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You’ll fall in love with this home even if this is not your style. I’ll tell you this, there’s nothing boring about this place! I see houses and interiors every single day and I can get bored easily with what I see. To get my full attention I need to feel the place has real personality and has something fun about it. It has to be original and have a charm that we don’t find everywhere. This house is just like that! The moment I saw it at my dear friend’s blog, “A Page of Inspiration”, I knew this one was special, so I went to check it at Interiors Magazine (which is fabulous, by the way).

This house was stunningly decorated by interior designer Lynne Scalo, who had to have fun while creating it. I especially love the fact that she incorporated the owner’s personality around the house and took the time to carefully choose every single item in this beautiful home.


Rainbow Porch

I see this porch and I smile! All of these colors and that purple ceiling makes me happy. You have to be a fun person to do this to your porch!



Spaces in this house are a mix of neutral and colorful. I love it because you can’t get tired of either. This foyer is very elegant.

Living Room

The mix of different eras of decor are wisely explored here. They work well together because all look neutral and well selected.

Dining Room

Chic and glamorous, but at the same time very inviting. The damask-esque royal blue wallpaper and the chandelier brings some luxury to this room.


Light, bright and beautiful. Not a common kitchen for a Victorian home. Oh, yes, sometimes I even forget we’re looking inside of a Victorian home!

Eating Area

So pretty and so serene! My kids would have fun with spaghetti sauce on those chairs! 😉


Master Bedroom

There’s something so sensual about blue velvet. Simply stunning headboard. Now, what do you think of this “grass” chair? Isn’t it unique?

Master Bathroom

Oh, this is it! Perfect!


Girl’s Bedroom

This bedroom was designed for the owner’s daughter. What a lucky little girl!


Dreaming Coral

So delicate and beautiful. That chair is precious!


So much charm and an impeccable garden.

I hope you have enjoyed this one! I certainly have.

Have a wonderful day, my dear friends and thank you so much for your daily visit. It’s always a pleasure having you here and it’s always great to hear from you!


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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Sources: Interiors Magazine, A page of inspiration, Design Addict Mom.

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34 Comments to 'Victorian Home By Interior Designer Lynne Scalo'

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  1. Sharon said,

    Hello Luciane! Hope all is doing well! This home is beautiful. Bold color choices on the exterior, but nicely done. Don’t know if I’d have the courage to do something like this. The interior is amazing. I’m not too keen on wallpaper though.

  2. Wow..this is amazing! I love how each room has a very distinct personality. The kitchen and dining room are dreamy…the stairhall is fabulous as well. Of course never met a front porch I didn’t love and didn’t want to linger on…this is so pretty and well done.

  3. I love Victorians–and this one is quite remarkable. I especially love that tub and stain-glass window picture–stunning!

  4. Hello,
    I’m doing well. I hope you’re fine, too.

    I live in a city full of victorian houses. Honestly, I’m not a fan, however this interior is beyond beautiful. It’s elegant, great colors, pretty furniture… love it.

  5. designchic said,

    Who would have expected this interior…it’s stunning, Luciane!! Adore the kitchen – so crisp and bright, and the girl’s room is dreamy!! Hope you are feeling well and relaxing a little- hugs to sweet baby!!

  6. michele@hellolovelyinc said,

    the rug in the living room! the window in the bath! oh so yummy.

    i went through a sort of victoriana stage years ago (remember VICTORIA magazine?) but i would not feel at home in that style any longer.

    hope this finds you happy and healthy and soaking up the sunshine. i’m heading out this very moment!

    love to you.


  7. Marianne said,

    Wow, from the outside I would not think it was my style (although lovely) but the inside blew me away! Great find! How are you feeling mama?

  8. StyleLinx said,

    Love it! & I’m not really a Victorian fan. This house is beautiful inside and out not to mention light and airy. Yes- I love the grass chair and the eating area’s lighting fixture! Everything.

  9. Miss Bee said,

    Thanks for coming to visit over at my blog. I’m returning the favor and yours is great:) I love the interior of this home! It’s such a great mix of styles, colors, and textures. Love it!

  10. Kate @ Travelmoon said,

    Love, love this home! When I read Victorian I didn’t think I would (my least favorite style) but the interior is gorgeous! That chandelier in the dining room is amazing!

  11. SizzleandZoom said,

    You are so right this a home everyone can love. I love the garden. I love the details. The purple porch ceiling, the carpet on the stairs, the chandelier in the dining room(wow), the velvet headboard and much more. Original.

