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Beautiful Architecture and Interiors


If you crave homes with beautiful architecture and original interiors, this home is for you!

Located in Charleston and designed by Solaris Inc., this home seems to be ideal in every detail. It sits on a large lot with lush landscaping by the water, its exterior is authentic and the interiors, although spacious, carry an inviting approach.

Here, you will also find a French country inspired kitchen that will amaze you. Also, you will notice a family room with an astonishing ceiling design and not to mention the master bathroom… a dream for anyone. Overall, this is the kind of home that makes you like interior design and good architecture a little more, simply because you feel how creatively this home was designed.


Beautiful Architecture and Interiors

This home has truly beautiful architecture and interiors! Note the shingles, intended entrance and pillars on the small porch.

Front Door

Isn’t this unique and inspiring? I love this front door, the curved walls on both sides and the brick flooring.

Door unit was purchased through Southern Lumber, Charleston SC.


I am loving this foyer! Great transition of flooring and curved walls.

Living Room

This living room is very original and full of great architectural details.

Note the curved drapery rods on the bow windows. Very tailored.


Beautifully designed! Great built-ins and millwork on the fireplace and ceiling.

Rug is natural jute.


Gorgeous! I am not sure how you can clean the dust from these beams, but I sure love them! :-)


The natural elements and hues found here make this room feel cozy and intimate.

Dining Room

The dining room opens to a spacious kitchen.

Dining Room Design

Wonderful built-ins and millwork. Note the wooden details on the ceiling also.

I really like the vintage dining set with the very elegant surroundings.

French Country Inspired Kitchen

This kitchen is perfect! It has personality and it doesn’t feel overwhelming in size. The island is just big enough and I like that.

Hood is made of copper.

Kitchen Cabinet

Gorgeous side by side fridge and freezer and handles.

Kitchen Backsplash

Beautiful mixed marble mini tiles backsplash.


Flooring is limestone. Also, take a look at the ceiling… I love it!

Spice it Up!

This spice cabinet is smart and a space saver!

Screened Porch

The screened porch has lovely water views and gorgeous brick floors in herringbone pattern.

Pass-Through Window

Having a pass-through window makes it easier to bring food from the kitchen to the screened porch. Isn’t it a wonderful idea?


Bringing BBQ to the next level! Note the hood, making it possible to have a BBQ in a screened porch.


Nothing was overlooked in this home. Coming from the kitchen, you will find a hallway full of timeless details and a fantastic wine room.

Wine Room Design

This wine room is easily accessible from the kitchen or dining room. Note the ceiling details.

The door was custom made for this project.

Family Room

This truly a room for the family. You can watch TV, play games, read or work on the computer.


Beautiful color palette and ceiling design.

Powder Room

The powder room is very soothing and unexpected. Love the grasscloth wallpaper.

Landing Area

The landing area is just like the rest of the house, calming and elegant.

Reading Nook

A peaceful nook to relax and dream…

Bedroom Paint Color

Paint Color in the master bedroom is a custom mixed Sherwin Williams Cashmere type paint.


The master bathroom is serene and timeless. I love the honed marble flooring. By the way, honed marble is safer than polished marble, since it’s less slippery. Either way, I always recommend bath rugs by the shower and bath.

Shower Design

Wow! Marble from top to bottom!


Gorgeous bath and marble tiles in herringbone pattern.

Tub Faucet

Classic choices.


Isn’t this bathroom beautiful? Impeccably designed. Note the beveled mirror in the archway.


  Stunning mix of marble tiles and mosaic.

Kids Bedroom

There are so many great ideas here. I like the built-in beds and the dressers.


Extra storage is always a plus, especially in kids’ bedrooms.


This bathroom feels coastal and it’s very calming. Great window and sconces.

Residential Architecture Design Ideas

This home is full of inspiration. I like the brick foundation and shingles. Very unique.


Stunning stained garage doors and lighting.

Roof Ideas

 I am crazy about slate roofing. Dreamy! Notice also the eves and copper downspouts.

Back of the House

I am a big fan of low-maintenance backyards and this one is perfect with its natural vegetation and the integration of new plants.


Forget cookie cutter houses! This home is one of a kind from beginning to the end! Don’t you agree?



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 How are you doing, my friends? Did you have time to relax during the weekend? We had a great time around the house, then went to the kids skating lessons today and we’ll be doing the same tomorrow again! :-) It can get busy some times, but they love it and I feel we should do our best to provide a good and healthy childhood to them. 

Oh, and I didn’t have time to bake with my kids (but I will do it some time during the week… can’t wait for some fresh bread!). Instead, the kids and I decided to clean the walls around the house. I know… crazy, right? But I have found many little marks of crayons and hockey sticks (yes, they run around the house w/ small hockey sticks just to drive me nuts! :-)) and no one never gets the blame. So, I got my older kids, some sponges and the three of us cleaned everything. Now, they know how hard it is to take those marks off the wall and I hope they will be more careful next time. :-)

By the way, we all felt very proud to see all the walls looking like new and they actually enjoyed “working” with me… we talked so much while doing it and I feel we actually bonded even more. 

Being a parent is like that, teaching, learning and sharing… the fun and the responsibilities.

Wishing you all a very Blessed and safe week. May we feel loved and cared.

Oh, and THANK YOU for stopping by! :-)

 with Love,


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