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What do you feel every time you come home and open the door? Do you feel happy for finally getting home? Do you feel happy for seeing your things the way they are? What’s your impression of your own home? These are questions we never really think to answer, but they are always there and whenever you open that door, a feeling– good or bad– always comes to you. Being happy in your home is truly essential. I asked myself before starting this blog if it would be a good idea to write about interior design every day of the week. I asked if I was going to truly enjoy doing this. Not because of the fact it takes time, but I was asking myself if this subject would feel irrelevant at times. But I chose to talk about our homes because I truly believe we need to have a space where we feel happy and comfortable in. That’s all. And as long I believe, I can somehow help my friends (you) and even myself to achieve this goal, so then this is all worth it and even important.

This post is about that feeling you get when you enter a room you love and simply feel happy for being there. Don’t we all wish our whole house was that way? Is it possible? I believe it is but I don’t think it happens overnight. You first should have a relationship with each room of your house, feel what it really needs and create each room according to your taste and the room’s necessities.

It’s wonderful to feel embraced by your own home.

Around Friends

Blue is one of my favorite colors and I think you should use your favorite color in at least one room of your house.

Being Creative

I simply love how cool this headboard is! The owners used the rest of the wallpaper to create this elegant headboard. Isn’t that a great idea?


Yellow looks really good with blue and, in this case, makes this living room feel cheerful.


What a chic boudoir! I’m not huge on this color but I simply love this space! Very feminine and delicious!

More Pink?

That’s right! More pink, but also, so happy! Love the white sofa with colorful pillows. That always looks fresh.

Opening the Door

Create a welcoming foyer for your guests and also for yourself.

Little Space

Even small spaces should be personalized. Lovely office.


A bedroom must be comfortable. Your first investment has to be a great mattress, after that, well… this one above seems to be really inspiring. What do you think?

White Dining Room

Very tailored and chic. Bright rooms always feel great to me.

Beauty In The Kitchen

I don’t adore only this kitchen but also the siting area by it. Everything flows so well together.


When I first saw this bedroom, I thought it was really charming. I especially like the fact they’re using a chest instead of a side table. It’s usually more useful and it also looks better.


Truly beautiful and simple. This is my style.

Sweet Orange

Great texture.

Best Friend

This is what home is all about… having who and what you love around you.


Clean lines makes this bathroom feel really trendy, but also calming, zen.

Smells Good

Imagine this table without any flowers. Boring, right? Flowers add so much life to any room. Give yourself the gift of fresh flowers.


Don’t display things you don’t love, just display things which remind you of who you are and love.


This island is really unique. Your house should have unique touches that remind you why you have chosen them. After all, that’s how you can leave your “mark” on the home.

Remember to always have fun while creating the space you want in your home. Decorating your house could be a bit stressful, but if you use your instincts and keep true to yourself, I’m sure you’ll achieve what you want in your house. Meanwhile, keep coming back and I’ll do my best to keep you inspired.

Enjoy your day and your home!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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25 Comments to 'Creating a Happy Home'

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  1. Tereza said,

    Luciane, menina, post nota 1000!
    Amei as imagens, vou ter que voltar e me demorar um pouco mais, este post fez bem aos meus olhos.
    As imagens 9,11,12,13,14,15 e 18 tem tudo e mais um pouco, na minha opinião, fiquei encantada.
    Um ótimo dia prá você.

  2. designchic said,

    All of these rooms make me so happy…loving the pink room…would tire of it but it’s fabulous for a visit!! Hope you’re having a great week, my friend ~

  3. Claudia said,

    love it, that first pic made me smile. i’m growing ranunculus this year, all yellow, it’s my color for 2011 😀 thanks for the lovely pics, Luciane!

  4. Love the boudoir and the white dining room! The island in the last kitchen is gorgeous.
    Hav ea great day, Luciane!

  5. Great post and really good topic. I think about that a lot myself…really really into my home and how I feel walking into my “sanctuary’ which is how I think we should all feel when coming home..our special haven away from the world where its just us, our possessions and our family. For me, first thing is the shoes go flying..on with my cozy shearling silppers, then its brew a cup of coffee..yummy…then normally sit at the desk in my room and just decompress. BEST FEELING EVERY. I used to thrive on being out all the time, now I feel lucky for days that I am home..not very often..and being in the comfort of my home is truly both a blessing and a luxury. The icing on the cake is when something declicious is cooking on the stove and permeates through the whole house!
    Thanks sooooo much for your ultra generous comments today, you are just too nice! I am equally impressed with you and your blog that never ever disappoints..its wonderful!

