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Windows are a significant part of any house. They are the ones allowing you to watch the world from inside, while also isolating the noise and making sure there’s enough light indoors during the day.

That being said, a lot of buildings have double-glazed windows, and people seem to be very fond of them. So, what makes double glazing so special, and why should you consider them as well?

Here are 5 good reasons why it would be a great investment.


Sound Reduction

Particularly if you’re living in an area where there’s always activity and noise is not unusual, you’d do your best to ensure you live in a quiet environment. After all, waking up at the sound of angry drivers honking excessively is not something to dream of.

Single-glazed windows don’t offer a high level of noise reduction, thus making you wonder why the windows are there in the first place. With double glazed windows, however, the situation gets better. They can significantly reduce the noise in living spaces, providing you with a more peaceful daily life.


One of the worst scenarios you could think of is having someone break your widows, enter your home and steal all of your possessions. Single glazed windows are very easy to break, thus being an invitation to thieves and helping burglary take place.

Double glazed windows, on the other hand, provide the much desired security. Having two panels of glass, these windows are much harder to break. Basically, there’s twice as much glass to break through, acting as a repellent for burglars. Thieves won’t be as motivated to continue their act.

Thermal Efficiency

Have you ever been in a house that seemed to be stubborn when it came to heating during the winter? Heat never seemed to stay, and you’d always find yourself needing an extra layer of clothing. Those houses most likely had single glazed windows.

With double glazing, life gets much better. Because of their two panels of glass, head stays inside during the winter, and outside during the summer. Because of that, it also reduces the costs you’d have if you used the A/C or heater too much.

No Window Coverings

The light that enters your home can be damaging to carpets, coverings and many other items that are touched by its heat. Over time, they may lose their color or other features that make them beautiful.

Double glazing reduces the amount of light entering the household, and also gives you freedom in window coverings. You will only have to use coverings that offer you privacy, not ones who totally isolate the inside from the excessive light.

Condensation Reduction

Because double glazing maintains temperatures inside, the risk of cold air meeting the warm air that’s inside is very low. Therefore, condensation won’t be a concern, so damp won’t form on the surface. There will be less cleaning required too, so that’s a plus.

Double glazing can be just what you’re looking for if you want to live a peaceful light. Due to the noise and condensation reduction, as well as the safety they provide, they’re a great addition to any home.


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Architecture: Wyrick Residential Design

Builder: Blakecraft Homes (Instagram)

Interior Design: Duckworth Interiors.

Photography: Grant Duckworth.

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