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What qualifies these paints to be the best Benjamin Moore paint colors? First, as an interior designer, I feel that you need to know the room you’re working with, therefore you choose the best paint color for your space. You need to know not only what other colors will complement the paint color you’re choosing, but you also have to keep in mind how light works in the space. I am sure you have heard this before, but taking light in consideration is very important to achieve the result you’re expecting when choosing the right paint color for your room.

Now, you might ask, why Benjamin Moore and not other companies? I have tried many brands and I find that many of them are great, but I have kids at home, and I feel that Benjamin Moore is the strongest one and I will be honest, I don’t like having to paint my house too often, and I want something that lasts, and that’s why I choose BM. It usually costs more (this is the only part I don’t like!), but I see it as an investment for my home and my clients’.

Here you will find some of the most popular Benjamin Moore paint colors, complete with pictures! Some are classic paint colors and I even added some new paint colors! Also, all of the paint colors are organized by color categories under each photo. Find the best Whites, Grays, Taupe, Yellows, Blues, Browns, Greens, Orange, Reds and more!
This is the kind of post you’ll want to bookmark and come back to see whenever you feel like finding the best new Benjamin Moore paint color for your space. I hope it inspires you!


The Best Benjamin Moore Paint Colors:


Best White Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore


“White Dove OC-17”


“Simply White OC-117”


“Cloud White OC-130”


“Chantilly Lace OC-65”


“Linen White 912”


 “Snowfall White OC-118″


“Navajo White OC-95”


“Dune White 968”


“Ivory White CC-130”


“Cloud White CC-40”


“Oxford White CC-30”


“Simply White OC-117”

Best Gray Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore

“Edgecomb Gray HC-173”


“Winds Breath OC-24”


“Silver Chain 1472”


“Revere Pewter HC-172”


“Ashen Tan 996”


“Swiss Coffee OC -45”


“Stonington Gray HC-170”


“Athena 858”


classic gray oc-23

“Classic Gray OC-23”


“Gray Owl OC-52”

Best Neutral Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore

“Manchester Tan HC-81”


“Bleeker Beige HC-80”


“Muslin OC-12”


“Shaker Beige HC-45”


“Monroe Bisque HC-26”


“Putnam Ivory HC-39”

Best Blue Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore

“Beacon Gray 2128- 60”


“Silver Cloud 2129 70”


“Beach Glass 1564”


“November Skies 2128-50”


“Silver Gray 2131-60”


“Yarmouth Blue HC-150”


“Van Courtland Blue HC-145”


“Silver Mist 1619”


“Nimbus Gray 2131-50”


“Quiet Moments 1563”


Best Yellow Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore

“Lemon Sorbet 2019-60”


“Windham Cream HC-6”


“Rich Cream 2153-60″


“Desert Tan 2153-50”


“Montgomery White HC-33”


“Corinthian White OC-111”


“Mannequin Cream 2152-60”


“Philadelphia Cream HC-30”


“Waterbury Cream HC-31”


“Hawthorne Yellow HC-4”

Best Green and Turquoise Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore

“Palladian Blue HC-144


“Snow on the Mountain 1513”


“November Rain 2142-60”


“Saybrook Sage HC-114”


“Gray Mirage 2142-50”


“Nantucket Gray HC-111”


“Wythe Blue HC 143”


“Woodlawn Blue HC-147”


“Georgian Green HC-115”


 “Camouflage 2143-40”

Best Red Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore

“Deep Rose 2004-10”


“Exotic Red 2086 10”


“Caliente AF 290”


“Million Dollar Red  2003-10″


“Red 2000-10”



Paint colors look different in every room (due to lighting and other ever-changing factors) so I suggest you to test your favorite colors before buying them. Also, take in consideration that color can look fairly differently from what you see on the monitor of your computer.

Try it first, and if you love it, don’t be afraid to change your space. Color can change not only your room, but also, your mood! So, find a color that makes you happy!


 Did you find YOUR Best Benjamin Moore Paint Color here? If not, share the name of your favorite Benjamin Moore Paint Color. Let’s add it to the list! 🙂



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 Have a very blessed day, my dear friends and thank you for being here today! We’ll talk again tomorrow!

