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Kitchens and bathrooms are always in our mind. It’s almost impossible to love our home if we don’t love our kitchen or our bathrooms. We need to like at least one of them, if not, we sure keep them in mind until we transform these spaces into whatever we dream and our pockets can afford. Kitchens and bathrooms are expensive and most of us are aware of that. Do all of us have our dream kitchens and bathrooms? No, many of us keep looking for inspiration until we can complete these rooms exactly the way we want.

What I like most about these rooms I’ve selected for this post is that they come from homes that are for sale. They aren’t all “magazine ready”. They’re real spaces, where real (and lucky) people live. Many of them are perfect as is while others could use a personal touch. They all feel special to me and I hope you really enjoy this post I’ve prepared for you today.



This kitchen is very elegant.

Washed Wood

This color of the wood is great when you don’t like dark or white cabinets.


So much space in this kitchen.

Mamma Mia!

I really like the delicate tiles and how feminine this kitchen feels.


The white brings some calmness to the space.


It’s great to have an open feel to the rest of the house while cooking.


I’d prefer a lighter choice of countertop, but I love everything else in this kitchen. Take a look at those windows. So pretty!


I like the size of this kitchen. It’s very realistic. Now, what do you think of these white Viking appliances? Would you buy them white?

Add More

This kitchen is gorgeous. This is from a house for sale that hasn’t been staged completely, so you can use your imagination here.

Classic Beauty

Classic elements are always a smart choice for your pocket.


This is a great example of a narrow yet beautiful kitchen.

View Me

The other side.

I Want It!

Yes, this is the one and only!


This kitchen belongs to a historic house.

Lost & Found

Talking about “the one and only”, isn’t this range so unique? I adore how much personality this kitchen has.

Call me Rustic

This one isn’t afraid to show its qualities. Stunning in its way!

Ample Vision

I love this space and those beams.

Range Hood

That range hood is unbelievable!

The House

A nice view of the house from the island.

Country Ceiling

It’s hard to not love the brick ceiling and the homey feel of this house.


More ceiling love to this kitchen.


The texture of the wood in these cabinets is really pretty.

In or Out

Can’t complain about the view.

Out or In

The view from outside.

Modern Approach

Great elements in this kitchen.

Love Me

I’m not sure what I love more, the indoors or outdoors. You? Ok, we can choose both!


For those that love modern and gray spaces.


My favorite part of this kitchen? This view!


Very sleek and chic.

Dreamy Bathrooms



Little Girl

This one is fit for a little princess.


This bathroom is adorable with the window seat and curtains.


You really don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great bathroom. This one is simple, yet full of charm.


This one belongs to a historic home. I especially love the mosaic above the tub. I also love the windows.


This is a very darling bathroom.


I like the architectural details of this bathroom. They make it even more interesting.

Separate but Together

I love the idea of having two separate showers. Brilliant!


Perfect for “him”.


Gorgeous flooring.

Nice & Easy

This is a very uncomplicated bathroom and I like that.


Mix some interesting elements in your bathroom.


A freestanding tub is always so pretty.


This bathroom is very doable. It doesn’t need much space and it’s gorgeous.


I’d love to have a bathroom with a view like that.


Straight lines make this bathroom feel very modern.


The entrance to the bathroom feels almost like a foyer and gives some privacy to the rest of the room.

The Bathroom

I love the uniqueness of this bathroom! Notice that sink!


The ottoman brings some luxury to this stylish bathroom.


Stones make any room feel warmer.


Really beautiful.

The Best of Both Worlds

Now picture yourself waking up to brush your teeth with a view like that!

Images: Houzz

Kitchen Remodeling.

I hope you all have enjoyed this post. I certainly loved seeing these spaces. It made me want to improve certain things in my own home, but also to be grateful for having what I already have. That’s something so important in life.

Are you having a good week so far? It’s being great around here. We’re really feeling fall arriving. The trees are starting to change their colors, it’s been much colder and I’m back to wearing long sleeves. How about you? Are you enjoying the weather changes?

By the way, thank you so much for being here today. It always so wonderful to know you’re here!


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