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Kelowna, British Columbia has some of the most amazing homes I’ve seen in Canada. The Okanagan Valley’s real estate market exploded about eight years ago with many new luxurious constructions. Many people want to live in this region for its mild winters and steamy hot summers. Also, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, including Okanagan Lake, one of the warmest here in Canada. Living in this region doesn’t come cheap, but it surely is worth it to be in one of the most beautiful places in the country. Take for example this stunning new home. This house has incredible views of Okanagan Lake, a kitchen that makes me want to turn down mine and start all over again and the most fun playroom I’ve seen in a long time. This is the kind of house where I can see the whole family happy, including the children. It’s refreshing seeing a contemporary house that I can actually picture kids running around. This one has its own space for every and each person of the family. I can picture mine there… and hey, nobody touches the master ensuite. That tub and view are mine!


Hello, Lovely!

It would be nice to call it “home”.

Home with a View

This house feels totally open to the gorgeous views.

Le Petit Cafe

Come on in! Please, have a seat. Would like to have a cup of tea or coffee?

The Killer

I’m in love with this kitchen. You guys know me. I usually prefer smaller spaces and I usually don’t go “gaga” over contemporary homes, but this house has it all! Take a look at the sleek lines of this beautiful kitchen.


I love how open it is to the outdoors.


The island and light fixtures are just beautiful and the brushed ash floors compliments the white cabinetry.


I love the backsplash in this kitchen.

Eating Area

It would be fun to have your meals overlooking the lake.

Family Room

Okay… take a deep breath and look at that view!


The family room could use of more furnishings, but I strongly believe this house has been staged for sale. So, that explains the lack of certain pieces.

Dining Room

This is yet another example of “lack of furniture” room. But I can overlook that and see the gorgeous fireplace and light fixture. I’d love to decorate this house!

Master Bedroom

I need a rug and a seating area in this room, but honestly, all I can think about right now is being able to wake up everyday with that view.


Picture yourself taking a bath here. Peaceful!

To The Other Side

This ensuite is fabulous!

Boy’s Bedroom

I really like the color on the wall and the pop of color this orange rug brings to the room.


This is phenomenal! Take a look at the slide that goes directly to….

The Playroom

Yes! It goes directly to the playroom in the basement. I’d never find my kids! Can you imagine when you try to give them a “time-out” and they start going up and down this thing? I could never win! 🙂


What do you think of this color for kids’ bathroom?


The grown-ups “playground”. No slide though.

Media Room

Who doesn’t love a room like this, right? I really like the carpet used here. Great for a media room.


You come to workout here after eating all that candy in the media room. Workout with this kind of view? I’d have as many muscles like Madonna has! 🙂

Warm Breeze

It would be great to have a party in this place.

Are you coming?


Okanagan is well known for its wineries. I’d have a glass by the fire and watch the sunset.


The back of the house.

Jaw Dropping

You would find me here during the summer nights.

Kelowna is truly a stunning city. We actually used to live there about three years ago. We enjoyed living there, but decided to move here to have a calmer lifestyle. But I won’t lie, I’d move back there any time if it was to move in this house! Who would say “no” to this kind of view?! Well, but for that I’d have to have $4,995,000. Anyhow, we all can dream, right? 🙂

What’s your favorite room of this house? I can’t wait to know what you think of this place.

Oh, one more thing. I keep getting so many sweet emails about Matthew and so many of you ask me how I’m keeping up with it all, including the blog. First of all, I do get tired at times, but I try to balance everything and not get too crazy if I can’t do it all in one day, which means, my laundry is done, but ironing is not! My house is clean, but not spotless (toys! I have a very strong “love-hate” relationship with them!), I still love to cook, but prefer the easy & fast take-outs. Life is truly too short to get stressed about everything and trust me, this is a big deal for me to say this. I used to be perfectionist when it comes to household chores. Nothing could be out of “its place”, but I just understood that you can’t be like that when you have three kids. You can, but then, you won’t breathe and I need my breathing, my peace-of-mind. As I said, life is too short and I’m trying to find ways to live it knowing where I’m stepping and enjoying every step I take. After all, what’s the point to get to the top and realize you’ve missed seeing everything from different heights?

Have a blessed day!


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Source: Jane Hoffman.

