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Looking for a conversation piece? Then you should think outside of the box, or should I say, “inside of the box”? At least this is what the designer Charly Molinelli just did. The $13,500 Crashed Ferrari Coffee Table was custom-created for an affluent auto fan — turning a crashed F40 Ferrari into a work of art. With only 1,315 F40s produced, this coffee table is an ultra-rare curiosity.

This is what Charly Molinelli had to say about the coffee table and its creation: “It was hard to find a Ferrari that had been crashed hard enough for it to be completely written off. As you can imagine it does not happen every day. But with a lot of luck, we did find a garage which had one that we and the customer approved of. It was just right. I decided to build it myself with recovered materials, including various woods, some cement, paint and of course varnish.” He continues: “Putting parts of the wreck of a crashed Ferrari into a coffee table design is like a dead hero placed into a coffin.” That made me laugh and wonder how far we go to make certain statement in this very material world.

What do you think of this “Crashed Ferrari Coffee Table”? Would you pay $13,500 for it? Is it Cool or Fool?


Red Blood

Life from the dead. Really?

Rustic Rust

You need to have the “vision”.


The creation of the base for the coffee table.


The base.

Creating Luxury

A luxurious touch.

Delicious “F”

Displaying the crashed Ferrari.

In Place

It looks great in a contemporary place like this one. Italian furniture should be mandatory here.

Close Up

Take a look at the splashes of black paint.

Crashed Drive

Would you find a place in your home for this “art”?


Some people probably would think it’s very sexy, some would think it’s a turn off. After all, who would think of displaying a crashed car in the middle of their living room?

Red & Black

The final product.

I think this is a more masculine piece. Many man would love to have it in the middle of their living room or office.

Is this a “powerful” piece to be displayed or just a bit pathetic? Some consider it art but for some it is just a piece of “junk” that someone got excited about it and decided to put in the middle of the house. Actually, this is funny, but I think this would be a perfect fit for a hip-hop video, where ostentation is always so evident.

Can’t wait to hear what you decide on this: Cool or Fool?

Did you guys miss “Cool or Fool”? I haven’t posted it for a while since I was so busy with the Holidays and also because I just gave birth. Talking about that, I still very busy with everything here but I feel more organized now, getting used with my new routines and many times, preparing posts with Matthew right here, in my arms. One thing is for sure, I was missing having my daily posts, preparing them for you, so I’m happy to be 100% back to business. 🙂

Hope you stick around and enjoy many of the posts I’ll be preparing for you during this exciting new year!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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* “Cool or Fool” happens every Friday. I’ve started this section where I post “different” and controversial things that I know some of you will love and others will not. The point is to tell us what you really think, regardless of anything. It’s a space where you speak your mind and analyze what you see. Have fun with it and laugh along the way!

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18 Comments to 'Cool or Fool: Display Your Crashed Ferrari'

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  1. The enchanted home said,

    A big fool for me, I find it creepy and kind of morbid because anyone who was driving a car that got that banged up did not get out of that accident unscathed. I wouldnt’ sleep at night with THAT in my house….I like peace, serenity, pretty and happy things!

  2. SizzleandZoom said,

    Cool or Fool is one of my favorite of your posts . Today, this is a fool for me. The price for a trashed car is ridiculous. I know it’s considered art is this case but like Tina said it’s creepy and it’s like having a coffin in your living room.

  3. maria said,

    No, no, no! This is like having your appendix in a jar on your mantelpiece! Definite fool.

  4. Jano said,

    Cool – in the right setting, it’s a functional, sculptural tribute to a primo piece of engineering and design.

  5. Marianne {Style For Living} said,

    Well, it’s not for me. I’m with Tina, I like serenity and pretty things in my house! xo

  6. Stacy said,

    I say fool, but to each his own I guess. I love this segment and I hope you keep doing it….it’s always good for a giggle!

  7. Linda in AZ * said,

    *** DITTO to Tina’s comment… to ME it TRULY looks like a GLASS-TOPPED-COFFIN!!! Annnnd, when you actually THINK about it… welllll…. No! This is NOT TO BE, at least for ME… Or my smart “friends” , as stated above!!!)…

    Warmest 2012 wishes,
    Linda in AZ *

  8. Gloria said,

    I’ll tell you what’s “fool” — those wrinkled drapes! LOL!
    Even if they were $13,000 too, they look horrible!
    Glad to hear that you and the baby are doing well, Luciane! Have a great weekend.

  9. fay said,

    FOOOOOOOl he needs a Doctors appointment !!

    enjoy the weekend Luciane fay xxxx

  10. ana maria said,

    oi Luciane
    Achei meio funesto essa lata envidraçada na caixa preta.
    Não sei se os homens vão gostar , mas creio que as mulheres não.
    Que maravilha você já está começando a criar uma rotina novamente, seu Matthew deve ser um anjinho!

    bjus amiga, lindo findi pra vcs!

  11. Valerie Kilpatrick said,

    Um, I think it is very Cool!
    What a conversation piece! And if you are excited by the industrial or re-use/re-cycle styles, this would certainly fit the bill….also, if you have teens driving ( I do) then this is an item I’d like to have located next to where car keys are kept. ( just kidding, I think..!
    Hope you are feeling more and more up to snuff every day and that the baby and family are too.

  12. serena said,

    As the wife of a ferrari owner/driver and car enthusiast, i have to say this is hard to look at. It makes me think that someone probably lost their life for this coffee table… I applaud you for sharing it though! Art is always controversial and that’s what makes for interesting conversation and a rarity in blogs!

  13. Karen T. said,

    Without a doubt, this is a BIG FOOL!

  14. Manderley said,

    Hi Lu!!
    It’s morbid, a Ferrari crashed? Think of the person who crashed into him, give me trouble …
    It’s fool, although definitely “modern” say it is cool.

    xoxo have a good week, darling

  15. designchic said,

    I’m afraid I’d have bad dreams with that in my house…love happy memories and with the shape of that car, that had to be bad…fool for me!! Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and enjoying your precious family~

  16. Kathy said,

    Hi there Missy, I’ve been very busy over the holidays with 15 house guests including grands…it was marvelous, just tiring as I was very very sick, but got through it and then our Matthews brother was born New Years Eve…what joy to have Miles join us just in enough thyme for a tax deduction! My son is so excited about that. They are staying with us while transitioning little Mathew to accept his new brother, probably for another week, yeah! Oma and Opa are tired but overjoyed, so anyway I’ve been absent from your beautiful posts and must go catch up while I have a few minutes…our new one is sleeping good how about your Matthew?

  17. Sheila Zeller said,

    I don’t usually have such a visceral reaction, but this crazy idea brought one on. I think this is fool all the way, complete and utter FOOL. It’s bad karma, bad energy, in bad taste… it’s just BAD. Why would anyone want this, and why would someone create this? It’s awful.

    Having a strong reaction,
    xo Sheila

  18. Decor Girl (@TheDecorGirl) said,

    Being a designer, car person and Ferrari aficionado… I’m just left with the saying, “more money than brains.” Totally not cool. For a real car guy, minus any taste, I could see it. But please for an F40 ($600,000 – $800,000) he should at least used real crocodile – in black. 🙂

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