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I’ve really enjoyed learning more about Christine Albertsson and Todd Hansen. They’ve known each other for more than twenty years and have been working together since 2002 at their firm, Albertsson Hansen Architecture. Their Award-winning company specializes in new houses, retreat homes, cabins, additions, remodeling outbuildings (and even barns). As I was seeing their portfolio, I felt truly inspired not only by the architecture but also the attention to detail, including the interior design of these houses.

I feel I’m in heaven when I find sites of great people like these two! Enjoy!


Hastings Farmhouse

This is a very functional kitchen. I like the classic look it has.

Tiles & Color

This is what I also want in my kitchen: the subway tiles and a soft color as this green. Does it look nice?


Love it! But I’ll be honest, with two small children it would never look as neat like in this picture! I’d need more storage. But this is stunning, isn’t it?

St. Paul Remodeling

What a great space and yes, if you have a very “pale” interior, add color with accessories. It’s easy and can also be affordable.


This kitchen has plenty of storage for a big and busy family.


Very well designed. This house was built in 1920s and totally renovated by Albertsson Hansen Architecture.


The arches creates architectural interest while the decor complements the style of this home.

Light Heaven

It’s a bright bedroom. Some people love it white & bright and others love a dark bedroom. How about you? What do you prefer?


White bathrooms always feels fresh and clean, as long you keep them that way. 🙂


The owner of this loft combined two separate units into one spacious home.


This loft feels very masculine but still really welcoming and very stylish.



Master Bedoom

This is a really well done room. Notice the gorgeous fireplace and shelves. Great idea placing the bed in the middle of the room. You still have a view and also you duplicate the storage are withe the shelves and built-ins behind the bed.


As always, love the subway tiles.


Beautifully appointed.


That door is so fun! Not perfect for a cold day, I’d think, but really interesting!

Mount Curve Remodeling

This dining room is full of old charm. Lovely fireplace.


Wonderful light fixtures, it goes perfectly with the era of this house.


Very well-designed. As you can see, it’s not a big kitchen and using glass doors makes the room feel bigger, instead of claustrophobic.


If you told me: “Hey, lets use green tiles all over your kitchen?” I’d say a big “no”, but after seeing this picture, I’ve changed my mind about “green” tiles. It’s always important to have a “vision”. That’s not always easy to have. Don’t you think?

I hope you’ve enjoyed these houses. For more house, you can visit: Albertsson Hansen Architecture.

I just want to thank you for being here today and for keeping coming back to my blog. I’ve been seeing so many new people around here and I want to welcome each and every one of you. As you may know, I live in Canada and I just feel amazed when I see people from so many distant countries stopping by. Thank you!

It’s just a huge reward for me having you here. It’s a gift.

Don’t forget tomorrow’s “Cool or Fool” Friday. I think you’ll have a strong opinion on this one, I certainly have ! Drop by tomorrow to see it!

Have a Nice Day! 🙂


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Source: Albertsson Hansen Architecture.

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16 Comments to 'Albertsson Hansen Architecture'

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  1. Gabriella said,

    Beautiful pictures! Especially love the first kitchen! So bright and inviting, don’t you think? xo, Gabriella

  2. The enchanted home said,

    Each of the spaces are great…love the loft, so much charm and character. They prove that when you go light and neutral…the easiest way to change things up and add a little zest is by a few accents of color here and there, its a relatively inexpensive way to change things up, even season to season, through pillows, vases, pictures, etc…..great interiors…classic to stand the test of time. Thanks for the introduction! (got the link working on my blog list btw)

  3. Manderley said,

    Wonderful, all kitchen are beautiful, i like them all.


  4. Kate @ Travelmoon said,

    I enjoy a white kitchen…so many of these images struck me as beautiful!

    Thank you as well for stopping by my blog…it means so much to me! Look forward to Friday’s series…

  5. Michele said,

    i’ll take the loft, please. SERIOUSLY dreamy. i’ll tell you why i can’t have my kitchen covered with green tile. i could wake up tomorrow and feel beyond bored with green. then where does that leave me? those sort of gutsy decor moves are for secure, non-moody, non-neurotic types who are not me.

    love to you!


  6. Rachel said,

    I thought the same thing as you when I saw the front hallway pic! We would have shoes all piled up, bookbags hanging with papers falling out of them, sweatshirts, hooded jackets, and umbrellas all over the place! 🙂

  7. SizzleandZoom said,

    I love the first kitchen. Perfect for me. There’s
    even art hanging in the kitchen. I love it.

  8. Mustang Sally said,

    Love your blog! It’s one of my daily reads. Beautiful photos.

  9. PriscilaPetersDecor said,


    I’ve always liked green tiles, especially in the kitchen. It looks serene…
    Beautiful spaces here.

  10. Tereza said,

    Oi, Lu!
    Amei o loft, adoro tijolos à vista e a madeira, simplesmente fantástico.
    Parabéns pelo achado.

  11. Splendid Sass said,

    I would love a kitchen like one of these. This makes the normal kitchen seem boring.
    I like a mix in the bedroom. I like light walls with a darker contrasting bed/chair.
    I am doing my bedroom in powder blue, with mushroom or brown bedding and a chair fabric with a little of both.
    I hope that you have a great evening and Friday!

  12. Carmen - Achados de Decoração said,

    Lu!! where are you? muito ocupadinha? tudo bem contigo? beijos e ótima sexta-feira


  13. quintessence said,

    Thank you for the introduction to their beautiful clean work. Perfect blending of form and function!!

  14. Achados de Decoração said,

    Lu, my sweet girl! Have a wonderful week you too!!! bjs

  15. Compression fittings said,

    Very beautiful house design. I must say that this was all perfect and all the trends of designs match up with each other.

  16. Lucianne,

    Just came across this post! Thank you so much for your compliments on our work! We are so glad to share it with the world. We’ve recently started our own blog so it is exciting to see that they can potentially have such a wide reach. Please let us know if you have any questions about any of our projects. Thanks again!

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