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Often I see houses that I wish were mine! I can almost see myself living in these places, cooking my favorite meal in the kitchen and relaxing in the dreamy master bedroom. The first time I saw this house at my very good friend Michele’s blog, “Hello Lovely Inc”, I fell in love with it. I truly couldn’t stop thinking about how well designed this house is and how wonderful it must be to live in it.

Imagine yourself living in a place where space isn’t an issue, where beauty surrounds you from the indoors to the outdoors.

Well, I hope you can dream with this amazing English country home.

Country Side

If you never imagine yourself living in the country, this house might convince you otherwise.


You notice the calmness of this house as soon you enter it. Beautiful furniture.

Potter’s Bunnies.

Cozying up by the fire with a summer feel.

Little Love

Any space can be beautifully personalized.


Oh, it’s impossible to not fall in love with this kitchen! The island is very charming with this choice of hardware.

Let’s Cook!

Space and beauty. The light fixtures are dramatic and delicate at the same time. I like that!

Laundry Room

One of the simplest and one of my favorite laundry rooms I’ve seen. The color? How can you go wrong with that?

Master Bedroom

Canopy beds are a bold statement in a bedroom and they always bring so much beauty. I’m a fan! Are you?

Master Bathroom

How gorgeous is that? The claw tub in blue is so lovely.

Water & Fire

Now, imagine taking a bubble bath by a fire…

Boys’ Room

This house has amazing kids bedrooms. This is the “boys’ room”. It feels just like a cottage.


I love creative artwork.


Lovely and fun. What kid wouldn’t love to have this bathroom?

Girls’ Room

The wallpaper brings so much to this beautiful room. The beds are incredibly adorable too.


Very subtle touch of pink. Extremely charming.

Little Girls’ Room

This bedroom is very sweet. I’m in love with the beautiful beds. Gorgeously made.


Pink claw tub, a mix of rustic and new. Just perfect.

Guest Bedrrom

I adore the furnishing in this bedroom, but I’m not sure about the wallpaper. It’s sweet, but maybe a little bit “too sweet”? What do you think? Do you like it?


The beautiful back of this lovely country home.


This is a perfect backyard. I love the trees, the lawns and there’s an area just for the kids to play too.


A “magical” spot.


I have a fascination with pool houses! I find them to be so special and so practical, especially if the pool is not too close to the house.

Trees & Lavender

A place to relax.

Land Sweet Land

Did this house convince you to move to the countryside? 🙂

A beautiful home always inspires me somehow. Sometimes I want to apply some great ideas to my own home, sometimes I simply wish I could move right in, and sometimes it just makes me look around where I am and be thankful for what I already have. Seeing beautiful things should always bring some positivity to our lives and make us see how fortunate we are to be able to dream our dreams of having a better place or simply to enjoy the one we have right now. I hope you really liked seeing this house with me today.

Have a Blessed week!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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Source: Hello Lovely Inc, first option.

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21 Comments to 'Hello Lovely English Country Home'

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  1. Claudia said,

    How gorgeous, Luciane, such beauty and calm, I would totally live there in a heartbeat – and there’s space for all my veggies, too!

  2. Amy Vermillion @ Martineau Vermillion Interior Design said,

    Yes please Luciane! I would be happy to do laundry there! And the kitchen cabinet color is divine.
    Happy Week,

  3. SizzleandZoom said,

    The house is lovely. Wouldn’t mind living there.


    ok Luiceane ill take it where is it? I SO MISS my roll top bath mine was blue too but more a French navy blue
    I have a conventional bath here boo hoo.the kitchen was VERY NICE ! love to you haope you had a restfulweekend Fay xx cant sleep it too hot its 4 15am !!

  5. Gloria said,

    I am with you all the way on this one! YES, I definitely COULD picture myself there! Oh, goodness — what a masterpiece… each and every room, and the grounds too. Thanks for this post, it was lovely!

  6. traci zeller designs said,

    Wow. I *love* that house!!

  7. designchic said,

    I can’t tell you how much I love this house…I could move right in!! The ceilings, the clapboard walls, the amazing kitchen, the pool and pool house…clearly I love it all!! Hope your week is fabulous, Luciane!!

