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Today is the first day of summer and I don’t see a better way to show you how excited I am besides sharing this cottage with you. When I first saw it, I felt my chin dropping and dropping and at the end of it I was wishing I was in this place. All I could say was: “I want it”! I’m not kidding. I want this cottage! I love every room, all the light and breeze feeling, all the simple furnishings, and the lifestyle.

Summer should be about this: simplicity, freshness and lightness. No stress should be allowed on a sunny summer day. Only a comfy chair, a good book, the kids running on the grassy yard, the husband preparing a light meal on the BBQ (how about some shrimp kabobs?), and for desert? Bring me some juicy and sweet watermelon.

Until then, let’s dream with this cottage…



I love those swing-chairs on this porch. I could have some ice cream there!

Shells & Stars

Expect everything to be white & light in this cottage. More summery than this? Impossible.

Craft & Work

I love that small office/craft room by the living room. The white lanterns are gorgeous.

Opening your Heart

Let the breeze in!

No Fuss

This kitchen is so perfect for a cottage. The floors are so easy to clean, it’s spacious and with a range like that, you can cook for a bunch of people. Isn’t a cottage all about that? Having the whole family together, eating delicious food and just taking it easy?

Yummy in my Tummy

You’ll see so many cute little touches around this cottage. Notice the hearts on the bag and container. Love is in the details.

More Love

I love this picture! Isn’t it sweet?

Table & Beams

Mostly of the wood in this house is very light and it looks great with all the white furniture.


I always like seeing family photos framed by the stairs. I think they always make the place feel more personal and interesting. Back & white is usually the best option.

Master Bedroom

Oh, so comfy! I love the sitting area with the white couches and the bed feels very cottage-y.


Crisp white sheets are ideal for summer nights.

Bath time

Oh, yes! You go to a cottage to relax, right?

Master Bathroom

I love this bathroom! It’s perfect!

Guest Bedroom

Isn’t that an interesting way to place your bed?


Placing your bed like this is great if you have a beautiful view to appreciate. Adding a console behind the table is the perfect finish.

Little Girls Room

What little girl wouldn’t enjoy a room like this?

Star Light, Star Bright

So cozy and cute!


I love the flags and a comfortable chair is a must for reading time and cuddling too!


Yet another beautiful room of this house.


This bathroom looks great with the light fixture and ladder, which is perfect to hang towels.

Swing Swing

More of those swing chairs. I’m in love with them.


I’d love to sit there with some good friends on a summer night.


The beach is close by, but we can always cool off in the pool.


Everything is meticulously well taken care of.

Come Play

Inside of the old garage! This is the ultimate playroom, especially because it’s away from the house. I’m just kidding!!!:-)

To the Beach

A fun place to spend every summer.

Source: 1st-option.

Now, tell me. Don’t you want this cottage, too? This place has everything to do with summer for me. I think it’s pretty much a perfectly dreamy cottage.

I want to wish you a very blessed summer. A summer that you can spend with all the people that you love and do things that can build beautiful summer memories to carry for life in your heart. I also want to thank you for spending your days here with me.

Cheers to the first day of summer! 🙂


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40 Comments to 'Summer Cottage Inspiration'

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  1. Lu, bom dia!! (aqui ainda são 9:38hs) tudo bem? querida, que post mais lindo!!!! amei! Lu, obrigada por perguntar; sim, estou bem, quase 100% já rsrs e você, tudo bem?

  2. you are the sweetest EVER!!!! with the MOST gorgeous blog EVER!!!! xo

  3. Jennifer J said,

    Wow what a beautifull house, specially the bathroom!

  4. Carolyn@Sweet Chaos said,

    I want to see their clothes closet… do they only wear white clothes, too? 🙂 Don’t get me wrong… it’s a beautiful home and I’d take it in a heartbeat. However, I have 4 boys and there’s no way I could keep up the all-white look. It’s nice to dream though! Thanks for sharing this pretty space!

  5. Kifus said,

    Ohhh drooooling so much over this house. Can’t take my eyes off! So many ideas to copy, so much inspiration. Thanks for sharing, Luciane. I want it too!

  6. michele@hellolovelyinc said,

    oh the simple gorgeousness of a beach cottage. just hearing the words soothes me. i shall keep trying to create this effect at my home without an ocean, without cozy rooms (mine are big), and without much of a budget.

    getting lots of work done here and working on my tan!



  7. Timothy said,

    Very pretty, especially the bathroom and playroom, but it could use some bright splashes of color, right?

  8. Hi Timothy,

    I agree with you. If I lived there year round, I’d definitely use more color. But I love the idea of having this vacation cottage as it is. Can you imagine how good all that white can do to someone’s mind? I think it’s very relaxing… it would be perfect to “clean up” my mind. I could feel creative in a place like this.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  9. Jennifer @ Belclaire House said,

    What gorgeous images! Perfect for summer! I’m so glad you visited my blog! Thanks for commenting, too! Your blog is fab as well!

  10. Marianne {Style For Living} said,

    I agree, Luciane. This place has summer written all over it!

  11. Sheila Zeller said,

    I love the very first image – that is what dreams are made of! After that the rest is bonus 🙂
    xo Sheila

  12. SizzleandZoom said,

    The first all white home from top to bottom I’ve seen.
    It’s amazing how well it works altho it would drive me crazy not to put a pop of orange or turquoise of even pink in the mix. I like it tho. What a surprise the beautiful pool was.