  6. karena said,

    Lucianne I am doing a tad of redorating right now and am doing just that adding colors that I adore!!

    A Special Gift on my site just in time for spring!Come Enter!

    Art by Karena

  7. SizzleandZoom said,

    I liked what you said about having a relationship
    with every room in your home. I found it helps me
    decorate if I do. A relationship is embracing the
    room. What will make you happy when you enter it
    and what will make you miss it when you leave.

  8. Cole@LavishProperty said,

    Very nice post, and I agree, it is quite important to have a happy home with a light and airy atmosphere. All tips that we can use.

    I think of making some changes to my site. Which would you rather? I’m asking people on my FB page. 1 post per day, totally written by me – OR – 2 to 3 posts per day, with the Realtor’s description and a few sentences of my thoughts? Please tell!

  9. The last place I lived didn’t feel happy to me. It was a great way to get a leg up on the property ladder in the UK but this is the first place that I’ve really felt was home to me since I lived with my parents when I was younger. It makes me so thank ful every time I come home. And I guess I might not feel that if I hadn’t experienced what it’s like to live somewhere I didn’t love.

    I hadn’t thought that before I typed this so THANK YOU for your lovely inspiring blog.


  10. Meera @ firstsense said,

    This post has totally cheered up the grey day here! The images are so so gorgeous and happy!

    You are so right about the importance of feeling happy in one’s own home, it makes such a difference to people’s well-being and this is what I try to get across to my clients even. Decorating and personalising your home is not about keeping up with the Joneses, but about creating a space that makes you happy and allows you to express yourself.

    Great post, as always, Luciane!

    Meera xx

  11. Hi Luciane, I loved looking at all the images you chose…you picked some great ones! When designing for a client those are the questions I ask as well (What do you feel when you come home and open the door?) I believe too that your home should be a reflection of ‘you’ and a space where you truly feel ‘at home’ … not just a beautiful model home. xo Sherri

  12. Guys,

    I’m LOVING the comments today.

    Just wonderful knowing more about your feelings about your own home and how to achieve it with your clients too.

    You guys are the best!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  13. Nichole@40daysof said,

    I love the blue color in the second photo, but I need that lantern. May I please know the source of that picture?!!

    I’m finally back. Thanks for checking on me. 🙂

  14. Elizabeth@themustardceiling said,

    Oh my gosh! I love all of these images today, I don’t think I can pick a favorite. I think feeling happy in one’s home is very important. It should be a reflection of you. Have a great day!

  15. PriscilaPetersDecor said,

    Oi, Lu
    Tudo bem?

    I believe that your home is your temple. A place where you can go to and be safe. That’s what I feel when I get back home. Because of that I’ve decided to work with decor…
    There’s no place like home!
    Lovely images.

  16. Rachel said,

    Ooooh, love the pink room!

  17. Carrie @ Hazardous Design said,

    Sigh…we’re at the beginning of a long remodeling process, so I still have a way to go with feeling “in love” with my home. A benefit to remodeling is that we can personalize our home so that it is perfectly us. It is just going to take a while.

  18. Kathysue said,

    My home is the place that wraps its arms around me from the craziness out in the world. I literally smile when I come home and I take a deep breath when I enter the door. When we leave on a long trip, it might sound sill but I actually say goodbye to my happy little home. We all agree our home is part of the family. I love it here, I love the colors. If I get dissatisfied it is usually with an accessory or a piece of furniture that is worn. I keep my home feeling the basic same way. The FEEL is more important than the Look!!! Great post, really enjoyed it, Kathysue

  19. Greet said,

    Hello Luciane,
    I am so agree with you!! Trust yourself and bring into your home the things you love! Make it your home and live in it! A home is not meant to be a showroom for other people but for you and your family, to be happy !
    I love that white dining room you posted here! But I am always wondering what to do with children and pets?! Do you have to hang a paper on the door ‘Don’t walk in, only for adults.’ Haha!
    Great post as always my friend.


    Hi Luieane Yes youre right I couldnt live in a place where I didnt love evrything around me Nothing nicer on a dull day or a wet day to have evrywhere at home full of your favourite things ,ideally beautiful AND amusing fay xxx I like the chest by the bed in white and the bathroom with it x

  21. classiccasualhome.com said,

    I love that little office and what you said “wonderful to feel embraced by your own home”

  22. kate said,

    so fresh and bright. love the comfy seating in the kitchen!

  23. Karen said,

    A certain shade of green makes me happy…a smaller footprint for a home is what we aim for!

  24. Carol maryott said,

    These photos lifted my spirits. Simply beautiful as always Lucianne.

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