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Living Through a Major Construction or Remodeling Project

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It started out so simply: your sink was old and peeling, so you decided you wanted a new one. But the one you want doesn’t fit into the old one’s space, so you need to widen the old space. That means redoing your cabinetry and counter tops. That means that you’ll have to move your oven, since the new cabinets will overlap where it currently sits. Moving your oven means moving your electrical and gas lines. And viola! Suddenly a giant chunk of your house looks like it’s going to be gutted. And since you’re gutting the kitchen, why not put in new bathrooms?

This is how a small project becomes a major home renovation and remodel.

Big home projects like these are incredibly exciting and can make an old home feel new again. Of course, knowing that and staying sane throughout the upheaval are two different things. Here is how to make sure that your renovation and remodel go well.

How to Live Through a Major Construction or Remodeling Project

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Work with Professionals

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We’ve talked about this before. Do your research and hire only the best contractors, construction crews, and designers. The last thing you need is to have to deal with a renovation nightmare!


Consider Moving Out

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Big home projects like these can take months to complete. If possible, you can save a lot of your family’s safety by moving out while it is happening. Plan on renting a place for at least six months to avoid the astronomical prices of temporary or corporate housing units. If you can commit to a six month lease you can rent from a regular rental company for much less.

If you do move out and into an apartment or rental home, you will likely have to do a lot of downsizing to fit everybody in comfortably. This doesn’t mean that you have to get rid of all of your stuff. It just means that you should take only what you know that you will need with you to the temporary house–aka only the essentials.

If you don’t feel comfortable leaving the rest of your things unattended with people you don’t know who are working on your home, you can put it in storage. A lot of moving companies, like United Van Lines and others, have long term storage options for people who need to keep things off site and secured.


Staying On Site

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Just like if you were going to move out, it’s important to get anything you do not absolutely need to have on hand out of your house. If you’re staying on site, you can often pack these lesser needed items into a pod or storage shed that you keep on your property. This way you’ll have access to them, but they will be kept far away from the dust, dirt and other havoc that is usually wreaked during a renovation.

It’s also worth noting that, if you’re living in your home while it is being renovated, your family might wind up cooped up in different parts of the house than they are used to. You might all be cramped into a couple of bedrooms or camped out in the living room for a few weeks. And, if you’re working on the kitchen and bathrooms, showering and eating are going to be uniquely challenging.


Eating and Bathing

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Work with your designers and contractors to schedule the project so that you always have at least one working bathroom. This way you won’t have to deal with porta potties or camp showers (or showering at the gym).

For cooking–you might have to get used to grilling for a while. Hot plates and toaster ovens can also be incredibly versatile appliances if you get creative with them.


Staying Sane

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Get out of the house as much as possible. Take family trips to the park, the library, the movies. Go on day trips. Use this time as an excuse to really explore your city and your state. The less time you spend in the middle of the chaos of a renovation the more sane you will stay.



Finally, remember that renovations and remodels often take longer than you initially planned. Try to be patient and remember that someday the project will be over and, believe it or not, you might actually miss having all of those people running around you all the time! Plus, when the project is finished, you will have a beautiful and new (feeling) home to enjoy!



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