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Do you have between $14,286–$35,715/night to spare? If you do, well, then you probably already know how lucky you are, but you can add one more reason to your list: this vacation oceanfront home! This St. Barts house can be rented and you could enjoy the sunshine and the Caribbean beach for as long as you want, or your wallet permits. This place is really amazing, even more so at this time of the year, where all I wish for is some sunshine! Appealing? Very! In every direction. The location is the main reason for the trip, in my opinion, but if you’re the kind of person where location is not all, this house would make you happy too. This 6 bedroom, 6 bathroom home is impeccable, with its ocean views, clean lined furniture and openness.

This place really makes me wish for a vacation. What about you?



Before we get inside, let me show you why I’m posting this house today! Don’t you want to go also?

Living Room

Every main room feels open to the views. They couldn’t make it any other way.


Blue & White

The decor is perfect for this beach house.


Low furniture doesn’t obstruct the views.


Don’t Shut the Shutters!

I love, love, love shutters like these ones!

The Kitchen

This island is very spacious.

Cotton White

Don’t bring a messy cook to this super white kitchen! 🙂


Although I think anyone would be a messy cook with a distracting view like that!

Dining Area

You’re probably wouldn’t go alone to this huge vacation home, right? I can imagine a big family reunion here and this table is perfect for all of your guests.

Family Room

More blue and white in the family room. Classic and loved.


I can picture myself just relaxing on these couches after a day at the beach, just enjoying the ocean breezes…

Master Bedroom

Sexy, sexy, sexy! This master bedroom is unbelievable! Take a look at that bed, ceiling, bath… yes, the list goes on!

From the Bath

Wouldn’t you feel the luckiest person while taking a bubble bath with this view?


Everything feels so free, so open, so summery. This is something I wouldn’t have at home, but can you just imagine showering with that view?


I wouldn’t get out of the bed!

Paradise Exists!

Okay, maybe I’d get out to lounge around on this balcony!


This place is stunning!

Guest Bedroom

One of the guest bedrooms. The bed feels like its floating. Beautifully done.

Red & White

Every room feels comfortable.

Bring the Kids

The kids would have fun here!


Lots of space for some serious fun!


A great place to read!

The Back

The back of the house.


Oh, this makes me miss BBQ already!


I’m loving these chairs.


This is where I want to be right now!


And after swimming, I’d want to walk on that sandy beach. We need to book a vacation here. Don’t we? (Just in case my husband is reading this!)

This is definitely not an average vacation home! And yes, with not an average price too! 🙂 (Now, I hope my husband has stopped reading already!)

How are you enjoying life lately? When I see places like this one I think I’m not enjoying it as much as I wish! LOL maybe we can plan something like this for the next summer, huh? Wouldn’t it be fantastic? Let’s keep it in mind!

Wishing you a very relaxing day to you!


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Source: The Sand Club

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12 Comments to 'St. Barts Oceanfront'

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  1. Kate said,

    oh wow! I think you just found the most perfect home I have ever seen. I have always dreamed of going to St Barts although not sure I would be able to stay here : )

    I can just imagine relaxing by that pool right now ……..

  2. Carolyn@Sweet Chaos said,

    Ahhh…. gorgeous! I would need at least a couple of weeks there though. There are too many places to relax and enjoy the views. I’d need time to spend in each fabulous spot 🙂

  3. Acquired Objects said,

    So that’s why I don’t get to go relax in places like this….lacking tens of thousands of dollars to toss away! Gorgeous place and yes I would like to go!

  4. The enchanted home said,

    Whoa…….I can feel the tropical breeze blowing..where is my pina colada? This is a house meant for some serious entertaining, crank up the salsa and you are ready for a seriuosly fun weekend!!
    Love all the white…..just breathtaking!

  5. michele@hellolovelyinc said,

    totally feelin the blue and white. send me that sunshine!


  6. classic • casual • home said,

    wow! Can I join you??? Definitely a dream vacation.

  7. Jacqueline said,

    Absolutely exquisite! I love the shutters too. This is just a beautiful property and so well appointed.

  8. Cottage Coastal Store, Inc ~ Kim said,

    Gads!!! Amazing….just love it all xo

  9. Greet said,


  10. Barbara@HausDesign said,

    TO DIE FOR. Am I the only one thinking that deck area is crying out for margaritas, chips and salsa? Wow, what an amazing house!!!

  11. Kathy said,

    i have always wondered about what it was like there after hearing so much about it…lovely!

  12. designchic said,

    What a dream…I love everything about it from the wonderful blue and white stripe rug,to the crisp, white colors, to the built in bunk beds…I love it all!!!

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