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Hessian bags are used all over the world for many different applications, but many people don’t know what they are and what they’re made from. With this in mind, I attempt to answer some of the questions that many of us have about hessian bags.

Whether you’re looking for industrial supplies, or for a hessian shopping bag, hessian, jute or burlap are words that will all be thrown about, so below, here is the potted history of hessian bags.


All About Hessian Bags

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Hessian comes from Germany originally. It was first used to make up soldiers uniforms in a particular state of Germany called Hesse, hence the name. The rough fabric that made up the soldiers uniforms was made from vegetable fibers, jute and hemp, and was also made into sacks to carry organic material around on farms.


The Reason Hessian Bags Are So Popular With Storing and Moving Goods Around Are Threefold:

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They’re breathable: This is a great benefit, as it means that foodstuff will not likely attract the same sort of condensation, as you will find in a plastic bag. When you are storing foodstuff, it’s important to avoid as much condensation as possible inside the container, as condensation leads to spoiling.


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They’re durable: The rough, course weave, depending on how tightly woven, and how dense the material is, of course is extremely hard wearing. This usually means that even after a long period of storage, the sack will still be able to be reused, which makes it ideal for moving industrial material about, and saves many businesses a fortune on storage materials


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They’re compact: If you’ve an empty plastic container, it takes up space in a warehouse. A hessian bag can pack pretty much flat when it is not being used, saving space in warehouses and outbuildings.


What Are Hessian Bags Made From?

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Hessian bags are predominantly made from jute, the skin of a plant with the same name, mixed with vegetable fibers . They can be also made from sisal fibers, and can be used to make rope too, or other similar products.


What Uses Do Hessian Bags Have?

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Predominantly, in many industries, hessian bags are perfect for packing products that may spoil if put into plastic containers. Items such as coffee, rice, potatoes, onions and beans are suited to pacing in hessian bags.

Another use for hessian bags that is well known is to use them as sandbags. They are packed with sand and tied up to seal them, and used generally to protect houses and businesses from flooding in places where the weather is bad.

In the construction industry, and sometimes in the horticultural industry, hessian bags are also used often to ensure that frost or cold weather does not damage those items such as bulbs, soil, sand, or concrete.

Purchasing hessian on the roll can be done by carpet makers, as the makeup of hessian provides the perfect backing for carpets, and also this is used in furniture making, to make covered furniture sturdier. And, as we can see here, hessian bags can also be used for DIY projects and decor.


Purchasing Hessian Bags Online

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When it comes to making a purchase of hessian bags online, it’s important to remember the following:


What Am I Putting in the Bag?

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The items you wish to store, move or carry in hessian bags will dictate the strength and size of the bag you need. You can purchase many different styles, types and strengths of hessian bags so make sure you get the right ones to save time and trouble later down the line.


Who Am I Purchasing From?

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Ensuring you choose a reputable provider that stock high quality hessian bags will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. You need to choose a supplier who not only stocks a variety of hessian bags, but one who can deliver quickly and promise high quality bags for your preferred purpose.


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With Thanksgiving and Christmas approaching, I find this is the time to slow down and start doing some DIY projects at home. I love spending quiet afternoons getting creative and surprising my family with new ideas. Burlap is an easy and very affordable material that if you haven’t tried to work with yet, you really should give it a try. I hope these pictures can inspire you.

Have a lovely day, my friends and I will be back soon with a new post!

with Love,

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