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Have you driven somewhere and saw a house so beautiful that you really wished you could take a look inside? This is one of those homes! A place like this has a real presence to it. It gets your full attention and makes you wish you could know a little more about it.

So, come on… I have the “keys” to this one. Let’s have a peek inside this beautiful farmhouse.


Have you ever dreamed of living in a place where you only have trees, animals, and beautiful views? This place is the kind of place that makes you jump early out of the bed, prepare a cup of coffee and open the door just to hear the quiet world starting to wake up.

Living Room

Inside you’ll find a very calming atmosphere as well. Nothing too loud, nothing too bright. Calmness and style.


A beautiful fireplace that can warm you up on a chilly day.

Dining Room

Homemade food tastes even better in a rustic dining setting such as this one.


A kitchen with clean lines and plenty of counter space makes cooking even more fun and adventurous.


What’s not to love about exposed walls?

Foxy Bedroom

Wild… 🙂

I really like the beautiful chandelier and the tub.

Sweet Dreams

This is a very charming bedroom.


It wouldn’t be hard to feel serene with this soft color pallete.

Secret Recipe

Moment of happiness: Fill up one of these and soak for hours.


Ideal linens for me are crisp white and soft as can be.

Freshly Fresh

Beautiful, clean and bright. A bathroom should always have these qualities.

Black Loves White

The exposed walls and beams bring interest to any room.


I can just picture myself having a bedroom like this as a kid, and yes, I’d try to climb those beams. I couldn’t stop exploring my world.

The Back

What a beautiful home!

Home Sweet Home

You fall in love with this home from any angle.


Life is as profound as we choose to make it. Life is never irrelevant if we make the choices that are spoken through our hearts.

Little Pond

Could you live in a place like this?

There’s something inexplicable about being closer to nature. I’m not sure if this happens to everyone and I know that many people are as scared as I am of certain creatures we find in grassy fields (have I told you I’m always scared of bugs and such?). But I know that I need to be around nature, I need to see the trees and hear the birds. We take this for granted and many times we don’t appreciate or even try to be a in a more peaceful place. I think it’s really important to get away from all the noise around us and just hear the silence of nature. If we did it more often, maybe we could find a more balanced and less stressed kind of life.

Now, tell me… Did you have a fun Easter? I hope you could celebrate it as much as you’ve planned. Thank you for each and every one of you that dropped by to send me a comment wishing us a Happy Easter. It meant so much to me!

I hope we can share this week together. I’ve been working on some interesting posts and I hope you drop by every day to take a look.

Have a blessed week!


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18 Comments to 'Rustic Farmhouse'

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  1. SizzleandZoom said,

    Yes Yes I could live here. Love the beams and the exposed rock. I would make that the master. It is
    beautiful inside and out. I had a nice Easter with family. I hope you did, too.

  2. Rachel said,

    Like the house, but would love to see a few splashes of color!

  3. Claudia said,

    Oh my gosh, this is gorgeous! I would SO live here!

  4. classiccasualhome.com said,

    I like what you said about getting up early and throwing open the doors… what a beautiful place with the rustic beams and stonework.

  5. Greet said,

    Hi Luciane,
    I hope you have had a wonderful Easter!
    This farmhouse is a dream house!! Love the colorpalette and the serenity of all the rooms! I could live in it!! Thank you for sharing my friend!

  6. Kristin said,

    Yeeeees, I can, Luciane! What a beautiful location! I would definitely love to live there!! I sure hope you have had a wonderful Easter!!! Have a lovely day 🙂 🙂

    x Kristin


    Hello Lucieane Hope you didnt eat toooo many eggs xx I could move in to this NOW it looks like Wales or Lancashire// where ive just been! where is it please haviung a bath in the bedroom is perfect for me Lots of love to you fay xxx

  8. The enchanted home said,

    YES I could! This is wonderful….so peaceful, calming and such a wonderfully elegant, rustic place…love all the soft monochromatic colors used. Very tastefully done. Thank you for shariing…hope you had a wonderful Easter!!

  9. Tereza said,

    Oi, Luciane!
    Se eu conseguiria viver num lugar como estes? É claro que sim, sem sombra de dúvida.
    Uma vez por semana viria para a cidade grande para usufruir um pouco da poluição e depois voltaria para o meu endereço no Paraíso.
    Minha Páscoa foi ótima, com a família reunida e a sua?

  10. Kate @ Travelmoon said,

    That looks like the ideal location, and I love how the interiors reflect the locale too! So peaceful!

  11. Lyn said,

    Love this home and the views. Luciane, is that a real fox on the bed?

  12. Achados de Decoração said,

    Oi Lu! Nossa, menina! fiquei preocupada com você, sabia? Já está curada? Ficar doente qdo se está grávida é terrível, né? afinal, não se pode consumir quase nenhum medicamento…aiai Minhas férias foram ótimas, obrigada! E sua Páscoa? beijos

  13. Marianne {Style For Living} said,

    This would make a fantastic weekend home. Picture perfect and so serene. Not sure about the tub next to the bed, but the rest is a dream! Hope you had a lovely Easter.

  14. Tiffany @ Savor Home said,

    Absolutely gorgeous. I love the neutral colors. I want to go there right now and take a long bath in that bathtub and take a few steps to the bed and have a long nap. Dreamy. Hope you had a great Easter weekend!

  15. designchic said,

    So glad you had the “keys” to this one…the outside is equally as amazing as the inside…love it!! So hope you and your beautiful family had a great Easter and your morning sickness is getting better!

  16. Sherri @ Inside Out Design said,

    I would sure like to visit for a little R&R. What a beautiful place! Thanks for your comments today Luciane, my daughter is doing great … feeling good and starting to see more of a ‘baby bump’. She should find out the sex in a week or so. Are you feeling any better???

  17. Ann said,

    THat is seriously gorgeous…
    I love the rustic and elegant style,
    and oh the outdoors are amazing ♥

  18. PriscilaPetersDecor said,

    Incredible! What a stunning home. Is that a fox on the bed? So cute. And I agree, the chandelier is dreamy.

    I hope you had a relaxing Easter.

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