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Hello everyone! Are you guys excited for the weekend? I am totally bored! Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty on my plate, so much work to do, my three kids to take care and piles of laundry to do. But I’m bored because it seems there’s nothing really fun to do when it’s so cold out there. I love seeing everything covered with snow, it feels peaceful, especially here that I only see trees and the frozen river from my windows. But I still miss all the “fun in the sun”, you know? So, if you have any suggestions, I’d be happy to hear… what do you do to have fun when it’s -10C?

Now, to our “Cool or Fool” of the week. Have you ever heard of “Reddit“? I was there yesterday and saw a link that made me laugh so much. This is what it said: “I went to an interior design shop today and found this. Worst taste ever!” and it linked to these two pictures. I think it’s hilarious. I mean, can you imagine going to someone’s house and see the picture above being displayed on a mantel? Would you start laughing? You know, laughter is something we can’t control sometimes, right?  And maybe that’s the reason someone would display such a thing, because they have a great sense of humor.

What about the animal “sculptures” bellow? Notice the cow’s head hung on the wall. This would work perfectly if you move to the city and want to bring the “farm” with you. Just play “Old MacDonald” on the background. Although, the gorilla would feel a bit lost. Actually, looking at his face I can tell he’s probably thinking “how did I ended up in the middle of geese, a cow’s head and  silly-looking sheep? What a destiny!”

The funny thing is, if they’re selling it, it’s because there’s people buying it… so I wonder, is it “Cool or Fool” for you?


That gorilla would scare people if placed in a garden. Think about people driving by: “Hun, I think I saw a…. never mind!” And you feel soooo silly!

Cool or Fool? 🙂

Source: imgur via Reddit


I really hope you all can have a fun weekend and I’ll try to do something interesting too. Maybe go watch a movie or try a new restaurant. I’m craving some outstanding food and a superb dessert. YUM! 

 Remember to be positive. It’s easy to feel happy, think positevly and believe when everything is going well, hard it is to keep in that path when things aren’t happening the way we want. We all have to walk in different paths in this life and some of them will have more rocks than others, but you become a better hiker if you choose to climb challenging mountains. The view keeps getting better, and even though you can feel tired in the middle of the journey, keep on walking, keep believing, keep positive. Good will always prevail.

Have a Blessed weekend.


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