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I’m not sure why but I’ve always dreamed of living in a house with decorative window shutters. I’ve dreamed of having the shutters in the classic look: black shutters, white walls and a yellow front door.
For me, window shutters are a way to show you care about your home. Rarely do we see homes with window shutters that we don’t like, that doesn’t suit them. Outdoor window shutters always add extra charm and kerb appeal, not to mention, value to your home. When buyers are looking to purchase their next home they intend to buy the house that grabs their attention the moment they arrive. Shutters can add that welcoming feel to any style of home.
Thinking of this, I decided to research more about shutters and found out that installing them isn’t too complicated (you can always hire someone to do that), and you can choose from so many different colors. You can easily add a touch of color without having to paint the entire exterior. How great is that?!
Here are some good reasons why I believe shutters are a good decision for any home:
  1. Decorative shutters look good, add charm and enhance a property’s appearance.
  2. Plastic window shutters are substantially cheaper than having fully functional shutters installed. Unless working shutters are going to be continually used, the additional purchase cost will never be recovered. You also need the right kind of window opening for operational shutters.
  3. UPVC shutters don’t need not look like plastic. High quality plastic shutters are just beautiful and indistinguishable as real wood shutters.
  4. Hardwood shutters ‘cost the earth’ in more ways than just money as hardwoods take many years to grow. Maintenance free synthetic products are far more environmentally friendly these days than you might think. There are benefits to the environment and don’t break the bank.

Do you have any experience with decorative window shutters? I’d love to hear!


With or Without it?

Take a look at this stunning house. Can you imagine it without the shutters? Shutters can add so much to the architecture of a home.


I love when they’re added on the second floor of a house. Beautiful!

Before & After

Take a look at this “Before & After”. This is the “before”. The house seems to be missing something, it’s too bland.


The house looks happier now!By the way, I’m loving the red door.

Green Dragon

So charming!


Beauty is found in the details.


What color would you choose if you had to install shutters in your home? This red works perfectly with the brick.


Shutters can look good in any kind of house. There are many different kind of styles to choose from.

Home Sweet Home

A very charming home.

Cape Cod

Cape cods have that “home-sweet-home” feel to it thanks to its shutters.


And this is why I dream of having a white house with black shutters…

Information about decorative shutters found at: Simply Shutters.


I hope you’re having a great day, my friends!


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Posted in: Guest Posts, Home Decor

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5 Comments to 'Window Shutter Ideas'

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  1. Carolyn said,

    I have to admit that one of my architectural pet peeves is too skinny faux shutters especially on multiple windows. I think decorative shutters should only be used if when closed they would cover the window area (even though they don’t technically close), as a real operating shutter would. When we bought it, my 1920’s Cape Cod had operable louvered shutters (popular here in the south) that were in bad repair. I had custom board and batten planks with a diamond cutout made which my husband and I painted and hung. Really they were not that expensive if you use a local carpenter. They made a real difference. Personally, I would never use shutters unless they were the real thing.

  2. Gloria said,

    I have shutters on only two windows, my the windows on my porch (the front of the house) and they are synthetic, for decorative purposes only. Like you, Luciane, I just liked the look! They’ve been on there for over 25 years. At the time, my mother was not happy, saying that one should have REAL wood shutters, that are able to close. Although I heartily agreed, the synthetic ones that are just ‘put up’ are so much less expensive if one just wants it for decorative purposes. Hence, we went the cheaper route! But, if I won the lottery or something, I WOULD want real wooden shutters, that would close. 🙂

  3. Manderley said,

    I prefer the shutter windows, are beautiful. I’m loving red, yellow and orange door, so funny.


  4. Barbara@HausDesign said,

    I love the look of shutters – kind of like an exterior accessary!

  5. Kathy said,

    Love shutters, it’s like the icing on the cake!

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