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We all know Christina Aguilera has a big personally, but not all of us knew she brings it to every single room of her house. The singer lives in this former “The Osbournes” house for a couple of years now and you probably have seen it on the pages of InStyle magazine. The house has changed after it was published and after Christina’s divorce but she definitely kept the strong colors and the eccentric decor.

When I saw this house on Hooked on Houses the other day, I couldn’t help but think this place would be ideal for a “Cool or Fool”, because it’s so unique and I know that many of you will hate or love. There’s no “meet in the middle” with this property. You have to love color and have an amazing vision to see this place’s potential. The colors and textures can really overcome the architectural beauty.

Put on your sunglasses and come take a look!

Want to know my opinion? This house seems to be more of a fit for Barbie than Christina!



A “slap” as soon you open the door.

Living Room

This is the only room of the house that I could live with. I think…

Dining Room

Look, I know that Christina, like Justin and Britney, started her career while a child and had a “different” kind of childhood, but there’s no excuses to bring a carrousel theme to the living room.


Oh, yes! I agree! This house is seeing “Apocalypse”! Notice the sign above the stove.

Family Room

A better view of the kitchen and family room.


A pink pool table completes the game room.


Everything feels so dramatic in her house, including that chandelier.

Christina Aguilera’s Bedroom

More drama for your mama! πŸ™‚


Oh, my… those chairs! Don’t get me started!

Christina Aguilera’s Closet:

We all remember seeing her closet on InStyle magazine, right? It turns out she has not one, but TWO closets!

More, More, More

The fun part of having money… but little taste!

Where’s Barbie?

I must say I like the space, but many things would have to go here, except the shoes! πŸ˜‰

Wrap It Up

The closet has it own gift wrapping “station”.


This is Christina’s bathroom. Very girly with a French flair.

Maximum Max

This is my favorite place in the house. Christina’s 4 year old son, Max’s bedroom. Isn’t it cute?


The backyard is great. Very private.

One thing I know for sure, even tough I can live with some color I know I need some calmness in my house. Christina Aguilera’s house feels full of energy but it seems that there’s not even one room that isn’t “screaming” at your face. Everything is loud, too loud! I think every house should have at least one room where you can feel at ease, where less is more, so your mind can relax and feel inspired.

But what’s your opinion on the decor of this house? Is it Cool or Fool? Would you pay the $13.5 million for it?


I’m getting lots of emails lately asking about our Matthew, asking how is he doing and my other kids too. I want to thank you all for always being so caring! The kids are great! They enjoy spending time with Matthew and it’s being wonderful seeing him grow. He smiles all the time and seems to love my hair, at least he likes pulling it! πŸ™‚ Matthew also loves music and I’m always singing for him and he smiles again… well, I guess he smiles because he can’t laugh yet. My voice is not as good as Aguilera’s! πŸ™‚

Having three kids is very busy, I really feel I don’t have time for almost anything, not just because of the kids, but because of everything else. But I must share this with you, I haven’t been so happy like this for a long time. I always say that there’s not such a thing as a “perfect life” and I know that sometimes people can easily think my life is pure perfection. But it’s not. I feel really tired, sleep deprived and grumpy too! I’m far from being perfect and I can be a pain (just ask my husband!), but I’m the kind of person that opens her heart and keep her eyes wide-open. I simply don’t want to miss anything, I simply don’t want to be old and look back and had lived a life that I’m not proud of. Life goes by too fast and sometimes it can be a bit scary. Enjoying every minute of it is not realistic, but necessary to try!

Have a Blessed Weekend!



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Source: Hooked on Houses, Zillow, InStyle magazine.

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25 Comments to 'Cool or Fool: Christina Aguilera’s House For Sale'

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  1. Giulia said,

    :- (((((((((((( no words

  2. I am so glad your family and yourself are doing well. I remember those days. The sleep thing gets old! It is a season and will pass. Thank God! On to this house….Money does not buy taste, but I do like the backyard. My vote, FOOL

  3. After the kinds of comments I got on my post about this house, I have a feeling you won’t get many people saying it’s cool. Ha. I can’t say I’m surprised she hasn’t been able to sell it. They might need to tone it down a bit first! πŸ™‚

  4. Glad to hear about the kiddie poos. You sound like such a good mommy πŸ™‚

    I agree with you about Christine’s house- I think screaming is a good way to put it. The outdoor area is fabulous!