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15 Comments to 'Okanagan Lakeview Home'

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  1. The enchanted home said,

    Love your attitude Luciane and you have the right idea! Do what you can, but dont’ hold yourself to the impossible…..no one will love you any more for it…it feels so good “to just let it go”, do your best and move on!
    Now onto this gorgeous house…OMG, the views, the vistas, its GORGEOUS! I love the way the kitchen opens to that glorious patio, and all of the rooms feel so light, and airy..it appears to have a great flow and with those mesmerizing views…its an “10” for me!

  2. Acquired Objects said,

    What a gorgeous, goreous home! I would definitely exercise more with those views to look at. Who wouldn’t be calm and serene looking out at the water from any spot in that home. Great choice Luciane!


  3. Manderley said,

    Ohhhh it’s wonderful!!! Beautiful.


  4. fay said,

    Hi Luciane you are so right ” Life is too short to stuff a mushroom !” This house is ENORMOUIS !!! the views are exquiste and i lkove he bathroom but i like something to be rather more friendly !

  5. Sharon said,

    Hello Luciane! All I can say is WOW!!! Until I started visiting your site daily. I had no idea of the fabulous architecture and design detail and beautiful homes in Canada. I can only imagine one day being able to live in such luxury. Kudos.

  6. Karena said,

    Lucianne you are doing great with having a little one!

    I adore the shots of this home at dusk and nighttime! Gorgeous!

    All the Best!

    Art by Karena

  7. Carolyn said,

    I’m usually not that big a fan of big open contemporary spaces (I’m a cozy cottage kind of gal), but these rooms open to the views are gorgeous. However, it looks like a lot of the windows are fixed and don’t open. I’d want to be able to feel the breeze coming off the water. Great kitchen and master bath, though huge. The outdoor dining area is my favorite. Love the kids’ slide. Don’t love the children’s bath color, though I see it looks the same as one of the walls of the playroom, and I can understand the playful pop of color. Just wondering, wouldn’t you want some window coverings for privacy (drapes that open fully to the views, or those shades that raise from the bottom) in the master bedroom and bathroom? I’d feel a bit exposed in that tub! True, there may be nothing but water out there . . .

    Sounds like you’re doing great. I learned to give up my perfectionist tendencies when my children were young. There are only so many ways you can divide your time, and caring for babies and young children can consume the majority of it. It’s much happier and healthier to appreciate the magic of childhood as well as taking at least a little time for yourself than to constantly try to keep everything looking magazine perfect. That can just make you tired, frazzled, grumpy, and dissatisfied. And when they’re young, children like to help put their toys away. Unfortunately, that doesn’t carry over to teenagers!

  8. Sheila Zeller said,

    It’s so hard to believe this house is in Kelowna! I love Kelowna, but it’s the scale of the house itself that feels so misfitting… but it is beautiful. I’m with you, I think it’s been staged, too. Would so love to see your touch in the rooms 🙂 I haven’t entered the giveaway because we don’t have patio furniture! But if we did I would!

    xo Sheila

  9. SizzleandZoom said,

    Beautiful lake home. Love the views and the large open spaces. I love cozy cottages, too. Nice post for winter.

  10. Marianne {Style For Living} said,

    Oh, that view!!! I could spend hours in that tub, too, but I’d look like a prune! xo

  11. Michelle @ Ispirato Design said,

    First about the toys- every time i step on a Lego guy or find a Nerf dart in one of my vases I remind myself that I will probably miss it someday- it helps, a little 🙂

    The house is amaaazinggg! The fireplaces, the floors, the slide and pool- just ridiculous as in -I want them! Beautiful post!

  12. Karen said,

    Yes, Lucianne, some lucky people get to vacation here! 🙂 And while we do not have this magnificent a home, we are one of the many who enjoy a similar view – so every morning we wake up and pinch one another! What’s nice about the Okanagan is that while you find homes that are this ostentatious, you find so many quaint, cozy cottages, too. 🙂

  13. michele@hellolovelyinc said,

    omg the kitchen. the library nook! and you articulated it so well: you can be a perfectionist but you’ll have to stop breathing. i completely relate to this. perfectionist sounds better than beyotch but that is exactly what it is sometimes. i love order but not at any cost. i like breathing.

    love to you, mama.


  14. Lana Waller said,

    Kelowna is beautiful, they have great wineries and tours. The lake is beautiful, weather is great. I sure would move there to live in that house. I don’t have any small kids, but someday hope to have grandchildren who would love the slide and playroom.

  15. Kathy said,

    Is this the US Okanagan? I know I have been up there to Omak as well, such a beautiful area and a great stampede I hear..my favorite room (and it’s hard to pick a favorite) might have to be that pool area, or maybe the master bath…very nice post as usual

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