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What do you think of when you hear the words ‘interior design’? If you’re anything like me, you probably picture interior design Kelly Wearstler flouncing around an empty room, spouting words like “airy”, “minimalist” and “revolutionary”. But interior design is big business these days, and clients will expect your average tradesman to be at least on nodding terms with it. So I’ve compiled a quick bluffers guide to help you sort your ‘colonial style’ from your ‘shabby chic’. Just memorize what’s below and you’ll even fool Kelly Wearstler.


Sherwin Williams  Paint Color. Sherwin Williams SW 0037 Morris Room Gray #SherwinWilliams #SW0037 #MorrisRoomGray

{Paint Color: Sherwin Williams SW 0037 Morris Room Gray}.

 Styles are important in interior design. Nobody wants their spanking new kitchen looking the same as Mr Smith’s next door, so if you’re going to learn about interior design, you need to have some popular styles memorized and a dose of sense of humor! 😉


Kitchen Design Ideas. Off-white Kitchen Cabinet Ideas. Kitchen with off-white cabinet color. #Kitchen #OffWhiteKitchen #KitchenIdeas



 Contemporary Kitchen Design. Minimalist, warm contemporary Kitchen Design. #Kitchen #ContemporaryKitchen #MinimalistKitchenIdeas

Contemporary – Here, you will find lots of straight lines and an overall minimalist feel.

Contemporary Style

Photo source.



Contemporary Kitchen. Contemporary Industrial Kitchen Design. #ContemporaryKitchen #IndustrialKitchen #MasculineKitchen

Industrial –  Also known as “unfinished”. Industrial means the client wants to see the wiring and is happy with a grey concrete slab as a wall.  The interiors usually feel “raw” and masculine.

Bathroom. Bathroom Design. Minimalist Bathroom Design. Industrial Bathroom with steel barn door. #Bathroom #BathroomDesign #IndustrialBathroomDesign



Kitchen. Retro inspired kitchen design. Kitchen. #RetroKitchen #Kitchen

Retro – The clients love the past and its unique shapes and design.



Foyer. Foyer Design. Foyer with zebra patterned cowhide rug. #Foyer #FoyerDesign #FoyerIdeas

Gothic – Here you will find arches and points and lots of black and eccentric furnishings.



Living Room Design. Living Room Ideas. Living room with blue and white decor. #LivingRoom #LivingRoomIdeas #LivingRoomDesign #Blue/whiteDecor


 Like any trade, interior design has its own terms. Unlike most trades, however, interior design terms don’t sound straightforward and boring. If you want to master passing for an interior design expert, you’re going to have to learn to love these artsy phrases:
“Exploring your inner style” – It sounds like something a man in tights tells you on a yoga weekend, but don’t worry. Exploring your inner style just means trusting your designer’s instincts. Use it when you’re having a think.

Feng-Shui” – It means ‘wind and water’ in Chinese, but homeowners won’t thank you for giving their plumbing a once over and checking for draughts if they mention it. Basically, it means finding a way to place everything in the room to encourage Chi.

“Chi” – A term usually used with Feng-Shui. It’s an old Chinese term for positive energy, or good feelings. Placing furniture in a certain way will give you good feelings.

“Objet d’Art” – A French term for a small object with no real use except to give the owner a chance to boast about how much they paid for it. 🙂

Faux-Finish” – A term for using paint to make one surface look like another. So you might paint concrete to make it look like wood. Sort of like laminate flooring (like here), only posher.


Interior Decor. Interior Design Ideas. #HomeDecor #Homedecorideas

Pulling it Off

Hammond Wilson. Lake House. Charming Lake House. Lake House Design. #LakeHouse #LakeHouseDesign

So, you’ve got your styles and your terms, all you need now is the confidence to pull it off, and I am sure you already got that!

Hammond Wilson. Porch. Coastal Porch Ideas. #Porch #CoastalPorch

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 I hope you’re having a great Sunday! We’re home, just relaxing and soon we’ll prepare some yummy food together. Sunday is my favorite day of the week! 🙂

Talk to you guys later, my friends.

with Love,

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  1. Eli said,

    You always find the best photos – it is a pleasure to read from you.
    Enjoy your Sunday – our is almost over.

  2. Natalie said,

    Where is this house located?! It’s gorgeous!

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