  8. Kathy said,

    Wow, love it all, even the wallpapered room. Great post

  9. Linda in AZ * said,

    *** What a TOTAL JOY to see, and read about, this UBER-CHARMING home!!! There’s nothing NOT to love here, and it is such a treat to see a home so “personal”… and the owners’ choice of SUCH DELIGHTFUL & PERSONAL ARTWORK MAKES it so!!!

    Light & ever-so-“natural”, it leaves me beggng to see and enjoy MORE, and my FAVORITE thing this home shows & shares is its LACK OF PRETENTION!!!

    I thank you, & the owner(s), for sharing this true & liveable beauty!

    Most warmly,
    Linda in AZ *

  10. The enchanted home said,

    Very pretty. I love the kitchen and the bedrooms the most…and yes that laundry room is quite nice, love the color too! Its such a light, airy and happy house…has good karma. Thanks Luciane and hope you are feeling well!

  11. Kristin said,

    Oooooh, this is so lovely! I LOVE all the kids bedrooms!!!

    Hope you had a great weekend, Luciane, and hope your week will be fabulous! Hugs, Kristin

  12. Tereza said,

    esta casa é linda, adoro o estilo country inglês, é tão aconchegante.
    Imagino uma casa dessas para uma jovem família, com crianças, cheia de vida.

  13. Michele said,


    thank you for this!!! not just the nod but for uncovering these breathtaking images that i am so so thrilled to see. the touches of pink! AH! i feel so connected with this property, shall we visit it someday together?

    i’ll be revisiting this post again (as i always come back to your blog for inspiration)!

    thanks for your friendship and your beautiful spirit which radiates through cyberspace.



  14. Cheryl said,

    Beautiful! The interior was not what I expected – a great lesson in “don’t judge a book by its cover.” I adore the laundry room. I added some of that blue to my kitchen this weekend in a little painting project. I am still swooning from looking at the bathroom. Love the tub in the middle of the room with a view of the countryside or of the fireplace. I would make a serious investment in bubble bath if I had that bathroom.
    If you’re interested in pool houses you might really like boathouses. Check out http://www.cottageblog.ca. He has some fantastic photographs of boathouses in Muskoka and of the area in general. I would also recommend “googling” some Muskoka real estate and historic Beaumaris estates. I’m mildy obsessed with the area and its history and can give you lots of info if you want to know/see more.
    Hope all is well with you on this balmy Monday!

  15. Cheryl,

    I’m so glad you liked the post. I’m also in love with this place! It’s stunning, isn’t it?

    Thank you for the link you sent to me. I loved seeing so many pictures of that region that I hope to know some day. Our Canada is so precious, so beautiful and I’m proud for being here. 🙂

    Have a wonderful week, sweetie!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  16. Design Elements said,

    HI Luciane, I felt speepy too during my pregnancy almost all the time 🙂 beautiful house! especially the entry way! I see your are posting sme kids room too 🙂 I like that pink room – very serene and girly. Happy new week!

  17. Cortizo Interiors said,

    Luciane, I love this house! So airy, light and clean in feeling. Dreamy and calm…beautiful.


  18. Achados de Decoração said,

    Lu! tudo bem, linda? desculpe pela ausência, mas estou arrumando as malas para viajar amanhã, minha casa foi fotografada para uma revista hoje e eu tive que deixá-la “nos trinques”, estou programando posts, adiantando o pagto das contas, acertando detalhes com clientes. ufa!!!! aff já tô cansada, mas vim correndo aqui te avisar: a Jen do Made byGirl citou seu blog, menina! vc tá feita!!!! já viu? Acabei de ler pelo Google Reader.bjs
    da tia Carmen hehehehe

  19. Shin said,

    How I would just give anything to grow up in this home! Even just looking at the pictures made me feel so much in peace! xoxoxoo

  20. Design Chic said,

    Oh, Luciane, what an amazing country home! My hubby and I love, love our house, but with baby on the way, we have been musing about what it would be like to move to the country… If we could buy this house, there would be no second thoughts!! I read in your comment that you are trying to listen to your body a little more. Mine is saying “nap” and “eat strawberries!” Isn’t it fun? xo Kristy

  21. PriscilaPetersDecor said,

    Oh, yes! I take it. I take this home anytime.
    I love the style, the decor and colors. That pink tub is something else. Lovely.

    I hope you are doing fine, my friend.

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