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This place is like a fairy tale, it’s almost unreal. If you’re thinking it’s located in Italy, I must say that’s incorrect. Villa SunTerra, as it’s called is located in Santa Ynez, California. What really got my attention is the authenticity of this place and how beautifully it’s done.

I think I deserve a glass of wine after seeing this house! Cheers!


You can tell so much about a house by looking at its entrance.

Living Room

This feels like it’s straight from a movie! So pretty!

Living & Dining

The dining room in the back is absolutely gorgeous!

Master Bedroom

I love the beams and how rustic they are.

Master Bathroom

A fireplace by your bath is something very, very chic.

Guest Bedroom

Adding delicate bedding creates good harmony with the furniture in this bedroom.


Are you ready for some sunshine? This is simply amazing! Look at the views!

Take a Look

What do you think about the architecture of this house?


It’s like being in Tuscany.

Al Fresco

Can you imagine sitting here and having your breakfast while you read a newspaper? Wow!

Have a very calming, relaxing and fun weekend! 🙂


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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Source: Central Coast Winery Estates.

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29 Comments to 'Rustic Villa'

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  1. sarah said,

    Wow what an amazing place, its utterly gorgeous

  2. Hello Sarah,

    Thank you for your comments! It’s great to have you here.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  3. Jeanette Van Wicklen said,

    This is going into my “noteworthy homes” file….LOVE, LOVE it!!!
    Thx for sharing!!

  4. Hello, Jeanette!

    I’m glad you like it!

    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  5. Jeanette Van Wicklen said,

    i also love the water decanter in the master bathroom….and the guest room with balcony!!!

  6. Michele said,

    shut it shut it shut it up.

    how am i supposed to get any writing done today?

    all that luscious stone. in lust with this one, L.!

    have a great weekend.


  7. Danielle Oakey Interiors said,

    This home is amazing. breakfast on the patio, yes please!

  8. Cole@LavishProperty said,

    One word – charm. I love it! Looks like a place in the Italian countryside.

  9. Nichole@40daysof said,

    Both the house and the setting had me fooled. 🙂

  10. Sharon said,

    Kudos to you once again Luciane!!! This is amazing. Definitely looks like a villa in Italy! Actually, I was trying to plan a trip to Italy in September; hope everything works out budget-wise. These pictures have given me a new incentive! Sorry, didn’t send you the photos of my bedroom for your input, it’s not photo ready yet. I’m working on it!

  11. quintessence said,

    Luciane – this is one of my favorite homes you’ve featured. So beautiful and yes, you’re right, I was surprised it was in California.

  12. Kristin said,

    Oh yes, I think I deserve a glass of wine too after looking at this! It sure looks Italian…and remains me of Italy! So charming! Wishing you a beautiful weekend, Luciane 🙂 🙂

  13. PriscilaPetersDecor said,

    Isn’t Italy a perfect place?? That villa is stunning! So much space and personality!
    Have a beautiful weekend.

  14. Splendid Sass said,

    This home is absolutely stunning. I especially love the fireplace in the bath and the view from the bedroom.
    I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, friend. It has been a crazy week for me, so I intend on resting a little myself.

  15. Anna Elder said,

    oh my gosh, please please please!! this is stunning. i love the beams inside. i want those in my house!!

  16. Irene Turner said,

    Love the architecture, truly stunning. I must say though, that I hope the wicker is temporary until they get the real furniture. It really doesn’t fit the building!
    You do find the best visuals Luciane! Have a great week end

  17. Donnie said,

    What a beautiful post. The photos were just gorgeous.

  18. Dr Alexandra Brooks said,

    Santa Ynez is one of the few soulful places left in California. It’s still simple and authentic “Old Cali.” Love the house too.

  19. classiccasualhome.com said,

    wow…is this for rent?
    Mary Ann


    Buongiorno Lucieane wow i love the look of the master bedroom strightout onto the breakfast table . I spy only one small picture on the wall ! I would ceratinly need some colourful artwork but ok Ill take it xxxx enjoy the wekend sweetpie xx

  21. Ines said,

    I think, it´s written in a wrong way- it should be called: Santa Ines ;-)))

    I love it- I think- it would be the perfect place for me and my family… can you see me sitting there on the terrace- my puppies are walking around – drinking coffee and dreaming , that I am in heaven…

    So- I think- I have to visit this Santa Ynes…

    A big hug, Dear-


  22. Design Elements said,

    the location and the house are wonderful, Luciane! I’m back after some days on ski buit I still have alpine daydreams 🙂 We had a fantastic vacation. Hugs to you

  23. Carolyn said,

    This is amazing! Thanks for posting. Sure looks like the real thing. Love all the stone and old beams, and the view of the mountains in the distance is the clincher.

  24. designchic said,

    How gorgeous. I could sun on the terrace forever – i’ts 22 degrees in NC Hoping you’re having a fabulous weekend, Luciane!!

  25. Tereza said,

    Casa espetacular.
    Sofrendo com um calor insuportável, lembra como são nossos verões, não lembra? Bom, imagino que esta casa com estas paredes grossas de pedra deva ser sempre fresquinha, pelo menos no verão, mantém a temperatura bem agradável.
    Beijos e bom domingo

  26. Marianne Strong said,

    Why, why, why don’t I have a villa? Or a tub by a fireplace in my bathroom?

  27. Lissette said,

    Oh my gosh, that is GORGEOUS! I want to live there.

  28. pegah said,


  29. Monique said,

    Yes it feels like Tuscany…………..there are a lot of houses like that here (I live in Tuscany on the island of Elba, Italy

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