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Jessica Alba is trying to lease out her 3,035-square-foot Beverly Hills home for $8,950 a month. At this price you can even sleep in her bed! Wow, what’s going on with this world? πŸ™‚

Her house comes fully furnished and I love that part! The house is inspired by Bali. You almost can feel the Balinese breeze. If you don’t really care about that you can enjoy magnificent views of downtown L.A.

But don’t worry, this is not going to become a celebrity gossip site. We all know that we don’t need yet another site talking about what they did, what they are wearing, where they are going or who they are dating for the next 5 minutes. I am just posting about Jessica Alba’s house because I think it’s a very neat place, and also because I think she’s a smart woman. But since we are not here to talk about her, let’s at least talk some more about her house.

To be really fair, I don’t think her house is over-priced, something you would expect since it’s a “celebrity” house and it’s with her furniture. The house is in a gated community and has 3 bedrooms and 3.5 baths.

Even if you are not her fan I think it would be cool to live in this house, even if it’s just for the house itself.

Jessica has a small kid and maybe she’s trying to find a better place to raise her child. But I wonder why she’s renting it furnished. What are your thoughts on it?

Jessica Alba’s Home Sweet Home

Do you like it?

Inspired By Bali

This entry is very Balinese. I love the river rock & bamboo entrance.

Living room

Dramatic double-height ceilings & windows.


One of the best features of this house are the views!

Open Space

I remember watching one of Jessica Alba’s video and she was sitting in this living room and I could see that staircase.


This house has so much character and I like that.

Family room

This large family/game room is perfect for entertaining.


Did you expect more for Jessica Alba’s kitchen? Or do you like it just like that?

Bright Yellow

I actually like the color on the walls, it’s feels sunny. I also like that “Mieli” espresso machine. That would be a wonderful Christmas gift (just in case my husband is reading it. He loves Jessica Alba, so here’s my chance! πŸ™‚ ).

Media Room

Very cozy.

Master Bedroom

Yes, boys and girls… this is Jessica Alba’s bed! Enjoy!

Do you want to see more?

Oh, right… what about her shower?


Is it your style?

Little Secret

Who knew Jessica Alba kept Orlando Bloom in her bathroom? πŸ™‚

Be My Guest

Simple but comfortable.


Beautiful mirror.

Selling Point

The terrace offers breathtaking views.

Like a Dream

This view is fantastic!

For more information: Jonah Wilson.

Photos by: Michael McCreary for Jonah Wilson.

What I’ve learned by seeing Jessica Alba’s house is that she seems to be a down-to-earth kind of girl. I don’t see her being pretentious. Her house is beautiful, but more than that, it’s relaxed and fun. That I can see in her personality, too.

Can’t wait to hear what you think about her house! πŸ˜‰


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Hello, my beautiful friends! Wasn’t it fun to see all of these dreamy spaces? I really hope you had a great time here today!

My hubby is renovating one of our bathrooms and we will be busy this weekend. We have so many exciting ideas and I really can’t wait to see everything come together. In fact, we painted the cabinets in “Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray” and it’s stunning. It looks really wonderful with white marble. Next step is adding subway tiles on the walls. πŸ™‚

I wish you all a safe and Blessed weekend. Be good, eat well and enjoy life!

We’ll talk soon!

with Love,

Luciane from HomeBunch.com

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28 Comments to 'Jessica Alba’s House'

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  1. Lizzy said,

    I think it’s beautiful! She has lovely taste and there’s nothing pretentious about it at all.

    MY guess is that a small child and that railing/staircase gave her heart palpitations on a hourly basis. I’m sure they’re “to code” but that just looks like a whole lot of trouble with a little one.

  2. Tell me about that stairs… You can’t have a glass of chardonnay in that house… at least I can’t!!! LOL

    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  3. I do like it, but I think the inside and outside don’t match. I think that style of roof is typically french, although it was used horribly here in the US in the late sixties through early eighties on houses that have no frenchness whatsoever. I’m not advocating for fancy french, but maybe a little more country french and a little less Bali would make the interior and exterior match better. I really like the inside, though. πŸ™‚

  4. Yeah, I noticed the french flair too. πŸ™‚

    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  5. very interesting. lovely images

  6. kristin said,

    Hi! First of all I have to thank you for coming over to my blog. I’m so glad you did so I could find your amazing blog!!! I think we must have a lot in common because I love this post and ALL the others. Can’t wait to come back! I’ll link you to my blog right now! As you know I’ll be taking a little break, but I’m already looking forward to come back. Have a lovely day!!!

    Kristin xoxo

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! πŸ™‚

    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  8. Jackie W. - Kansas said,

    The dining room table & chairs look like doll house furniture to me.

  9. Jessica has good taste… I loved seeing her house too.

  10. I don’t know what I love more, the spiral staircase or the view. I could stare at both for days! Beautiful post.


  11. Karen said,

    Of all the celebrity homes posted online, this one speaks to me the most, an understated elegance, flair entwined with simplicity; yes, I could live there, too, but sorry, well beyond what my bank book will tolerate! πŸ™‚

  12. Dear Karen,
    You know how happy I feel whenever I see you here.
    Thank you my friend!

    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  13. Morgan said,

    I like some of the colors, the greens, golds and reds.. but in the bathroom, the green tile looks like something that would eventually look dated..
    She has beautiful tastes, though, and not pretentious, like someone else pointed out.
    Kind of boxy looking on the outside. Not a huge fan of some of the furniture – a little plain.
    Comfortable, though, and I like that.

  14. Luciane,
    Congrats on making Julia’s weekly roundup! That’s so cool! πŸ™‚

  15. Karena said,

    Lucianne, the view is fabulous, parts of the home look too sparse for me, others are beautiful!

    Come enter my new giveaway from Empress of the Eye!

    Art by Karena

  16. Brianne said,

    My guess as well is that she’s moving partly because of the staircase. I just recently moved out of a rental house with a wooden spiral staircase. I was constantly terrified my cat was going to fall off the top ledge! I also slipped on it at one point and broke my cell phone on the landing! Spiral stairs are gorgeous but if they’re the only way up to the top floor (which I’m sure is not the case in this place?) then they are horrifying!
    Love the views though; the walls could use a little more color though πŸ™

  17. Heidi said,

    There is no Sauna! πŸ™‚

  18. Hello Heidi!

    You’re right.. it doesn’t seem to have a sauna! πŸ™‚

    I see you’re from Finland, right? I have so may readers from Finland, and that makes me so happy because I always wanted to visit there. So, I hope you feel welcome here! πŸ™‚


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  19. Terry Lewis said,

    The house is beautifully decorated. I like her style. I really like that she is friendly to her fans but blows off those who jump out of bushes with cameras. Those clowns need to stop living through her and get their own lives.

    Keesler Boy

  20. Gabriella said,

    It’s really not what I had expected. I love that it’s different from everyone else’s houses, but it’s just a bit too much Bali for my personal taste. I too would love to see a few more French touches.

    Thank you for sharing!

  21. enrique said,

    i love place different

    Thank you very much

  22. Truc Dang said,

    I like Jessica Alba, she is cute and pretty. She is a nice person.

  23. NC RB said,

    beautiful house..

  24. Nawang said,

    Beautiful house..

  25. niloofar said,

    i like jessica alba, she’s very cute, and i like so much. she has fantastic home

  26. Tracey said,

    It’s a lovely, lovely home. The only problem I had with it was the fireplace in the living room….it is not to scale, I would expect a much larger fireplace with the double height ceilings. The view is GORGEOUS! She is a lovely woman, down to earth and classy all the way πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing her home with us!

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