  5. Nuria said,

    Flipping hell!!!!! Horrendous

  6. Monique said,

    While not my taste, it’s her money, her house to do as she chooses. If nothing else, it’s an interesting and unique home.

  7. Linda in AZ * said,

    *** One quick question (of many!)… Did she really P*A*Y someone, as in “give them MONEY” for this… this… welllllll, “this”???????? YIKES!!!!!!!!!

  8. maria said,

    Oh Miss Aguilera! It’s such a jumble I wouldn’t know where to begin. Each to their own, but if she really wants to sell this place I would suggest a few gallons of white paint and a few trips to the municipal dump!

  9. Maria….

    “A few trips to the municipal dump”??? Wow! This is why I love preparing “Cool or Fool” for you guys!:-)


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  10. Donna Levi said,

    Horrendous! I couldn’t even spend one night in that place without getting a migraine. It was so nice when the Osbourne’s lived there. What the hell happen….

  11. Well, I always try to say something POSITIVE. The best thing in the photos was Christina’s darling child. Also, you are tired and have hormones to deal with but your attitude is inspiring…”Enjoying every minute of it is not realistic, but necessary to try!” So true, you sweet girl. I am trying and I think we all are.

  12. Karen said,

    Ugly. Not sure who did the decorating, but if it is you Christina, I can only say this….”stick to your day job”

  13. fay said,

    hello Sweetpie HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO MY EYES THIS MORNING laughing out loud ! ITS BEYOND HORRENDOUS NOT ONE SINGLE THING is acceptable as far as im concerned I know these large houses are always a shock to my system but to have such a GROSS collection of tat seems unbelievable BUT I AM LAUGHING like a hyena ! Thankyou sausage have a fun weekend apresto Illthink of you having as im taking a small Dolce , Fay xxxx

  14. Alyssa said,

    This was fun to see, but eesh! Scary!

  15. Victoria Athens said,

    Hi, Luciane, The exterior of this house is beautiful, especially the landscaping, but the interior is another story. I would need a Valium if I had to be there for more than a few minutes. It is all so “in your face” with no place to rest your eyes. Definitely fool.

  16. Lana Waller said,

    Wow is all I can say. I could not live in any room of the home. The home has great bones but needs a complete makeover. whomever buys this would need to pay alot less for the home and have enough money to completely
    redecorate. I found the carousel theme in the dining room very tacky. The only space I like was the backyard.

  17. First, you are so incredibly inspiring, my friend. I have always loved your genuine honesty coupled with your positive and gracious embrace of life and living it in real time. You are so right, you can’t ever get past moments back. I admire you for not only acknowledging this, but for being determined to live each moment fully and without regrets. Big hugs!

    And as for this home… eeewwwww. It’s definitely fool as it’s presented. There is a lot of potential, but without the majority of its contents or colours.

    The one piece that caught my eye… and it was just a piece of it… was the mirror in Christina’s bathroom. It was large in personality with its ornate lines, but I think it could be really awesome in the right space… and this space was not it!

    Have a fantastic weekend, Luciane.
    xo Sheila

  18. I could live with the closet, but that’s it. HATE this house!! Sorry, but your line “The fun part of having money… but little taste!” cracked me up!

  19. I have to agree with whoever said they would have a headache. I feel I would. I usually try to find something
    good about everything but this is amazingly bad.

  20. my eyes are bleeding……..


  21. Manderley said,

    Hi Lu!!
    Fool, of course! This girl is a bit tacky, isn’t? I like how he sings, but has a horrible taste.


  22. sandy black said,

    Robin Leech of Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous said years ago just because celebrities have money doesn’t mean they have good taste ….. this house looks like a bordello inside. Tacky beyond words.

  23. toya smith said,

    house is a very personal style

  24. Juliet lim said,


  25. Priscilla said,

    You people have no taste whatsoever! This house was decorated by the best designer in California : Woodson & Rummerfield.And the theme was alice in wonderland ( more like the red queen). Its full of colors becose thats who she is. All the patterns and the details reflect in every room and even with that much color the beauty is that it still look like the same design in every room. Its creative and fun and i bet i were to go look in your boring probably ugly houses i would be quite dissapointed.This house reflect magic and beauty and at the same time a lot of fun..

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