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#RobertPattinsonRobert Pattinson is for a fact, all grown-up and so much has changed in his life since the ending of two important eras: Twilight and Kristen Stewart. Pattinson has indeed changed and for better. He decided to move from a house he once shared with Kristen and just bought a very private house in the Hollywood hills. Robert Pattinson’s new house is all about simplicity and natural beauty. The 1940 square foot Spanish-style family home has 2 bedrooms and 2.0 bathrooms, just cozy enough for the actor.

Robert Pattinson’s new house cost $2.1765 million. Take a look and let me know if you would pay this much for this house!

Arial View of Robert Pattinson’s New House

Robert Pattinson's House Aerial View #RobertPattinson

 The property is surrounded by trees, assuring privacy to the new owner.


Robert Pattinson's House

Gated properties are a must for celebrities.


Robert Pattinson's House.

Charming brick driveway. I love the landscape!

  Robert Pattinson’s Home-Sweet-Home

Robert Pattinson's House. #RobertPattinsonHouse

 The entire place feels secluded and quiet, which should be perfect for the actor.


Robert Pattinson's House

 Robert Pattinson will have plenty of space here! The lot measure about 10,440 sqft.

 Special Place

Robert Pattinson's House

 This hacienda-style home was built in 1958.


Robert Pattinson's House

 I can picture  Robert relaxing here after a long day at work.


Robert Pattinson's House

I wouldn’t mind transforming this space for him! I would keep the classic “Aga” range, but would work on the pine cabinets and restore the floors. This entire kitchen has so much potential!


Robert Pattinson's House #RobertPattinson

Beautiful apron sink and marble countertops. I also love the ceilings and arches.

Dining Area

Robert Pattinson's House

An attractive fireplace makes the dining area feel extra cozy.

Light Fixture

Robert Pattinson's House

 A bell jar lantern adds extra light during the night, while skylights keep everything bright during the day.

 Charming or outdated? What do you think of Pattinson’s new kitchen?


Robert Pattinson's House

The entire home feels connected to the outdoors thanks to the many doors and windows this home features.

 Living Room

Robert Pattinson's House #RobertPattinson

 The furnishings in the living room are sleek and modern. The space opens to the veranda and it has nice views of the backyard.


Robert Pattinson's House #RobertPattinson

 I am sure this is where Robert Pattinson will be reading his movie scripts.


Robert Pattinson's House #RobertPattinson

 What do you think of Robert Pattinson’s new bedroom?


Robert Pattinson's House #RobertPattinson

I love the warm feeling you get from this bedroom. Also, notice the built-in cabinet. It surely offers plenty of storage space.


Robert Pattinson's House Robert Pattinson's Bedroom Robert Pattinson's Bed #RobertPattinson

This is the view Robert Pattinson will have when he first wake-up.


Robert Pattinson's House #RobertPattinson

 Grey hexagon tiles provide a classic touch to the master bathroom.

   Back of the House

Robert Pattinson's House #RobertPattinson

 The side and back of the house are also very private and features vegetable garden beds.


Robert Pattinson's House

 A secluded spa for two…

Backyard View

Robert Pattinson's House #RobertPattinson

 I love the welcoming feel this home has.


Robert Pattinson's House #RobertPattinson

 This place feels like a private oasis. Simple and full of charm!


Robert Pattinson's House #RobertPattinson

There’s no reason to spend much time indoors with an outdoor area like this, especially if you’re California.


Robert Pattinson's House #RobertPattinson

The kidney-shaped pool is set between palm and pomegranate trees. Isn’t that quite romantic?


Robert Pattinson's House

How inviting!


Robert Pattinson's New House #RobertPattinson

 The view of the house from the pool.


Robert Pattinson's New House #RobertPattinson

Lovely valley views can be enjoyed from Robert Pattinson’s new house.


What you think of Robert Pattinson’s new house? Would you pay $2.1765 million for it?




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I hope you enjoyed seeing this home. Isn’t it fun seeing celebrities homes? I always have fun with that!.

Have a wonderful day! We’ll talk again tomorrow!

with Love,

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