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Maintain or replace? How can you tell when it is time to get a new electric patio heater? Well, like with many other gadgets, you need to know what faults can be fixed and which will make it more cost effective to get a new heater. That being said, if you’re no electrics expert, you may choose to replace it as soon as it starts to show wear and tear, which many people do. With that in mind, we take a look at some of the common faults that electric patio heaters have and how you can fix some of them.


Blown Fuses

The very first one is a blown fuse. Many electric devices will not function without a fuse. Electric heaters are no different. Replacing the old fuse with a good one will do the trick and you will be back to enjoying the service of your patio heater until the next time. Although having a blown fuse is something very normal for electric devices, if it happens too often, then there is an underlying problem that needs fixing, or you need to look for a replacement.


Heating Element issues

Many heaters, whether patio or indoor, have what is known as the heating element. This is what distributes the heat from the wires to the output grid of the heater and eventually to the immediate environment. It can be thought as the base of the whole heating system and without it, the product you chose so carefully is as good as useless. If you are sure that there is no physical damage to the patio heater, then you should check on the connections inside. You should however be very careful so that you are not electrocuted. If you are at all unsure, then get someone trained to look at it. Most of the time the resistance of the element is the problem. Normal resistance is at 10ohms or thereabouts.


Another very obvious way to know if you need a new electric patio heater is if it has been crushed or dented. Although this kind of damage doesn’t often occur, it can happen, especially when they hit sensitive parts of your heater such as the element.


To prevent the need to purchase a new electric patio heater, you should ensure that you maintain the heater. Regular check-ups are vital, as this will ensure that all the parts are in good working condition. You should wash it with a detergent that is not too abrasive and using a soft cleaner. Clear the ventilation of the equipment using an air hose pipe, and store it in an area with no dust. You should also check to see if the lens is damaged or bent physically. If it is, align it using pliers. But if the lens is severely damaged, you may need to get another heater altogether.


Remember, if you’re looking for a new heater for your patio or indoor area, then there are plenty of great choices with companies like www.thermofilm.com.au. You can transform the look of your home with some of the great designs out there.


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Looking at these pictures and learning more about patio heaters make me wish I had it at home, especially with the cold temperatures we often get here in Canada. I am certainly keeping this in mind for future projects.

I hope you’re having a wonderful day and are able to enjoy your outdoors.

We’ll talk some more tomorrow!

with Love,

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  1. franki said,

    18 degrees…I’m wrapped in a blanket and would like to be under one of those heaters….franki

  2. Jane said,

    Luciane, I’ve commented before than I ADORE your blog/website….don’t change a thing! I wanted to comment here because I noticed that when you published advice like this, buying a home, etc there aren’t many comments. You should know that many of us enjoy these and quite frankly it’s a smart intermission from a long series of homes (which are wonderful, beautiful and greatly appreciated!!). With the valuable advice, there’s not as much emotion so not as many comments. That said, we are all better at the business of caring for our homes (and in turn our lives!). Thank you!!

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