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How wild is your home? Well, if you a trend follower, your house is probably in the way of getting wilder this winter. I love visiting my blog friends and while I was visiting one of my favorites blog “Acquired Objects” I couldn’t help but laugh about this post. My friend was being so honest and so funny and this gave me the idea of sharing it here with you guys today.

You can’t help but notice these strange animal feet fascination on the shelter magazines lately. You’ll find them in almost any form, size and color. What’s your favorite animal? Giraffe? Don’t worry, they’ve got one of those feet too!

Are we that bored that we need to start “inventing” ridiculous trends just to “mix” things up a bit? Can we be more creative without end up being too exotic? Or we’re at a point that the odd become “beautiful” just because the magazines are calling it “cool”?

Please, take a look and tell me if this kind of trend can make it into your home. Is “animal feet furniture” cool or fool?

Trip Over

What a gorgeous kitchen. Did they really need to go this far and add some “ugly” interest? Or is it fun for you?


Just in case you want to “dress” your guests into “dogs”.

Golden Feet

Let’s make it shine, so you don’t miss it!

Call the Vet

The legs of a scared animal. Can you picture a shaky animal when you look just at the legs? Poor thing… I mean, bench.


A classic approach to the animal kingdom. 😉

Hold On

“Please, come have some tea by my animal legged table.”


Horns? Really? Wow, just make sure to close your eyes when it’s being moved!

By the way. Do they make this chairs only for skinny people? You know I’m pregnant, right? I’d be freaking out to sit on a chair or stool with these weird legs. They don’t seem to work well with weight + gravity! 🙂

Can’t wait to hear what you think of this Cool or Fool!

Talking about being pregnant, I’m reaching the last weeks, my friends! Only 2 weeks to go! How am I feeling? Physically? Slow! How can you be fast with a baby inside of your belly, right? I’m also tired and sleeping is not an easy task. I can never really feel comfortable, even being surrounded by pillows. Emotionally? Ready! Sometimes I feel scared. Do you know when people say that after a while we tend to forget how hard is to deliver a baby? Well, all of your memory of labour comes back when you’re pregnant. You can remember that pain again! So, that’s why I’m a bit scared at times. Have that said, I also feel strong. I read once before that we need to focus on the result of the labour, not in the pain. I know, easier said than done! But I also read that we need to remember that we’re the “gate” of our child to this world. I thought it was so beautiful, and I hope to be focusing on that, besides I really can’t wait to see him, hold him. My excitement is extended by my whole family. My kids and husband are counting the days too. It’s a very special time for us and thank you for always allowing me to share it with you. 

Have a great weekend and try to relax a bit. I’ll be doing the same!


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Source: Acquired Objects.

* “Cool or Fool” happens every Friday. I’ve started this section where I post “different” and controversial things that I know some of you will love and others will not. The point is to tell us what you really think, regardless of anything. It’s a space where you speak your mind and analyze what you see. Have fun with it and laugh along the way!

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I have to say I am DEFINITELY not a fan. However, I’ve said that in the past to a lot of things than then later grew on me, like lucite chairs. I thought they were so stupid at first, and now I love them. So who knows, maybe in a few years I’ll like this (but I kind of doubt it). Taking care of yourself I hope?? xo

Oh, and I forgot to comment on your last paragraph — of COURSE you’re scared. Totally normal! But I know you’ll be just fine. It’s amazing what we can do when we have to 🙂

Hello, Lu

It looks funny to me. Not cool, neither fool.

I love your words about the baby delivery. I’m sure you’ll do just fine.
Wishing you and your family the best! Have a relaxing weekend.

For me its fool, not fonf of the look, every now and then I will see one thats OK looking but not big on it and it feels contrived and trendy to me, in 10 or 20 years I cannot send this trend standing the test of time. Hope you are feeling well Luciane!

