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If you’re a devoted reader of Cool or Fool, you probably know that I often post things that are mostly more hated than loved on Fridays. Why? Well, I think it’s always fun to read the comments when people truly speak their mind and judge the space and decor without measuring “niceness,” which is the purpose of this series. I don’t post anything here to hear compliments, but only the truth, how you really feel about what you see.

That’s why I decided to post this knitted furniture cover today. When I first saw it I really liked and I still do. I can only imagine how much work this person puts into it to make a cover for a chair as seen above. But even though I like it I started debating about if I would like this for a long period of time or I simply would get really tired of this look. Would I ever come to question myself about what I was thinking to cover my chair in a sweater??? That question made me decide to put it up here and let you guys decide if this is actually a neat idea or maybe something a bit too much. Once again, you decide! Is it Cool or Fool?


Cover What You Love

Nothing will feel chilly during this season, not even your favorite chair and ottoman.

Mix It!

I actually prefer this look over the one above. Mixing it is better.

I’m guessing we’ll have more “love” than “hate” in this Cool or Fool. Am I right? 😉

Plans for this weekend? I’m planning on starting to buy some Christmas gifts for my kids. I can’t believe it will be here so soon and I need to prepare everything before my baby’s arrival. But I have made my mind up that I will not stress with shopping this year. Do you know that overwhelming feeling that so many of us have at this time of the year, where we need to start to prepare everything, plan everything and start getting “nuts”? I’m saying a big “no” to that. I simply cannot let this happen this year. I’ll be having a newborn and can you imagine if I add more stress into the mix? No one will have fun. So my plan is to start buying whatever I need to buy now, but keep things simpler this year. We’ll celebrate as we always do, but with less fuss. Our house will be decorated and I will let the kids be in charge of that in parts. They’ll help with the decor around the tree and if doesn’t look as “straight” as it should, I’ll be fine… I’ll allow myself to enjoy whatever this Christmas has in store for us, instead of planning every detail.

Miracles only happen when we give enough space for the Divine to happen.

Have a blessed weekend!


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Source: Loved these knitted covers? You can actually buy them! “Biscuit Scout”

* “Cool or Fool” happens every Friday. I’ve started this section where I post “different” and controversial things that I know some of you will love and others will not. The point is to tell us what you really think, regardless of anything. It’s a space where you speak your mind and analyze what you see. Have fun with it and laugh along the way!

Posted in: Furniture, Home Decor

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24 Comments to 'Cool or Fool: Sweater For Your Furniture?'

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  1. This is so funny looking. I mean its a little cozy but very odd. I guess it doubles as a oversized big cozy sweater if you need one, just take it off and wear it? Haha….hope you are feeling well Luciane! The countdown is on, right?

  2. Hah, this is a little strange! I like the sweater cube, but NOT the chair!

  3. Hamptontoes said,

    I could see mixing that ottoman into a ski condo/home with tartans, stripes, lucite, etc to get a very winter, comfy chic look. I’d love to see images of how someone worked the chair into a fabulous space. As for early Christmas shopping, I’m almost done. Years ago, I used to be last minute and it created stress, not to mention missing out on doing fun holiday stuff. Since I’ve become a mother (five years ago) I buy all of holiday shopping early. That way I can truly enjoy the holidays with my family and friends. Driving around looking at Christmas lights is fun when I know I don’t have to come home and wrap presents, or go buy them. I love the holidays and the freed up time I’ve given myself to spend time where it counts, by not shopping last minute. You are good to get a jump start on it. What is your due date? Do you know what you are having? Sharing? I didn’t know the gender of either of my kids. Drove my mom nuts!!

  4. Good morning Luciane!
    I’m not a big fan of the sweather in furniture look. I like it in throws, toss cushions and bolsters, but that’s about it. I don’t think it’s fool, it’s just not for me on the larger scale.
    I hope you have a restful weekend my friend.
    xo Sheila

  5. annie said,

    HI Luciane,

    I love the last photo with the cube wearing a sweater…it adds nice texture to the room, but not sure about that chair…it looks like it might be one of those sweaters that “grows” on you…gets bigger… and would get too messy looking. Good luck with your shopping!


