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Britney Spears is moving into a new house in Hidden Hills, California. Many people are saying that Britney Spears bought this house that once was listed for $18,9000.000 and then reduced to $12,900.000, but some reports are also speculating that she’s leasing this ultra-luxurious mansion for $25.000/month. The fact is, Britney Spears is moving, and that will make some people happy (her old neighbors) and some upset (the new neighbors).

Britney Spears’ new house is big. Really big. With 9,107 square feet, 10 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms, a tennis court, swimming pool with grotto, multiple hot tubs,  two staff apartments, private guest quarters, a huge and elegant ballroom, wine cellar, chef’s kitchen, games room and I will stop here because I don’t want you to get tired, the list is long!

So, who else lives in this very private community of Hidden Hills? None other than Jennifer Lopez (to see her house click here), Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, Melissa Etheridge, the Kardashians and Lisa Marie Presley, who just sold her house there. What attract this many celebrities to this place is how private and secluded from the paparazzi it is, since this community is fully equipped with its own supermarket, restaurants and its own Starbucks (of course). So, now we know why Britney Spears chose this house.

Take a Look at Britney Spears’ New House

The house is surrounded by mature trees.

Not a Girl, Now… a Woman

It seems that Britney is transforming herself into a more elegant woman and this house is a perfect match!

Aerial View

Her house is definitely immense, but also very private.

Getting There

Gorgeous curb-appeal.


This house offers so much space indoors and outdoors.


Beautiful architecture.

Home Sweet Home

Outstanding entrance and gardens.


This is the foyer of Britney Spears’ new tudor-style Home. Do you like it?


This is very formal but it seems that the whole house is like that.

Living Room

Very formal space and I wonder if this will suit Britney’s taste.

Ample Vision

Strong colors.

Dining Room

I’m not very sure about this room. It feels too busy.



Eating Area

Very elegant.

Family Room

The decor is a bit too formal again. Gorgeous chandelier.


My opinion? Way too masculine and cluttered. I can’t picture Spears here. I hope she hires a good interior designer to lighten up this space for her.


I’m not a fan of the flooring but I like the wood paneling.

Ballroom Foyer

Having fun by the ballroom.


This house feels so big!


Is it your taste? Would like to have a ballroom like this one?


The ballroom has its own bar.


Perfect for huge parties, but I’d change the carpet for hardwood.

Just Push Play DJ

I think this space will be great for Britney. I can picture Britney with her dancers here.

Britney Spears’ New Bedroom

It seems this will be Britney’s master bedroom.

Neon Bedroom

This is a guest bedroom and can become one of her kids’, after gallons of paint, of course. I love the beautiful ceiling.

Little Boy

Perfect for a little boy.

Come Play

I’m sure Britney will have some fun time here with her kids and friends.

Tennis, Anyone?

Beautiful sunken tennis court.


Maybe Britney didn’t care much about the indoors, since the outdoor is the selling point of this property.


This pool is really stunning.

Hot Hot

Isn’t it beautiful?


Very private and quite romantic.


I’m loving seeing the gardens.


Perfect spot to relax and do yoga.

Like A Bird

This place seems to be very peaceful with all the landscaping surrounding the house and this beautiful pond.

Now, tell me… if you were Britney Spears, would you move into this house?


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Source: The Realestalker, Zimbio, Pricey Pads, Partners Trust.

35 Comments to 'Britney Spears’ New House'

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  1. JEN RAMOS said,

    Dont like this home…i dont see the purpose in having such a HUGE home…just no point at all really. Hmmm More than half of that home will probably never even be used i bet…..

  2. Lizzie said,

    I have to agree. Why in the world does ANYONE (besides the Duggers) need this much house. It’s… wow…. huge… and beyond…. my imagination.

  3. Greet said,

    Oh my! What a big house! I really don’t know if this is her taste!
    Maybe she has to redo some spaces in her style! I might think that she will replace all of the window treatments!
    I love the surroundings of her house! What a beautiful garden!
    Wishing you a nice Sunday my friend!

  4. Donnie said,

    To me this is a house and not a home. Seem very impersonal but I guess it’s what she likes. Definitely private.

  5. Sally said,

    Beautiful place, but not a family friendly home in my opinion; just can’t see kids running around on marble floors. Really like the boys bedroom, though. Aw well, the lifestyle of the rich and famous. 🙂

  6. jennie w. said,

    I had a few thoughts:

    –I hope her kids no how to swim since the pool isn’t fenced.

    –Do you think anyone has ever cooked in that kitchen?

    –As expensive as it is you’d think the owner could have paid for real cobblestones in the driveway intead of that fake-looking cement poured into a mold.

    –That house is pretty tacky and ostentatious.

  7. Sizzle and Zoom said,

    1. I’d spend the money on a house on the beach in a
    town not Malibu that doesn’t have septic tanks.
    2. The cost to maintain the grounds and the maids!
    Can you imagine? It would cut into my clothes budget.
    3. I would have to re-decorate-as you said too formal.

  8. Tereza said,

    A meu ver esta casa não tem absolutamente nada a ver com a personalidade da dona, que é bem jovem e nada clássica, pelo que podemos observar.
    Mas, como ostentação é um comportamente bastante comum das estrelas hollywoodianas, a casa está de bom tamanho.
    Beijos e um bom restinho de domingo prá você.