  13. Erin said,

    Goodness gracious, this is INCREDIBLE!! Just so heavenly and serene, not a worry in the world when you’re at this cottage! I especially love the outdoor spaces! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Mona Thompson said,

    When can I move in? I love every single detail. It is absolutely nothing like anything I have and i just love it. Makes me want to take my shoes off and curl up with a book or a glass of wine in any one of several places inside or out. Just fabulous. Mona

  15. Casey said,

    I love the outside of this house! It has great curb appeal. The whole white thing though, I don’t love so much. I think if they paired the white linens and sofas with darker wood and added some greener (with plants or accessories) it would have been much more cozy.

  16. Ann said,

    Thank you for visiting my blog, your lovely comment and also for leading me back here. What an incredible post and cottage. It is so peaceful…and calming. I have the white slipcovers but have trouble with my little dog and her paw marks. I am always washing them. I would love to know how to keep them looking like the ones in this cottage. Thanks for sharing such a delightful place. ~Ann

  17. Margo said,

    Like a breath of fresh sweet air – gorgeous!

  18. Lynn said,

    Where is this lovely cottage located?!

  19. designchic said,

    Well, you have really made me happy today, Luciane. This cottage is dreamy. I adore the simple, fresh color palette and the casual, relaxed feel. With all of the wonderful decor, you will love knowing that I zeroed in on the preciou long eared bunny. I’ve seen these on so many children’s beds in magazines, but can’t seem to find them to buy. The grandmother to be is really wanting one!! I bet you noticed it too – we’re both in that frame of mind. And the fun playroom…I love it all!! Glad everything is going well with you!!

  20. Rachael said,

    I love the white, Luciane! So pretty. I especially love it because it feels so peaceful among the chaos that children can bring 🙂

  21. Kathy said,

    This is dreamy and heavenly, I bet this is what heaven looks like…..I have to admit though that with every picture I was hoping for just one little itsy bitsy pop of color in the next picture…I bet it would feel serene to be encased in all white…hummm it’s got me thinking..great post girl!

  22. karen said,

    Oh, now this is the epitome of summer! I would live here in a minute, with a lot more color added, of course. If I had to build a place it would have a lot of the elements of this fabulous place!

  23. Maria Killam said,

    Wow so much white but I love it!! Great post!

  24. classiccasualhome.com said,

    So pretty and simplified. Happy summer.

  25. Sherri @ Inside Out Design said,

    Well you know I would love this one! WHITE – ahhh… so perfect and such a great post to mark the first day of summer. I sure love that little bit of blue on the door in the living room!

  26. Pepe said,

    I would love to move into this house right now! and wear a pajama or a maxi ( in white 😉 ) all day long!

  27. The enchanted home said,

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!!!!! This is what I call cottage perfection. The all white feels like a fresh spring breeze…how beauitfully done! Thanks for sharing.

  28. Rachel said,

    I Do love the home, but I have to agree with Carolyn, it is a little TOO white for me. I woudl be afraid to drink kool-aid or waer green, or heaven forbid track dirt into the house! A little more color and it would be perfect!


    what a fabulous summer retreat book me in immediately 1 AND a bath too yipeeeeeeeeeeee enjoy summer Luciene

    Love Fay xxx

  30. Cottage Coastal Store, Inc ~ Kim said,

    Just loved every bit of this! Thank you! ~ Kim

  31. Alexandra Brooks said,

    Soooo clean! I just moved into an over-furnished Victorian and I am “fluffing” it as I write this. I got rid of so much stuff to keep it simple. I find I am doing a lot of layered white shades w/some faded pastels and just a jewel tone or two where needed. I’m treating it exactly like a beach cottage so I really enjoyed today’s offering Luciane. Maybe I miss California? Ya, think? ;*}

  32. 1 Funky Woman said,

    Seriously drooling over these pictures! I could live there all year round myself!


  33. Marcela said,

    What paint colors did you use?

  34. Sue said,

    Love it! Please reveal floor color, type, and location purchased. Thank you

  35. jo said,

    the floors are reclaimed pine from a reclamation yard which has been sealed with a wash of off white watered down emulsion paint and matt acrylic varnish- they are now replaced with white oiled oak

  36. Thank you for letting us know, Jo.

    I appreciate it.


  37. Kimberley said,

    Hi! I am trying to find a white paint for the outside of my victorian farmhouse. All the whites I have tried look grey or yellow in certain lights. Can you please tell me what brand and name of the white paint you used for the outside?
    Thank you so much!

  38. Hello Kimberly.

    Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately I don’t have further information on this. Please try to contact the designer. He/she might be able to answer to your questions.

    Let me know if you need further assistance. I also offer color consultation and I would love to help you with your project.

    Have a great day!


  39. jo said,

    Hello Kimberley
    the paint on the outside is ‘sadolin superdec’ in white, hope this helps
    Jo x

  40. jo said,

    just to clarify, the wood work paint is the white sadolin superdec, the emulsion is dulux weathershield a mixture of jasmine white and pure white to achieve that pale creamy shade
    Jo x
    ps Luciane, love your page

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