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Like everything else in life, some interiors need to be truly seen to be understood. Meaning, you need to take some time to look at the details, at the choices that were made. Every room in this post has something unique, something special. They aren’t the usual interiors we often see around on the internet or in magazines and that’s why I’d like you to observe them.

Try to find things that grab your attention, an idea that might be interesting for your own home or maybe something new that you haven’t seen before and could use in the future.

Interior design ideas are not here to be copied but are meant to inspire. And I hope you feel inspired today.

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Dark Night

This den feels mysterious and chic.


Beautiful textures.


A very unusual design, but it works for a small space.

Butler’s Pantry

I like the mix of mirrored backsplash and marble countertop. The light fixture brings some sparkle to the space.


Circled inspired.

Dining Room

The artwork brings life to this dining room.


The opposite side feels more serious.


Isn’t it fun?


This living room has two distinctive sitting areas and it’s great when entertaining a large group of people.

Living Room

This home is full of personality.


The color palette is truly inspiring in this home.

Mustard & Gray

The mustard and gray pillows are perfect for each other. Great combo!

Dining Room

The mix of elements are very intriguing. Glamour was added with the oversized mirror, chic chandelier and stunning ceiling details.


Elegantly designed. I especially like the corner chaise and the views.

Classic & Unique

I love the classic choices with the unique tile designs. I probably would make it a little different, but I like the idea.


Use two large sofas facing each other for a cozy feel.

Dining Room

I like the idea of using two benches when using an oversized dining table.


The island is used as a table when not in use. Notice the stools surrounding it.


When everything has the same color base, it’s fun to change a little with one unique source of color.


Who wouldn’t want to be in a warm tub when looking at that view?!


Look closely: this is not an average bulk bed! This custom bunk bed are for four people and has light fixtures for each person.

Living Room

The fireplace and the views are the focal points of this room. The TV almost “disappears” into the wall and it has a sleeker look.

Dining Room

This is the kind of decor that does not compete with the architecture and views. Notice the lucite chairs and the light fixture.


Choosing the right light fixture above your island is essential to the overall look of your kitchen.


Plenty of space is offered thanks to the custom designed desk.


This eating area is very unique and it would be fantastic in an apartment. The light fixture is outstanding!


Use pendants instead of lamps to have more space on your side tables.


Isn’t this one of the most unique bedrooms ever?

Stuck in the Middle

Architecturally interesting.


Don’t be afraid to play with art and different textures.


Notice the built-in and the floating desk. I love this seamless look.


I love this reading nook. This would work in bedrooms, family rooms, dens and even at the end of a hallway.


A courtyard becomes more inviting by using vintage furniture covered in outdoor fabric.

Hug Me

A little too minimalist for my taste, but love the architecture of this room and the light fixture accentuating it.


Bring some unexpected color into your interiors. Have fun with it!


A very open bathroom. I especially like the slate wall and floors that separates the shower from the rest of the bathroom.


Rustic, sexy and inviting.


I love the idea of displaying plants like this. Great for small spaces or you also could create something similar in a patio.


What are your thoughts on this Pinterest Fuel? Did you have fun seeing all of these unique interiors? I think we could find some really great ideas here and I hope you found them to be refreshing!


Which one are you pinning today?

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All pictures from Interiors Magazine.


Thank you so much for taking the time to be here today.

Have a wonderful day, my friends!!!


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