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Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I hope you’re having a great day and I hope you can take a break to enjoy today’s Interior Design Ideas because we have some truly inspiring kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and more.

These rooms are very neutral and calming. I think this time of year calls for quieter and warmer decor. As the weather change, I start bringing some warmer fabrics around the house, by changing my bedspread for a warmer one and bringing some heavier throws to the family room.. This is really a great time to play with texture.

I hope you enjoy this carefully selected Interior Design Ideas. Have fun!!!

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Interior Design Ideas

A place for unforgettable meals. Source: Unknown.


Rustic and chic. Source: Unknown.



Slate backsplash in kitchen by Giannetti Home.


Designed by Mrs. Howard.


Large, yet cozy. Source: Unknown.

Drop Like Its Hot

Original. Source: Unknown.


Lots of storage and charm. Source: Unknown.


Designed by Curtis & Windham Architects.


Bunny Williams’ china pantry.


Stunning butler’s pantry. Source: Unknown.

Old World

Great space. Source: Unknown.


Small but practical. Source: Unknown.


Beautiful light fixture, window. Source: Unknown.


Fabulous! Source: Unknown.

Arched Door

Have eaten a fruit today? 😉 Source: Unknown.

Be There

Where I want to be. Source: Unknown.


I’m loving this table. Source: Unknown.

Modern & Rustic

I want to have something like this at home. Source: Unknown.

Home Sweet Home

Neutral and bright. Source: Unknown.


Special. Source: Unknown.



Designed by Bates Corkern Studio.


Via Atlanta Homes Magazine.

Apartment Kitchen

Designed by Ethelind Coblin Achitect.

Mayo & Mustard

Designed by Pacific Peninsula Group.

Boating Along

A hint of Coastal decor. Unknown source.


Perfect for any family. Unknown source.

Dark Wood

Designed by Linda McDougald Design.

Butler’s Pantry

Designed by Mick De Giulio.


Subway Tiles

Designed by Mick De Giulio.




You’re invited! Unknown source.


Dinner with Martha? Perhaps… Via Atlanta Homes Magazine.

Dine- In

Casual and fun.Unknown source.

Wedding Table


Lovely zinc table.Unknown source.


Grand. Unknown source.


Incredible table. Unknown source.

Electric Candles

Magazine ready. Unknown source.


Bring it outside. Unknown source.


French inspired. Unknown source.


Lovely. Unknown source.

Living with View

I love everything here. Unknown source.


All neutral. Unknown source.


Designed by Deborah Leamann Interiors.


Perfect for a chilly day… Source: Unknown.


Designed by Kelly Wolf Anthony.

Eating Area

Via Atlanta Homes Magazine.


Designed by Dovecote Decor.


I’m loving these chairs and the fireplace. Source: Unknown.


Softness and comfort. Source: Unknown.

“Me” Time

Juts relaxing… Source: Unknown.


Gorgeously furnished. Source: Unknown.


Very elegant. Source: Unknown.


Lovely blues. Source: Unknown.

Turn Off the Lights

An incredible media room! Source: Unknown.



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Thank you for visiting me today.

I’m still feeling bad… I’m not sure what’s doing on with me this week. I hope to get better soon.

Have a blessed day!!!

with Love,

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16 Comments to 'Interior Design Ideas'

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  1. Carolyn said,

    What a gorgeous selection of photos! I recognize several, from either magazine articles I’ve clipped or seen on blogs and websites. Just dreamy.

  2. mercedes said,

    What a beautiful post, all pictures are incredibly, gorgeous places I don’t know which one choose
    Thanks for share Luciane!!!

  3. Joyce Higgins said,

    All of those photos speak my language.Love the use of neautrals,texture,woods,and antiques.The beautiful architecture of the rooms doesn’t hurt either.Great inspiring photos,Thankyou luciane.

  4. Gloria said,

    Oh, good Lord, are you trying to torture me, Luciane??? ALL of these photos are to die for… I actually came here to “pin” a photo of, I guess, your PREVIOUS post (I saw from my email subscrip. from you) and I saw THIS post. I wanted to pin everything. Luciane: THE QUEEN OF FINDING GORGEOUS ROOMS. I had to give up posting all the ones I wanted to. What did I post, go see all that I did on my Pinterest page! Oh, and I just Followed ALL for you on Pinterest… for some reason, I didn’t have that, only a couple of your boards, so I have fixed that now! Anyway, thanks for the great rooms. I love to DREAM, thinking I might have one of these rooms one day… and I pin each one I like, so that when I am a millionnairre, I can design it the way I like, from all of your photos. 😉
    Gloria xxoo

  5. I am so sorry to hear that you are still not feeling like yourself. I hope you feel better very soon.

    The pictures are stunning in this post! Can’t wait to go over to your boards on Pinterest and start pinning!!

    Big Hugs to you Lu! xoxo

  6. Karen T. said,


  7. Manderley said,

    Beautiful post, Luciane!
    I love the pantries!! I adore it.

    xoxo and hace a good weekend. Here does not stop raining, grrr

  8. Gorgeous post! I adore the Atlanta Homes dining room image

  9. designchic said,

    Oh Luciane, I so hope you are feeling better soon. Just love all of these gorgeous images – you know how I love neutrals. I’m obsessed with the kitchen that has the hanging dough bowl!!

  10. I read your every post but sometimes miss commenting but today I had to come over and mention how drop dead beautiful the chandelier is in the second photo with the rustic table. It blew me away.

  11. just read your message, Luciane. wonderful to hear from you. sorry that you are still not feeling like yourself. the time will go by and everything will look better. The images are wonderful. BIGGEST HUGS

  12. ana maria said,

    Oi Luciane

    Que viagem , quantos ambientes lindos, claros, elegantes, tudo que adoro!!!
    duas imagens que destacaram-se aos meus olhos, a porta em arco da cozinha francesa e a copa neutra e brilhante, clarinha com arranjos verdes, eu amooo!
    De todas eles só não curti duas, a cozinha e copa de madeira escura nos armários, gosto de móveis um pouco mais claros.

    Bjão querida, um ótimo início de semana pravc e sua família

  13. Mercedes said,

    Great and incredibly photos, I enjoy your blog a lot. It´s the best of my web moments, thanks for share!!! You make a fabulous job!!

  14. Karen said,

    Once again, incredible rooms! Thanks so much!

  15. Thanks for selecting my house to post on your site!

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