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Should I Remodel My Home Before Selling?

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With the buying market still somewhat sluggish, every advantage counts when it’s time to sell your home. Remodeling your home can be a high-return way to increase the total value of your home as well as distinguish it from similar homes in your area to give it a competitive edge in local listings. A few remodeling projects in particular are almost universally desired, and are solid bets to significantly improve the value of a property.


Outdoor Work

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Curb appeal is perhaps the most important aspect of a home, and properties with unimpressive or lackluster appearances are much less likely to generate interest. Fortunately, there are many relatively inexpensive ways to bolster the outward appearance of your home. A small investment can go a long way in this area, and something as simple as scheduling a regular landscaper can dramatically affect buyers’ initial impressions of any house for sale.

An outdoor deck addition can add visual interest to the outside of your home as well as provide additional space for the new owners to enjoy. Replacement siding is another relatively inexpensive way to boost the look of your property as well as provide some protection for the exterior of your home, and there are many types of low-maintenance siding that can transform the look of a home at minimal expense.


Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

Gray Kitchen Cabinet Marble Countertop. Gray Kitchen Cabinet Paint Color. Gray Kitchen with white marble countertop. Pendant Lighting is the Osborne 3 Light Lantern. #GrayKitchen #GrayKitchenCabinet #GrayKitchenWhiteMarbleCountertop

Kitchen and bath remodeling projects are some of the most effective ways to increase the value of a home for resale. These rooms make an immediate impression on a prospective buyer, as modern amenities and styles in these areas indicate a high level of polish in the rest of the home. This nearly guaranteed increase in value is why so many listings are careful to mention the updated features of a kitchen or bathroom on a property, particularly in older homes.

Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray. Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray. Benjamin Moore HC-165 Boothbay Gray. #BenjaminMooreBoothbayGray

{Paint Color: Benjamin Moore Boothbay Gray.}

When considering a remodeling project in your kitchen and bathroom for resale, be sure to keep the widest possible appeal in mind. Amenities such as wood cabinets, premium flooring, and stone countertops are sure to catch the eye of an interested buyer, and may be the factors that make your home stand out among page after page of property listings in your area.



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Having modern windows in good repair is another important aspect to the value of a home. Outdated windows can negatively impact the aesthetics of a home as well as leading to higher energy bills due to their inferior heat retention, and so while the most up to date windows may not increase the value of your home astronomically, appraisers and buyers will be quick to spot the old glass work and may place a lower value on your home as a result.


Prospective homebuyers judge properties on their special qualities, and if your home is somewhat lacking a signature touch, it may be wise to remodel before sale. While homeowners generally want to avoid making so many improvements to their home that it becomes the most expensive in the neighborhood by far, home remodeling projects are an outstanding way to add value to a property.


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