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Merry Christmas

Outdoor Christmas Decor Ideas Via The White Company.


Oh, Christmas! We sure get busy, get tired and usually broke but there isn’t a better time of the year. Why, you might ask. Christmas doesn’t come simple nor cheap. But Christmas, believe it or not, continuous to spread its magic in our heart. A kind of “magic” that make us continue to cook for hours, the kind of magic that makes you go the extra mile just to find something for that someone because you know that smile will bring warmth to your heart, and the kind of magic that makes you forget about money, because what really matters right now is that everything feels and looks good, so we all can share this special day in the “perfect” way.

Christmas, my friends, is undoubtedly, a moment of everything I cited above, but we all do that just because we know, even if it’s just deep down, that Christmas is so much more than all the decor, the money and the food. Truly, Christmas is about Love — the love we have from one another, the love we feel for our family and friends, but also for the humanity.

During this Christmas, I hope you can enjoy all the beautiful gifts, the delicious food you prepared, all the wonderful decor that you spread around the house and I hope that everything is the way you planed. But don’t forget to take all of that aside for an instant and look at the people around you. Look in their eyes and show your gratitude. Show that you’re grateful for their existence, for their patience, for their presence in your life, and also for their love and for them never failing to hold your hand when you needed.

During this Christmas, celebrate unity, celebrate love, celebrate family. Forget about who is right, who is wrong. During Christmas, we forgive and we learn that life can be beautiful with its imperfections and that it doesn’t need any type of sparkles, because it has Light on its own.


  Merry Christmas, my wonderful and faithful friends. Being with you during this year was more than a Gift, was truly a Blessing!
I appreciate you and I honestly wish to you and your family lots of peace, health and guidance during 2015. May you always know what path to choose when in doubt, may you always have a hand holding yours.

with Love,

Luciane at



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Sources: The White Company via Pinterest.