  12. LLH Designs said,

    You are absolutely right about falling in love even if it’s not my style. You have some beautiful homes featured on your blog. I’m glad you stopped by my blog so I could find you!


  13. Conspicuous Style Interior Design Blog said,

    Hi Luciane! Thanks for your nice comment! I totally agree — I ADORE your blog, probably because we seem to have the same taste. This house is AMAZING!!! I’m in love with the foyer and the dining room chandelier. I never would have chosen that art for the foyer, but it is the perfect addition. I LOVE this post!

  14. Jenna said,

    Luciane~Thank you for visiting my blog and your comment. Your blog will be a lovely spot to visit for inspiration! I love this post because it reminds me of many of the homes in my neighborhood. Although most aren’t Victorian…they have the same craftsmanship and color. I think my house lost some of that during various remodels over the last 100+ years.

    Lovely blog,

  15. Claudia said,

    You know, I don’t really like Victorians, I think they’re small and dark, but this one is so gorgeous!!

  16. Michelle @ Ispirato Design said,

    Wow, Fabulous home! The stained glass backdrop in the bathroom photo is going right to a client meeting this week! It’s perfect! Great kitchen, stairwell- it’s all so very well done!

    Thanks for stopping by today and your lovely comment. Michelle

  17. Under Spanish Moss said,

    What a wonderful and eclectic home. The designer did a great job of combining many styles and elements.

  18. Amy Vermillion @ Martineau Vermillion Interior Design - The Blog said,

    What a gorgeous post! I really enjoyed every inch of this house…especially the surprise contemporary design inside. And the heart chair makes my heart sing!
    Thank you my friend,

  19. Nichole@40daysof said,

    What a find, Luciane! I have always loved the outside of Victorians, but the inside – not so much. But this one is so lovely! It’s light and bright, instead of dark and oppressive.

  20. Sherri @ Inside Out Design said,

    My favorite is the daughter’s room… I love the stencils on the wall, the color, the rug, and the pairing of the ghost chair with the ‘shabby chic’ nightstand. I wish I could just transport that whole room right into my guest room! 😉

  21. Kathysue said,

    Wow that is one colorful home and beautiful I might add!!! I thought I was brave to use cobalt on my shutters. Compared to this porch that is nothing!!! Such a gorgeous, gorgeous home,Kathysue

  22. Lilia@Intrigue and Inspire said,

    I love the exterior and it’s gorgeous colors.
    The interior appears to have been completely overhauled but I do like that they kept a lot of the features. Much more gutsy than what I would have been because it would break my heart to paint all that molding.
    I loved the dining room, the wallpaper and chandelier are well selected. I adore the lighting fixture over the dining table. The blue velvet headboard in the bedroom is a pleasant surprise and a highlight. I don’t know about that grass chair though. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Jessica said,

    Hello Luciane! I love this house and I love your blog! Thank you for stopping by 24C…it’s so nice to meet you!
    xo J~

  24. Krystal/Village said,

    wow, can’t get over how beautiful that is!

  25. Heather in Arles said,

    I grew up in a big ‘ol Victorian and so love them dearly. What I think that this house got right is the understanding that they have to live on the inside and out! A very fun, well thought out place to be. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comment–much appreciated!

  26. Frieda said,

    I love to visit your blog
    Discover nice homes

  27. classiccasualhome.com said,

    So much personality and uniqueness …love the kitchen and her bedroom! Thanks.

  28. Sheila Zeller said,

    Love the character that invites you inside – the curb appeal of this home is fantastic 🙂

  29. patio design said,

    Amazing! The designer did a great job of combining many styles and elements. I really enjoyed each creep of this house especially the surprise modern design inside. Thanks for sharing the information.

  30. Patricia Marie Kelly said,

    Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful photos. Absolutely goregous how each room combines so many different elements.

  31. Rose Taylor said,

    Wow. ….I love Victorians and this one is divine; the bath is def my favorite then that kitchen. Gotta love the heart chair , what a great designer….she nailed it!!!!!

  32. JJ Interiors said,

    I was wondering if you can tell me where that wallpaper was found, that royal blue wallpaper is just amazing. I would really appreciate it.

  33. Leslie said,

    I was wondering if you knew what colors were used on the exterior of the house.

  34. Hi don’t have this info.. I’m sorry. Feel free to contact the designer. She is very friendly and should be able to give you more details.

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