  9. Kathy said,

    Nope not for me at all…great post though to see how the other half live…

  10. joni webb said,

    this surprised me – it’s so traditional looking!!!! not at all what i would expect her to live in – sooo big!!!

  11. Sheila Zeller said,

    Hi Luciane! Happy Monday 🙂
    This one isn’t for me – it’s just too much and lacks that real ‘feeling’ of home and family… lots of nice features, but lacking an element of inviting warmth.
    Have a great day.
    xo Sheila

  12. Kristin said,

    The outdoor is stunning! I remember seeing her old house and it was very similar to this one inside. I think she likes that kind of interiors…but I think if I had all that money I would do like Jennifer Lopez and make it my own!!


  13. Carmie of the Single Nester said,

    Exterior lovely. Interior – like a musty old English castle.

  14. zing said,

    This writeup sort of leads people to say it’s not their tastes etc…. And I partially agree that the inside isn’t exactly what I would pick if I had it built. BUT, as different as it is, it’s also beautiful. Let’s say I could learn to like that place :-). Yes, it’s too big, but then again, imagine being such a celebrity that you stay in often because everyone recognizes you. Imagine being worth 120 million and that after you buy the house you still have 100 million left over. In that case, I WOULD want a house this big to roam around in. And that’s Britney’s situation so it makes sense for her. To me, a 5000 square foot home makes me feel like a have a little extra room to walk around in. I like a big inside. But this is supposedly 20,000 square feet? Wow. And it’s all done with expensive materials and in a super rich area making it cost more. But again, remember it’s Britney. She’s rich, and that’s why. And I doubt the stones in the driveway are cheap, pour in a mold ones, as another poster said. Everything about that place cost a lot of money.

  15. zing said,

    The more I look at it, the more amazing it is. You have to realize that due to materials used, and location, this house cost like 10 to 15 times the price of a typical home per square foot. Even the foyer is amazing and it looks like there is marble on the floors. The door ways are curved stone? One thing. All the chairs, pictures etc, will all likely be gone. She will probably put things in that are more her style. The cluttered room can be redone and even the red walls can be repainted etc. But over all, again, impressive.

  16. luis said,

    potts !!!!! que casa

  17. Marcella said,

    Don’t worry, you guys. Of course it has nothing to do with Brit. YET. Give her a few weeks, and you’ll see, the house will begin fitting magically into her lifestyle. It’s just a matter of time…

  18. Sirikit said,

    the outdoor it’s amazing, beautiful!! but indoor it’s so huge, is a so big house and I don’t think that them spend the time there…

  19. nicolas said,

    she’s going to have hmm like a thousand babies????

  20. Rafael said,

    Caraca, essa casa é fantasiosa :O

  21. Brittany B said,

    Its beautiful, so happy for her and her children. All that matters is that SHE is happy with it, do your thing girl <3

  22. ItsJosieBitch said,

    I really like it! I’m sure that after the tour, she will change the interior! At least she has something to do after the tour and Im sure it will be very exciting for her!

  23. Paulo said,

    OMG this house is very beautiful. She rented another house these days

  24. Steve said,

    I think she loves big houses because are the only places where she can be free, I mean a place where she does not feel overwhelmed by the fame and paparazzi!

  25. Christie said,

    HATE IT!!!!

    WAAY too big, expensive, and univiting. I hope her young boys can swim – no precautions around the waters. I understand she can LIVE there without leaving her house, but STILL. Good LUCK, Britney

  26. sarah lai said,

    Britney my idol, good luck hope you always good health no drugs no bad habbits, we love you always, because your my idol always pray, love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Brittany said,

    i dont like it at all, for that kind of money i ould expect modern elegance .

  28. JOHN said,

    …use yoiur cash…dont give it all to your heirs…..

  29. pegah said,

    O My GoD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Riley said,

    Did anyone else think the general rooms were kind of small?! Like the girl’s room was gorgeous, but should be her closet, not her room! The “eating area” seems fit for one person; and the kitchen seems impeccably narrow! The master bedroom – if that’s really what it is, seems like the bed was popped in there for a temporary guest. Even the boy’s room feels more like a dorm! Weird place. It’s like a million tiny rooms. So not cute.

  31. Alexa said,

    Lets be honest. The outside of the house is ugly. The inside is breathtaking. If I had that much money, I’d buy a house equally beautiful; internally and externally.

  32. majaK said,

    i don t like inside of house,its scares me

  33. Carina said,

    I stiill guess they’d be a lot of envious people, I certainly am.
    I’d like one room just for my clothing, hehe.
    The exterior is gorgeous, you just need a creative mind to enhance the interior and make it your space.

  34. Wendy Nairn said,

    Good luck to her, she has the money to afford it, Brittany obviously won’t be doing the house cleaning, she has privacy where the house is, if the house was lightened up a bit instead of all that horrible dark wood you could make the place beautiful, I love the style and the amount of rooms a space, I could make it mine.

  35. Arlinda said,

    Brittany. You have an amazing beautiful home. Awesome taste .love your music. You and your family are so beautiful. God bless you and your family.

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