Lu, querida! td bem? Você viu a resposta que eu lhe enviei sobre o post? bjs

What a beautiful house, but all those animal feet really put me off! Those kitchen bar stools look like they’re about to scamper off around the house – creepy!
Good luck with the last two weeks – not long until you can lie flat in bed again (bliss!).

Hey Luciane!
Those chairs are insane…they look they are going walk away from you when you sit on them…like something from Alice in Wonderland!

Good luck with the little one. I follow your blog via @operasiren too(my personal twittter), so I can’t wait to see pictures! Relax and have a great weekend!

Sorry this week it’s fool for me. Some of them give me the creeps. I would feel uncomfortable sitting in them and some look unstable.

I definitely do not like this particular animal theme. I find it creepy in a way.
Good luck with the next two weeks, don’t fret to much;remember what awaits you, after the final push,joy!

I think they are cool! As usual some are more overdone that necessary. Not terribly wild about the bench or the dog leg chairs but in the right place they are okay.
Interesting conversation pieces.

Just not sure I love them…would like every piece better with a normal leg. I’m so excited for you and know you will do amazing. Happy weekend!!

I think this trend is just that, won’t last. This I have to say if fool, didn’t like a one of them. Good luck to you in labor, it will be just fine with all your support, and the joy of that new one is worth the price of a few contractions for sure, I just can’t believe this has gone so quickly, well for us readers maybe not you.

I don’t love this in decor… nope, not for me!

I was so moved by your sharing words – you will be a rock star, and before you know it, holding precious little Matthew in your arms! I hope you can find some rest and comfort in the days to come…

Luciane, other than the lions foot, I think fool. I just can’t get accustomed to these skinny legged stools and tables. Something for everyone!
Hope you are doing well!

I knew people didn’t like this trend! It’s foolish in my opinion but I am wondering why designers thought this was good?

You’ll be fine with delivery Luciane just think of the little bundle at the end who will love you unconditionally. Since your husband should be sharing in your comfort have him give you back rubs and foot massages or try reflexology. I get reflexology for the arthritis in my knees and it works like a dream!

Try to have a woonderful weekend!

I think I’ll go with cool even though some of those are really over the top. 🙂

oi Luciane Achei bem bacana a cabra na cozinha, no geral não simpatizo muito. Mas pra falar a verdade os ambientes são tão lindos que num primeiro olhar nem repararia nos pés..rs Estas dua ultimas semanas tenho saido bastante de casa e deixado pouco tempo pras visitinhas nos blogs amigos. Como deves saber aqui estamos num feriadão e a família esta reunida, é sempre gostoso o filho em casa, adoro olhar pro homem que ele esta se tornando, é incrível ver o crescimento deles. Ahhh, agora vamos falar de vc!! este final de gravidez é mesmo muito cansativo, por mais… Read more »

Well, I think the antique subtle hoofs on old furniture is very cool. The new more stylized version is fool to me. Just a little too anatomical.

I was thinking how much my feet hurt at your stage…hope you are doing OK and resting them…putting them up. Speaking of feet…not crazy about them. Sometimes I like the claw and ball look on dining chairs though.

Take care.
Mary Ann

Cool..in moderation. Not a whole themed-houseful! But then, one of the first things that greets someone who walks in my house is an 1800’s library table with ball and claw feet. 🙂

Prayers for a comfortable last 2 weeks (or less) and smooth delivery.

Those rooms are gorgeous In Spite Of the ICKY, creepy animal feet.

just found your website, you have some great posts! I actually think that furniture with animal feet is a fun thing, when done in only one element of a room. I specially liked the kitchen stools they brought a smile to my face and I think that’s the point.

When I first saw some of these photographs in my favorite home magazine — my first thought was “I really love these animal legs pieces!”. I think they are whimsical and only want one piece in my house. I would love it for a very long time.

i wish you had the stool i saw with sheep legs and a wool cushion…THAT was a cool way to have animal legs on furniture



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