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People have always been visually orientated, finding inexpressible beauty in the visual arts. With the new trending painting techniques such as 3D painting, it’s possible to have an engaging artwork within your own home with a wide visual appeal. 3D painting draws the viewer’s attention into the art as few other forms of art can achieve.


A 3D Painting as a Centerpiece

As the availability of 3D paintings grow, it’s possible to find something that works as a centerpiece or main feature of an area of your home with the wide selection on offer. It can turn a dull area into the main feature of your house. Since the viewer-perceived depth is present in a 3D painting, it can give the illusion of a larger room much the same as a mirror does.

How to Choose a 3D Painting

Many 3D paintings have strong effects and one shouldn’t put something too busy in area that is meant to be tranquil and relaxing. It can however, liven up a dull area. It is common for people to look for artwork that would fit into the reception area of their house. It is important to choose a piece that conveys the right emotion if it’s the first thing people see when they enter your home.

If unsure what styles you prefer, then take your time looking at many pieces before making your decision. It should reflect the style of the home as well as the owners since it will be a part of the household.

Matching Size and Color

As with many forms of eye-grabbing art, 3D paintings need to have a balanced display area so as not to overwhelm an underwhelming section of your home. The size of the wall where you wish to display the painting needs to be balanced; too large an area with too small a painting will result in a diminished effect being produced. Similarly, if the painting is too large in proportion to the wall it is to be placed on, it can overwhelm the area. Measure the area you have free and look for paintings that can fit that area perfectly.

When you have taken the color of your interior along with the design of the room into account, you can select a matching piece that compliments those surroundings. Oftentimes, a particular painting may be the favored choice but does not match an area. This can result in either finding a new piece or changing the area to match the painting.

Where Can One Find 3D Paintings?

The internet has changed the way many businesses operate and the same can be said for paintings. It is possible for you to find work done by talented artists online. A person could shop for an online painting at Saatchi and choose a 3D painting within minutes. As more artists explore this artistic technique, a wider variety of paintings will become available, making it easier for a buyer to find something that suits their needs. Some of the best up-and-coming artists can be found online selling their work at a fair price.

With people exploring new ways to make their homes more engaging, 3D painting has found a place in modern home decor. It is a unique form of art that is still new to the home market, making it a highly favorable investment, as it is likely to become more popular as artists continue to create more engaging works of art.



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Sources: Staatchi.  Image: ©Eka Peradze

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