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Hello everyone! Cottage of the week is here! Can I say “yay”? I’m sure you know I love cottages and if you aren’t crazy about cottages be prepared to be because this one will make you wish you were there, just relaxing…

This cottage combines traditional charm with some luxurious comforts. The neutral colour scheme highlights the period features in the house including original leaded windows and the beautiful ethereal church door. Outside is pure paradise. I love how quiet it seem to be and I can imagine myself having my favorite cup of coffee in the beautiful terrace.

I’m always feeling inspired by stunning homes I see, but nothing speaks more to me than cottages. Take a look and see if this one speaks to you too.


Charm is found everywhere in this cottage.

Living Room

Is there anything better in a living room than a comfy couch?


I adore a chair with personality and time like this one.

Food & Family

The dining room has a country cottage-y feel.


This is my kind of table: full with bread and coffee. Yum! Better yet if it has a nice view and stunning windows like this one.


Oh, so beautiful! I love the high ceilings, the cabinets and everything feel so sunny!


Cozy and comfy. Do we need more? I don’t think so.


This bed looks great against the grey wall.


The windows are the best feature here.

Guest Bedroom

I really like how simple it is. How do you feel about short curtains? Some people like them, others don’t.

Guest Bathroom

Great use of space.

Kid’s Room

I always adore seeing cute kids’ rooms like this one. Doesn’t it make you smile?


I just found my favorite place!


Afternoon tea? Not today. Please, bring the best bottle you have.


Impossible to not fall in love with this cottage.

Me Time

I could spend the whole afternoon here.


It keeps getting better and better!


Champagne and roses.


Beauty is everywhere.


The river and beyond.


The view during winter.


A place to unfold dreams.

Standing Tall

Reach to the sky.

Are feeling a bit more relaxed? I could imagine myself in this place. That’s why I love cottages, because I can imagine living or spending some weeks in those places. Isn’t it great when we see homes that we can see ourselves in it? I’m not sure, but cottages make me dream a dream I can realize some day. It feels a bit more realistic and more achievable than dreaming with a $20 million dollar mansion. 🙂

I hope you guys are having a great Tuesday!


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Posted in: Cottage, Kitchen Design

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18 Comments to 'Cottage of the Week: Stedham Riverfront'

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  1. designchic said,

    I must say that the images that show the outdoor spaces are absolutely amazing!! The entrance image with the fabulous front door, and the outdoor dining area…stunning!! You would definitely find me outdoors ~ Hope you and your precious little ones are all doing well ~

  2. Megan said,

    It has always been my dream to have a country cottage back in England! I would certainly have to spend my summers there I think. I actually made a little noise when I saw that kitchen- my heart sighs! Thanks for sharing.

  3. loving the picnic basket at the door and that grey wall in the bedroom!!!

    smiles to you.


  4. I love, love, love this cottage! It is so charming, and has such a welcoming feel to it. I could totally see myself living there too. The kitchen is wonderful, and I would love spending hours cooking in it.The windows in this cottage are all so neat. I prefer longer curtains usually, but I think that they work well in the rooms that they used them in here. The outdoor space is amazing, but I wouldn’t mind spending time in that beautiful sun room in the winter!

  5. From the outside this cottage is so precious and charming. I love the old leather chair.

  6. How much and where do I sign up for a weekly vacation rental? Too charming!

  7. Who doesn’t love a light filled cottage? And one that opens to the outside even better!


  8. Jano said,

    Oh, the crimes I’d commit to be able to afford such a place.

  9. Karen said,

    Now ,THIS is my kind of living! love it, love it, love it! 🙂

  10. Gloria said,

    Oh, yes, Luciane – this cottage speaks to me too! It’s so lovely. Especially the way it was styled with the food and wine, etc.! I, too, love those windows. They are gorgeous, all throughout the house. Where IS this house??

  11. Lucian’s-
    I could spend some serious down time here! Gorgeous and so cozy.
    Hope that all is well with you and the family.

  12. Hi Luciane! What a perfect picture perfect cottage. Love how its filled with light and airiness, so pretty!

  13. Hi Luciane, I feel the same way! There is something about a cottage that melts my heart. I live in an are where most the homes are built like a box, with no charming details. I would love to buy an old cottage and fix it up.

  14. Susan said,

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Fisher Island set. Thank you for the opportunity to enter…especially us Canucks who are often left out 🙂

  15. Carolyn said,

    LOVE this! I especially love the outside. The interior looks comfortable and immaculate and is obviously totally redone. I wish it had a little more touch of the old inside, but I have to admit that kitchen is great. I’ve always wanted a front door like that – and those leaded windows! I think the short curtains are appropriate on these small casement cottage windows. Look at the lavender in the front terrace area!

  16. Lucianne: What a perfect combination of exterior charm, with modern interiors. That is what I want, except more
    color!! Each to his own, but I’d buy it in a NY minute.

  17. Rhianna said,

    Hi everyone,

    So glad you like it! This is River Cottage, in Sussex.

    Those of you who wanted to book it for a vacation can do so here!



  18. Victoria Athens said,

    I also am in love with this cottage. It is uber charming.
    All the best…Victoria

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