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What makes people so attracted to barns? To be honest I am not sure if everyone feels this way but every time I see a restored barn transformed into a beautiful home I really feel inspired by the natural beauty and architecture.

It’s no different with this outstanding space. New York-based architectย Russell Groves did a tremendous job preserving the existing structure and bringing modernity to it as well. He knew how to use the height of the barn to create even more interest with dramatic Capiz-shell globe chandeliers and with gorgeous furniture, many from his own collection. The result is a rustic, yet glamorous and comfortable, setting for the whole family to enjoy.

Ready to get inspired?

Natural Beauty

This entryway feels warm yet it’s very minimal.


Gorgeous architecture and interiors.

Warm Feeling

This place has a mixture of very clean lines and soft furniture. I really like how well it works together.


Very interesting choice of furnishings but what really gets my attention is the rope around this wood beam.


I’ve mentioned before that every house should have a quiet spot. This is a perfect spot to have “me” time. ๐Ÿ™‚


I love the simplicity of this kitchen and I think it’s perfect for a space like this. The countertops along the walls are zinc, while the island is topped with Caesarstone.


This table blends perfectly with these gorgeous floors.


I like that the furniture is simple because what really matters here are those beautiful beams.

Rustic Spa

This is a gorgeous bathroom and I love all the natural elements found here, including the slate flooring.

Guest House

This beautiful and elegant guest house echoes the main elements of the main house.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this very special home. I really appreciate architects and homeowners that knows how to conserve the natural beauty of an older space. This is a great example of that.

Make sure to make of this day a very useful day. Remember to remember about yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m grateful for you being here today!


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Source: Russell Groves, Style at Home.

22 Comments to 'Modern Rustic Barn'

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  1. Wow — so charming and cozy, exceptional attention to detail. I love all of the soothing colors and natural materials they used, really does bring the outside in. Good pick!

  2. Michele said,

    crushing on this barn. that capiz light is insane! i love all the natural elements a barn offers, and is it just me? i’d just feel stronger living in a place like this where there’s architectural strength everywhere.

    sending warm sunshine to you today, L.


  3. McKenzie said,

    Ah! So obsessed with this style… wood ceiling beams get me every time ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Wow, Luciane! This is ONE BOG CHILL PILL! Would love to be there. Such coziness and beauty, and the floors are to die for!
    Have a wonderful day.

  5. Tereza said,

    Oi, Luciane!
    Pelo jeito temos o gosto em comum, dรก uma olhada na minha postagem de ontem.
    Pura arte, รฉ como defino o trabalho do arquiteto neste celeiro. Sucesso total, quem nรฃo moraria ali.

  6. PriscilaPetersDecor said,

    Lu, this barn is my dream! Stunning, beautiful and cozy! I don’t need anything else.

  7. Elizabeth@themustardceiling said,

    Wow! What a beautiful home. I love the soft neutral palette, paired with the rustic wood. Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  8. designchic said,

    How gorgeous…love the beams and the kitchen is fabulous!! Hope you’re having a great week and feeling yourself again…

  9. Maria Killam said,

    Okay now that I’ve seen this post I’m convinced that some shade of white would look the best in a renovated barn ๐Ÿ™‚ Gorgeous!

  10. Sizzle and Zoom said,

    I want the coffee table in the guest house. Too bad
    it doesn’t tell you everything at the other site.
    I love some of the furniture and the natural light and all the wood beams. It looks like you’d use a lot of heat
    in the winter but the summer would be a breeze.

  11. Simple Dwellings said,

    Great post! I absolutely love this home- it’s a perfect blend of rustic with modern, simple with chic! I love the floors throughout the home and the amazing drum light fixture above the dining table! Thanks for sharing. ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad to find your blog.

  12. Donnie said,

    How simple but elegant too.

  13. Karen said,

    Lovely, so calming, understated elegance with a pinch of rustic thrown in. Love it!

  14. Dovecote Decor said,

    You know I am hankering for a barn. Have you seen my post: The Best Farm Ever I ? Your images are beautiful, but in picture #1 there is a serious danger to children: “Don’t try this at home. There is a large gap between the steps and the rail. My friend solved this problem with re-purposing some farm wire fencing that was in storage to solve that dilemma to perfection. I’ll look for a photo.

  15. Sheila Zeller said,

    This one melted my heart! I love the stairs, the beams, the fireplace… everything. It’s just stunning… Sheila

  16. Sherri @ Inside Out Design said,

    The interior was not what I expected to see inside a barn… what a lovely surprise! I could be very happy in a home like that – It had some nice modern touches but was also very comfortable looking. Loved seeing this! xo Sherri

  17. Carol Maryott said,

    Outstanding design and photography in this post !
    Too many fabulous items to comment on. Great design in every photo.

    Thank you for this wonderful post Lucianne !

  18. Mark said,

    Great design! Love it all. I thought you’d enjoy seeing http://www.rusticinteriordesign.com .

  19. Barn Homes Blog said,

    Nice use of whites offset by the timbers throughout to create a clean yet rustic look throughout the house.

  20. Lauren said,

    I LOVE this house! I love the striped rug and blanket at the foot of the bed. I could easily live here, but I think I’d add just a touch of color, here and there. I could really see using some Pendleton fabrics here. Maybe a rug or blankets?

  21. Elizabeth said,

    One thing you can really say about the rustic barn look is that it adds character, which is hard to find in a lot of the home decor today. The pictures are certainly beautiful and clearly depict how creative and full of character you can be when it comes to rustic. It’s just homey and warm, gotta love that.

    Thanks for the great pics and ideas.


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