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It hasn’t been long since I found out about this incredibly talented photographer Michael Alberstat. If you don’t work in the advertisement area or for a magazine, you rarely pay attention to who was behind the camera of the beautiful homes we see. That’s why I’m always paying closer attention to the names of photographers I see, and I have to tell you, some are so good that I almost feel jealous. Oh, I so wish I could take pictures as good as some of them can (have I told you I love photography?) I feel inspired by how they register moments and some interiors. It’s not just the right light or angle, it’s about feeling the soul of the space. A really good photographer can capture that.



This rustic entrance is fantastic and the floors are great for high traffic.



Adding a beautiful chair in a large hallway always makes the space feel more welcoming.


People & Food

Gorgeous chairs.



I like the warmth of this kitchen.


Living & Eating

Gorgeous mix of different eras and elements in this space.



Simple and beautiful.



I really like the punch of red with the artwork and accessories.



I love seeing a bright accessory. It always brights up a room.



Don’t you think this space is really fun?



A big artwork like this one is great to add color in a room without having to paint the wall. Perfect solution if you rent a house.


Bright Day

Clean and modern lines can be very welcoming.



Can’t argue about how sophisticated this dining room looks.



A small space filled with happy colors.


Living Room

I’m obsessed by beautiful couches like this one. So elegant!


Purple Rain

Lovely color and chair.


Queen Bed

This bed is a piece of art for me. Love the details.



Wow! I love the books in this bathroom. I know it’s different, but how charming is this?



I don’t know if you noticed. I know it’s not Christmas time and there’s a mini Christmas tree on the side table. I’m posting this picture because I simply love the red in this bedroom. It’s so pretty. So, I hope you don’t mind the Christmas tree. 🙂


Lovely Pink

Isn’t it a perfect chair in a perfect color?



This is just for you… 🙂


Did you enjoy your weekend? Mine was fun, we finally could BBQ and I ate the best cheeseburger ever: my husband’s! 🙂

I hope you have a very blessed week and I’m so glad you’re here today.


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Source: Michael Alberstat.

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