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Whether they are shopping for clothes or food, consumers tend to stick with what they know best and it takes something very special to peel them away from the brands, products and materials that they favor. So what is the reason behind the shift to vinyl in homes across the country?

Compared with carpet and solid wood flooring which has been in use for centuries, vinyl is a relatively modern material. Despite its recent origins, however, it has made quite a splash in the flooring market thanks to its good looks and assortment of qualities that are perfect for dealing with everyday life in busy homes.


Instant Infusion of Grandeur

Since vinyl emulates solid wood floor, it displays all the aesthetic qualities of a material that has been used in homes for centuries. There is a huge selection of wood effect luxury vinyl flooring tiles to choose from, which means you can get the exact look and feel you want for the different rooms of your home.


Dark or Light

Classic dark wood effect vinyl designs scream opulence and splendor, making them perfect for an elegant dining room or a glamorous bedroom. If you are going for a traditional rustic look or want to open up a smaller space, light colored wood might be more appropriate. Classic summer oak flooring can revive a room, giving it a fresh appearance and a new lease of life that will brighten up any room.



The great thing about vinyl is that it’s as practical as it is beautiful. Not only is vinyl flooring highly durable but it is also water resistant, making it perfect for rooms that see a lot of moisture as well as traffic; such as the bathroom and the kitchen where spillages are most likely to occur.

Some vinyl flooring offers a protective PU top later which further protects your brand new floor from wear and tear. Because they are so durable, vinyl floors often come with long warranties – up to 12 years in some cases – giving you peace of mind that you are making a worthwhile investment.

All vinyl flooring is easy to install and maintain and some ranges are noise insulated and can even be teamed with underfloor heating for the ultimate flooring experience.


Many thanks to the designer for sharing the details above.

Sources: Images by Jackson Design & Remodeling.

Vinyl flooring never looked better! I love how soft and warm it feels, and they’re almost undestroyable, which is perfect when you have kids and pets at home!

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2 Comments to 'Vinyl – Why Thousands are Choosing It'

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  1. Sheryl Spencer said,

    I used vinyl in our Carriage House as we wanted the finishings to match our house but the floors needed to stand up to a dog, a cat and riding boots straight from the barn. People think it hardwood and after 18 months, it does not have a mark. We are very pleased.


  2. Karen said,

    It is amazing how much vinyl flooring has improved! We had no choice but use it in one room that was part of the old house we added onto because the floors were too uneven for wood. Everyone thinks it’s wood. It’s a good product & very economical but wood is still my fav 😉

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