenery up in there. Grab some plants or orchids (they love the humid environment) and make your bathroom into a mini rainforest.


Fresh and Clean

Powder Room Ideas. Angela Free Design
Ok, this one is basically a no-brainer, but if there’s towels and crap all over the floor you’re not going to be in zen heaven in your bathroom. So chuck all the dirty towels and stuff in the hamper and then ensure you keep the joint relatively clean.


Natural Touches

Bathroom Mirror. The mirror in this bathroom is from Ballard Designs. Molly Frey Design.
Try something a little more natural for your little touches. Think stone soap dishes, wooden bathmat or some nice ornaments around the place. Channel south-east Asia for your inspiration if you get stuck.


Let The Sun Shine In

Bathroom Lighting Ideas. Heydt Designs
If you have a window, try lighting up the place! Try not to use the fluorescent bulbs all so common with the bathroom, because you’ll just fatigue your eyes and senses. Plus, if it’s an evening bath or shower, you can very easily opt for candles for your night time lighting requirements to keep the mood and lighting chilled out.


Get Comfortable

White Bathroom. Architectural Photography.

Buy a cozy bathrobe, for extra joy after your bath or shower is done. After having a soothing and relaxing bath or shower your snugly robe will make the trip from the shower all the more easy to endure.


Ditch The Phone

Bathroom. Feminine Bathroom Ideas.  Lewis Giannoulias (LG Interiors).
The last thing you need interrupting your own personal Zen and chill time is to have your phone ringing or beeping, only to check it and discover that your friend is just bored and wanting to chat, or that your battery is dying. It really won’t be worth leaping from the bath for.


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Aren’t these bathrooms beautiful? Do you have a favorite? Let me know!

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