  6. I completely love the sweater chair. 😀 How are you and the soon to arrive little one doing?

  7. maria said,

    It just made me laugh! It’s very sweet, but can you imagine if your child (or cat) caught a loose thread… and unravelled the whole thing?
    It’s very pretty and obviously took a huge amount of skill to make, so I can’t say it’s a total ‘fool’, but I don’t think it would be very practical in my home.
    Have a great weekend Luciane xx

  8. ana maria said,

    oi Luciane

    Eu gostei da poltrona e do puff também,mas escolher uma das das peças pra não poluir mesmo.Ah, minha sogra fazia blusas maravilhosas em todos estes pontos de tricô ,mas por problemas de saúde parou de fazer.
    Adorei sua postagem de cozinhas, mas não da pra escolher uma , são todas lindas.
    Imagino quanta coisa tens pra resolver. E está 20 graus negativo por enquanto?
    Nem se preocupe mais com as vistas, imagino que até postar vai ser dificil pois a família vai precisar muito de ti, atenção total pro bebê e para os outros também, sem esquecer do maridão..rs

    bju querida, tenha um maravilhoso findi

  9. Amy Vermillion @ Martineau Vermillion Interior Design said,

    For once I will say…COOL! I sort of love this.
    It did remind me of those toilets and tissue boxes that are covered in weird furry deals but yes, I love it.

    Happy Weekend my friend!!!

  10. designchic said,

    I don’t mind it in the stool so much…kinda feels cozy. I’m getting so excited for you and thinking about you lots!! Happy Friday ~

  11. Kathy said,

    This is one of the coolest things ever!!! Don’t think with my dogs it would work, but I love it.

    You are nesting my dear, enjoy it!


    i make hats and dress by hand but this is a winter
    art work with a frieplace going and nothing better to do. is this all made by hand croce

  13. Teresa @ Splendid Sass said,

    FOOL, FOOL, FOOL. Can’t see this in a homes. Maybe cute in a playroom or teenager’s room.
    You are so funny, Luciane! You never fail to amuse on these cool or fool days.
    I hope that you are doing well. I know that you are really slowing down now and are really excited.

  14. SizzleandZoom said,

    This is so easy for me. Cool! This is the first week it has been cold enough to bring out my cable knit throw that matches almost exactly the chair and ottoman you are showing. I would love the chair to cuddle up in with my matching throw.

  15. PriscilaPetersDecor said,

    Hello friend,
    This one is fool!

    How are you? Your baby’s arrival is very close. Exciting! I was at the mall today and Christmas is definitely around the corner.
    Hope you’re having a fun weekend.

  16. debra phillips said,

    a big chunky fool! as i sit here looking at the “pills” on my newly purchased sweater…damn….i cannot imagine what this would look like in a few months.
    wishing you well lucianne!

  17. Sherry said,

    Luciane, I think it is kinda cool though I probably wouldn’t use it in my home. I do really like the pillows made from sweaters though.

  18. Victoria Athens said,

    Perhaps just the cube in a dark gray, but it still would not survive my dog jumping onto it. Be well, Luciane.

  19. Ann said,

    I’d have to go for fool…

    love my sweaters on my body

    not on my furniture…

  20. Julia @ Hooked on Houses said,

    Kind of a fun idea, but not for me. Looks a little itchy to sit on!

    I’m starting my Christmas shopping this week, too, and am determined to keep things simple this year. I tend to get carried away! 🙂

  21. Flowershopgurl said,

    omg, I think they would be cool for the cold winter months!

  22. Dee said,

    I think it’s basically a great idea but I would like to see it done in sweaters that are not so textured so that it has a cleaner, softer look to it. I would like to see options in this idea. But, I have to say that it’s different and I do like it.

  23. Rose Versteeg said,

    Absolutely Cool! Brilliant! Beautiful! Textural! Cozy! Love the ribbing around the bottom! I would own one! I will admit- not practical, I am 46, I have 2 kids,
    7 cats, and one dog. But I do so love it!!

  24. Alexandra Brooks said,

    It could be fun for part of a season…

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