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Hello guys! How are you doing today? Did you have any time for yourself during this weekend? I went to a book store and took a look at some interior design books. It’s so great to find people that really inspire you and make you see things in a new way, in a different angle.

I felt inspired again when I found out about Alisberg Parker Architects at Willow Decor. I went to their website and I spent a good amount of time just dreaming with their portfolio. Wouldn’t it be great if I could have them designing my next home? Wouldn’t it be great to have a kitchen just like that? You know… the questions and dreams that we all have when we see truly beautiful homes.

Having said that, I couldn’t just leave their website without sharing with you what I just saw. So I’ve decided to make a big cup of coffee (and pray that the kids continue being asleep) and make this post for you. I suggest you also pour yourself your favorite cup of coffee and savour these homes and interiors with me.

Pictures by: Eric Laignel.



Vamos a La Playa Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh

All Aboard!

Cloudy Skies






Enchanted Path


Game On


Like A Lady

Home Sweet Home

Knock Knock





Light & Dark





Straight Lines
Where We Eat
Between the Lights
Tree Views

Family Living:

A Place For All
Chairs For Two
Chic Elegance
Here & Now
Dreamy Playroom
Hide & Seek


We Want It
Childhood Memories
Cotton Candy
Dolce Bambina


Award Winner
Focal Point
Romantic Soul
I’m sure you also feel inspired by Alisberg Parker Architects. They’re so talented! Please, make sure to take a look at their beautiful portfolio.
Gorgeous pictures by: Eric Laignel.
I think my caffeine has worn out already. I’m getting tired and I think I’ll try to rest a little now. Thank you so much for being here today. It’s always so wonderful to know you come here every day, that you have some fun here and take this time to dream with the many beautiful places we find here in our blog.
I also want to thank everybody who has entered our giveaway. Thank you so much for participating. I can’t wait to see who will win this time. Are you excited? I love giveaways!!! If you haven’t entered yet, make sure to enter.
I hope all of you have a very blessed week, that we all can achieve all of our goals and be happy, heathy and safe.


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Source: Alisberg Parker Architects., Willow Decor.

Photos by: Eric Laignel

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18 Comments to 'Dreamy Homes & Interiors'

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  1. Hi sweetie,
    Hope you are doing well and getting some rest! These houses are all so beautiful and inspiring 🙂

  2. well it looks like you had the moment to savor your coffee and provide us with such great ideas. thank you for all you do lucianne!

  3. hi honey. i had a fabulous weekend! thanks for asking.

    omg that kid’s room is just beyond. can you imagine climbing into that little nook?

    have a wonderful week.



  4. designchic said,

    Wow…what gorgeous homes with stunning architecture. I’m such a fan of the stone house and these bathroom…amazing!! Hope you’re getting some rest…

  5. Luciane! Nice to “meet” you via Twitter! All those homes are a-m-a-z–i-n-g! #3, 4 and 5 remind me of the homes in Virginia. I lived there for several years and now live in the burbs of Vancouver. Not White Rock though {used to live there about 17 year ago} closer to the valley now 🙂 Are you still in Van?

  6. Linda in AZ * said,

    *** WHAT a MAGNIFICENT POSTING, Lucianne!!! THANKS MUCHO for taking SO MUCH TIME to put this beauty together~~~ I can guarantee you have “HAPPY READERS” from this particular blog today!!!

    As always, you… are… appreciated!!!


    Linda in AZ *

  7. There seems to be an endless supply of gorgeous homes. So much beauty. I feel so fortunate and wish everyone had enough. Didn’t mean to get all mushy…but I guess I did!

  8. Karen said,

    Timeless beauty and understated elegance! I so love this post, every picture has details that are testament to true craftsmanship. In my eyes, a home is never about its size – it is about the love that goes into finishing it!

  9. fay said,

    Good morning sausage sitting here with my George ! ( Nespresso ) what a wonderful collection of homes ,they all look elegant and inviting ( still having nightmares aboiut the CA house !) and of course the romantic bathrooms always essentil for moi ! Have a great week Hugs Fay xxx

  10. Manderley said,

    Ohhh Luciane!
    I like all them! Are beautiful images! Someday I’ll have a house like those who teach, are beautiful, large, spacious and with a big garden. They are very expensive? I do not know if I take money now in the wallet … hahaha. Someday, someday…


  11. Tereza said,

    Luciane, imagens perfeitas!
    Me encanto particularmente com as cozinhas, brancas, com grandes janelas, lindas.

  12. The word that comes to mind when I think about all these rooms is ‘elegant’, but in a warm, inviting kind of way. Each room feels like you are welcome to step inside…

    Are you ready for a great week ahead? I hope you have a wonderful one – can you believe it’s the last week of January already?

    xo Sheila

  13. How blessed do I feel right now that I had the time this morning to peruse this amazing post you put together for us today – wow Luciane! Soooo many beautiful images – I pinned a few – A couple of the bathrooms in particular and the cozy sitting room and beautiful millwork. Thank you so much for putting this all in one place – it must have taken you forever! xo Sherri

  14. Stacy said,

    What an amazing post Luciane! I bookmarked it to come back…too much eye candy or one sittings,
    xo Stacy

  15. Stacy said,

    Sorry for my typos…meant “too much eye candy for one sitting!”

  16. What a cool idea to build a walnut ( mahogany?) alcove around a pale blue bedroom’s window! And the mill-work in some of those images was gorgeous.
    : ) Valerie

  17. Calico Child said,

    I am so keeping this post they are all so gorgeous!! :))

  18. In general I am a fun of modern design and architecture. But all these houses are very beautiful. I like allmost all photos!

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