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Do you like color in your house? What’s your limit for color or do you use it limitless, according to your mood? For me, the best way to use color is planning and planning it well. Color is extremely important in a house and, yes, this post is about vibrant interiors, but we have to realize that color is everywhere and using the ones that makes us feel warm, welcome and happy can transform not only our space but also the way we live.

I’ll be honest with you, I do like color but I can’t live with too much of it. I used to love having strong colors in my home. In my first house, my husband and I transformed our basement into a modern and colorful place. We painted the TV room a very dark gray, his office a dark orange, my office a light purple. It sounds “too much” and it was! But that’s was what we wanted at the time and we did it, we experimented, we learned how to paint, how to choose colors, and we also learned that you got to repaint your entire house to a neutral one if you want to sell it faster. We did all of that and it was really fun at the time! Would I have all of those colors at this time of my life? Not really, but every time I see rooms like the ones I’m posting today, I see that living with color can be really fun and cheerful.

The truth is, I think you should embrace your love for color and if you get tired of it, you know where to find more paint, right? But if you prefer to play it safe, you can always add color with decor, with things that don’t cost a fortune and are easy to change.

Living with vibrant interiors isn’t for everyone, but one thing I can guarantee you, these pictures will make you want to transform at least one room in your house by using your favorite color without fear.

Dreaming in Blue

This kitchen is so beautiful and I know it would look gorgeous all white, but the blue brings it to the next level, making it feel unique and personal. How do you personalize your house?


This room feel colorful even with light colored walls.


Adding color where your don’t really expect brings interest to your house and so much fun.


A retro feel goes perfectly with a strong color like this one.

Family Time

Colorful comfort.

A Touch of Color

If you rent your home and can’t paint the walls, you can still bring color with bright furniture, artwork, window treatments and rugs.


Being sophisticated with color.

Purple Rain

I simply love this soft purple on the walls. It’s very fresh and calming at the same time.


I look at this chair and it makes me feel happy! Isn’t it interesting how much influence color has on our lives?

Hello, Sunshine!

Yes! A room with so much personality!

Shabby Chic

Wallpaper is another way to bring some color and texture to a room.

Sweetie Pie

I love the idea of this space, just don’t use vases in your kid’s room, unless they’re unbreakable, ok? 😉

Green Apple

Love green? Then, this one is for you.


This foyer is very chic.

Little By Little

Is too much color definitely not for you? What about adding a splash of (light) color with a beautiful vase? That’s something even I can deal with. 🙂


A feminine touch.


Remember, nothing brings more beauty and color to a house than fresh flowers.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all of these colorful rooms. It was really fun finding them and asking myself if I’d do it in my own place. Some I would and others I am not sure. But the fact is, I love seeing how other people — maybe ones more courageous than myself — use so much color in their homes.

What about you? How far do you go with color?


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

It’s important to me to have you here! Thank you!

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Source: Laura Moss, Drake Design, Sherrill Canet, Windsor Smith.

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22 Comments to 'Colorful Interiors'

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  1. Great post! You know me…I like the color! That being said, I still have a lot of creme and gray on the walls in my house.


  2. To tell you to truth, I’m more of a neutral person, but all of these designers used bright colors in a very subtley way, which is definitely good. Love the kitchen in picture 2!

  3. Ines said,

    wow-wow-wow…every single room is gem!
    I think with the right color you can create the best rooms… Elegant- but comfy and full of life…

    Hugs, Dear- I hope, you feel good-


  4. Michele said,

    HA! you’ll have to see what i posted last night on my blog!

    my background is psychology so i have opinions about colorful interiors. i have respect for color. and i think there should be balance between your internal arousal state and your environment. i have tons of stimulation and creativity going on in my brain at all times so i need my surroundings to be quiet and tranquil for BALANCE. the easiest way to accomplish this is with neutrals.

    fun post!

    have a great Wednesday, L.


  5. Tereza said,

    Um ambiente mais bonito que o outro, mas a terceira imagem está especial – adorei tudo que aparece nesta foto, sofá, almofadas, estantes, tudo.

  6. Sherri @ Inside Out Design said,

    I love the color in the first image … but when I got to the second image of the blue kitchen (clean, simple) my eyes just wanted to rest there for a while. I am enjoying interjecting more color into my work but at home I still prefer a simple palette. I do enjoy bring in color with flowers though!

  7. Claudia said,

    Love color! Our dining room is brick red, our bathroom is butternut squash yellow, I couldn’t live in an all white home.
    Love that mirror frame in the last photo!

  8. Erin said,

    Color is so influential! Almost nothing makes me happier than a bright, colorful space, or a eye-catching statement piece like that turquoise chair. What a fab collection of HAPPY images!!

  9. Carmen Achados de Decoração said,

    Lu, mas que post MARAVILHOSO!!! quantas cores lindas! eu amo cores!!
    beijos querida

  10. Donnie said,

    I love color but not too much of it either. The first kitchen in blue is my favorite. Great post.

  11. classiccasualhome.com said,

    My friend, who is also an interior designer, Debbie and I were discussing today how much we miss color and its youthfulness and vibrancy …we are tired of grey and white. Great post.
    Mary Ann

  12. slim paley said,

    I’m in love with that blue kitchen! I don’t know why, as I’m usually not a blue person at all, but I love the boldness and the colour on the upper cabinets and of course those soaring ceilings aren’t too shabby! I could sit and enjoy a cup of coffee there (and read a book with a blue cover 🙂 )

  13. Modern Country Style said,

    I do love colour…but I try to get the big pieces in fairly neutral colours so I can live with them for a long time.

    The dreaming in blue picture is amaing. The room is incredible. I’m absolutely certain I’ve seen that room with a different kitchen in. Much more modern….and black units, I think.



    Hi Lucieane What a collection ! welll errrrmmm I prefer the fisrt one , greens and pinks I think always look good togetrer( Green tiger chrysanthamuns !!!!and pink Peonies are a favourite) and i tend to go for the delicate ethereal shades ….. fay xxx

  15. Rachel said,

    I LOVE that first room! I would never have thought I would like that bright lime color, but it is gorgeous!

  16. Maria Killam said,

    OMG I’ve died and gone to heaven, what a wonderful post, I need to post this on my F & T next!
    Thank you!

  17. Maria,

    Thank you so much! It means a lot to me!

    Thank you, thank you! 🙂


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  18. Carol Maryott said,


  19. cindy said,

    I feel the same way about color in my own home – I am known here for my use of color, but I am around so much color at work (and in my head!) that i need my house to be almost a blank slate. Every once in a while, though, I break out a paintbrush and paint my entry wall a new juicy color. I can’t resist. Of course then I IMMEDIATELY think of 10 other colors I could go with….

  20. Karen said,

    I see many of the colors in my own home here in this post. I am in love with the green in the first image…you must have been thinking of us when you posted it. lol As for the blue, our master bedroom is almost a match…..love color. Every home I have ever lived in has had lots of color, it took me some time to figure out what each place needed, as I am a firm believer that each house has its own energy….wonderful photos….

  21. Cameron (House Sale) said,

    This is already a lively home and it became more lively with the color schemes.

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