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Thanks for this. I love BM paint and have it in various colors throughout my home. On my ceilings and crown moldings I have
Benjamin Moore 1093 French White.

Wow..great post. I am bookmarking this one as a reminder of how many amazing colors are out there and I will have to share it with my readers. Great job as always Luciane, have a fabulous weekend!

Very helpful post. I’m having my foyer painted this fall & have been putting off picking a neutral (the hardest to pick imo). So thank you for putting this together – it will help a lot!

Personally I have always used Farrow & Ball paints for my home, especially as my cottage walls need to ‘breathe’ and their paints are made specifically for this. One problem with them however, you do need to use their modern emulsion, (especially in high traffic areas), or their estate type literally wipes off. Do you happen to know if BM paints could be used on old cottage walls too? I am asking as their colour ‘Van Courtland Blue’ is just the shade I am looking for my snug feature wall. Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you.

Love all the images. I am planning on painting this fall after doing a big organize and clear out. I love all the whites and grays. I love them all, great inspiration.

Great post…definitely have some of my favorites here!

Christine @ Antique Homes and Lifestyle

Great post! I love that you posted the photo with the actual paint color and number. I’ve used Dove White and Linen White a lot.

Have a great day!

I love this post! Thanks for the great advice.

I love BEnjamin Moore tranquility from their Aura line. It is a perfect grey-green and it lives up to its name, as it is in fact a color that induces calmness.

[…] of paint color is the most costly part of redecorating both interior and outdoor space. Living spaces may require […]

Gorgeous examples. Thanks for this great post!

I would love to know the colour green used in the back room in the ‘Shaker Beige’ photo. Is there anyway of finding that out?

We too are big Benjamin Moore Fans. For a serene, peaceful, soothing blue try White Satin. I’ve had it in my bedroom since we moved in 8 years ago and I still love it. I just painted a sitting room in Snowfall and did the ceiling in 75% of the White Satin.

[…]   BM Graphite Life In Grace BM Gray Mirage Source BM Graystone Source BM Kendall Charcoal Dear Lillie BM Moonshine Pure Style Home BM […]

Fantastic collection & resource! Love your site!

[…] Frank in Elle Decor  {2} Bathroom from amdolcevita {3} Butler from Elle Decor {4} Home Bunch loves it […]

Love BM paints have never used anything else, from walls to painting furniture it holds up amazing. This was a great site, I do have a question though, I live in Maine and lots of people , including myself have wood trim you never seem to put wood trim and its hard to find colors that compliment wood, would love some idea with wood trim also love Adagio fabulous color grey. Thanks again

Love all of the fantastic BM paint colors and the rooms, but I was wondering if you have posted anything about the best BM exterior paint colors? I have a very old, very tired stone and cedar shake home that needs some TLC and a fresh coat of paint!

Regarding wood trim-our whole house has wood trim (including two beamed ceilings and three rooms walls covered with wood). Benjamin Moore’s Quiet Moments looks amazing with it. The color is quite a chameleon…turns from blue to gray to green throughout the course of the day.

Forgot to mention that we get our Benjamin Moore paint color matched at Lowes since we can’t afford the ‘real’ stuff. Good idea if you love Ben’s colors but would have to go with out food for a couple days to pay for it haha. Lowes did a great job.

Great suggestions. I love Benjamin Moore SILVER FOX, and WYTHE BLUE. So nice.

Love BM paint and colors – colors used in my house – palladian blue, nosegay, Philadelphia cream and shaker beige…love them all!

I love the color SANDY HOOK GRAY. I have used it in several rooms.

I love Lennox tan. Nice neutral that really makes white trim “pop”.

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I love all of these colors so, It will be incredibly hard to choose one. I have been searching for quite some time for the right shade of turquoise and I have found two in your collection that are perfect. I also found the perfect shade of grey. Thank you so much for this post. Very helpful.

Please suggest a fresh kitchen neutral. We have cherry craftsman style cabinets and uba tuba granite. Lots of it! Hardwood floors. All girls. Leaving a yellow wheat straw color for sonething updated and neutral. Lots of bay window natural light. Wanting to lighten up the room. Cabinets and counters won’t change. Help?! Color suggestions you like.

