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Hello everyone! Did you all have a good weekend? I really hope you had some time for yourself and could relax a little. My weekend was great. I did tons of laundry! 🙂 It’s incredible how much laundry a family of five uses! I also did some post research, organized some things around the house and my weekend was basically done. As I mentioned another day to a friend, it really feels like I’m fighting against time lately. Are you in the same boat? The important thing is do what we can do and try to leave the rest for another time. I also talked to my family who lives in Brazil. I talk all the time with my grandparents via skype. My grandpa, who is 93 went to learn computer skills a couple of years ago so we could see each other more often. I couldn’t feel prouder of him I constantly feel inspired by he’s strength.

Now, let’s take a look at another beautiful home! This West Vancouver Contemporary family home was built by Bradner Homes and designed by Architect Gordon Hlynsky. You can truly see how well built this house is and even though it’s a large one, the rooms still feel cozy, perfect for a family.

Take a look at it and find your favorite room!

Living Room

This is pretty much how you make a contemporary home feel warm and inviting: with earthy furnishings.

Rug Hug

The hug has a great color and brings more formality to the room.

Lovely-Me Chairs

I love seeing classic furniture with a twist. The wing chairs are stunning and a great fit for this space.

Just Breathe

Open spaces always feel so good! This home has a wonderful feel.

Dining Room

Honestly, I’m not crazy about the color of this table. It goes well with the floor, but the rug should bring more drama to the space. It’s missing some color, some contrast. What do you think?


There’s nothing better than windows or doors in a house. We need light! I especially feel this way at this time of the year where the days are shorter. These doors are not only great for natural light, but it’s also stylish.


Great choice on the chairs. I like the idea of using these chairs with the table because it’s unexpected. Notice the kitchen!

It’s Ready!

The kitchen is the highlight of this house.


It’s modern but warm. Also, notice the staircase on the left. Beautiful!


I like the contrast of the white cabinets with the dark island.


It would be fun to cook here. Everything feels so sleek and simple. Uncomplicated lines.

Family Room

Another modern space warmed up with a nice rug. I really like the furnishings and the built-ins. Gorgeous lamp!

Powder Room

You notice the high quality of the materials in this house.

Master Bedroom

Oh, the ceilings!


This is what I call “fresh and sophisticated”.


I could fill this up quickly! 😉


Media room in the basement.


Can you imagine how fun this space can be?!

Play, Players!

Having fun in style!

Yoga Room

I love the floor. It has a linen effect.


It doesn’t feel like a basement bathroom. I love the white walls, cabinets and stone tiles.

Summer Night

Grab a good bottle of wine and invite some friends over.

Night Light

This house is not huge as many we often see and it doesn’t feel overwhelming. The backyard is manageable and I like that. We should try to simply our lives.

Life is a Beach

The best of all? This house is just across from this gorgeous beach.

You’re My Sunshine… My Only Sunshine

This is “paradise” for me. I wish I could seat here and listen to the calm waves.

Do you feel inspired to pin??? I love seeing all the pictures you find here and share on Pinterest. It feels wonderful to know you enjoy the posts I prepare for all of you and it’s so fun to know what you think of the spaces you choose to “pin”. I love reading your thoughts on them. I also love when I see some of you pinning the “HB” logo and saying it’s your favorite blog. It simply makes my day! Thank you, guys! 🙂

Here are some pictures you have “pinned” lately. You have great taste, you know? I love all of them! Click here to see it.

I really hope all of you have a very great week and feel the blessings you constantly receive. Make sure to open your eyes and notice what is good. Focus on the good things that’s happening in your life. Nothing is perfect, but even when it seems that all is being bad, there’s always a Light that keeps shinning upon us. Put your heart into it. The more space we give to the Light to come in, the brighter our lives become.


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9 Comments to 'Inspiring Family Home'

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  1. Claudia said,

    The dinner table looks like my desk from IKEA, definitely the one piece I would change first!

  2. What a great house! Love the open kitchen! I like when kitchens have contrasting cabinets and islands. I think they definitely made a bad choice with that dining room table. LOVE that master bedroom closet and bath! I could fill that closet up really quickly too! They did an amazing job with the basement, and I really like that the space has windows.

    It’s so neat that your grandpa went to learn computer skills, and that you are able to skype with one another! I hope that you have a great week, Luciane!

  3. ana maria said,

    Luciane querida, estou aqui babando na casa!!!
    eu amei a qualidade e elegância do mobiliário, o design limpo, a base neutra. Talvez colocasse uma almofada , um um tapete um pouquinho mais colorido, mas como sou muito neutra estaria em casa, morando no paraíso. E na frente da praia? demais!

    Ando como tempo mais curto nas férias, os filhos em casa, o marido chegando mais cedo, então estou fazendo postagens mais pequenas.
    Que legal saber do seu avô sem medo do computador na idade dele! que querido!

    bjus amiga

  4. Nice house but not ultra cozy or inviting, lacks some warmth,and the ceilings look low but not sure if its the photography? I do like the openness and how bright it is. Lots of good entertaining spaces too….hope you are well and yes pinning could easily become an obsession but so far very under control over here, probably only because I have been on the comp far less than usual!
    Hope alls well!

  5. Such a beautiful home, Luciane.
    Hope that all is well with you and the family.

  6. Manderley said,

    Hi Luciane!!
    It’s a great house, of course. I like for me and my family (3 persons..hahaha) too much big for us?? Noooo, it’s perfect!!


  7. Kathy said,

    I love the comment about making more space…very good indeed. i just started pinning too and love it, glad to hear you are pinning as well!! I just love being able to get so much information instantly ..how lucky are we!

  8. Kathy said,

    Do you have a pinterest account so we can follow you? Now that would be fun pinning!

  9. Oh, that’s gorgeous! I love the identical sofas facing each other, as well as the beautiful kitchen countertops. And the closet…oh my!!

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