What shade of white goes best with nimbus blue/silver mist for contrasting walls


I would love to know your go-to ceiling & trim color.

What type of paint do you suggest? Eggshell, satin, etc.

Wow, as a painting contractor I can honestly say you’ve hit the nail on the head with these Benjamin Moore paint colors.

I’ve used many of these colors over and over again and all of them came out great. Some of the most popular paint colors I’ve done are Linen White, Navajo White, Swiss Coffee, Muslin, Palladian Blue, Nantucket Grey, and Desert Tan.

Great post, keep up the good work!

I would love to see what a bedroom would look like in Benjamin Moore’s Stormy Monday.

Wonderful post!!! BM paints are the absolute best and I am currently redoing several rooms in our home and on the search for the perfect whites and greys. Our master bedroom is done in Benjamin Moore color Winter Gates. This is a favorite because it does not have blue undertones and compliments our hardwood floors and dark cherry furniture. Thank you!

Could you please recommend some cool neutral paint colors for a french country farmhouse?

Thank you

My red dining room was Benjamin Moore 1316. Every year at Halloween, a few parents accompanying their kids at the door will say “I have to ask, what is the name of that color? I see it as I pass your house at night” I even had people leave notes and one woman knocked on the door to ask.

I was wondering what color of blue & green are used in the family room area with the 1/2 windmill over the fireplace. I absolutely love the color combination and am in the middle of remodeling our open kitchen, dinning, living area and would love these colors. Any information would be awesome. I live in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming and need some pick me color! Thank you so much!

This was a nice list and it did help me. But… when I see lists like this, I always wish the designer had included the undertones in each color because they aren’t always obvious but will matter once the color is on your wall, in your light, with your furnishings.
As an example, while not always obvious from looking at a swatch, whites come in undertones of grey, brown, pink, yellow, etc. It would help enormously to have this knowledge ahead of time. Having said that, I still find this list helpful and I thank you for it.

Absolutely fantastic post! Been a fan of BM colors for years. Currently have Soft Fern throughout the home for 8 years and it looks amazing. Shaker Beige and Desert Tan are in other rooms and I love them as well. Changing curtains from red, rust, brown or white throughout the seasons doesn’t hinder me since the colors go with any combination. Expensive paint but worth every penny.

I had a friend recommend Gray Cashmere 2138-60 when I explained I wanted a color that would be like a misty morning at the beach. I would never have taken note of this color. It creates a stunning light effect that has blue, gray, and green undertones that changes a lot depending on the light. I used it in a narrow Victorian hallway. It opened the space up and made it less confining spatially. Totally encourage people to look at this color for a lovely neutral tone. I now try to base all color choices in my home upon this… Read more »
I’m curious why “Snow on the Mountain” falls under the best green and turquoise category? It’s a beautiful color but even that photo doesn’t depict it accurately, IMO. I reads far more yellow in that photo, with possibly a green undertone … but it really is an off white color to my eyes. I saw an entire cottage painted this color (interior) and it looked clean and white but not that stark white that you would equate with the typical Scandinavian style. Easy on the eyes and gorgeous. I’m pairing Snow on the Mountain with cool grey pre-existing floor tiles… Read more »

Must say you nailed it with this post !!! All the great colors of Benjamin Moore are on this list. I have used quite a number of these colors in my home.

My favorite by far are the Monroe Bisque, I recommend when friends have no idea what color to use but what a neutral. They love it- after wards. Philadelphia Cream for master bath, with customs drapes cream, yellow n gray -beautiful. All of these colors you can’t go wrong!!! Use a great roller for sure!!! Happy painting.

I used BM Jackson Tan and Brookline Beige, 8 years ago and now they don’t sell my particular paint, Regal Interior Matte Finish. What do I buy now? Still want those colors!!

I just found this post and it is fantastic. Looking for advice from others – all of the trim in our house is Navajo White and I’m looking for a great neutral to pair with it that will give some contrast. Any suggestions??? Many thanks!


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