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Change the Look of your Home in These 4 Easy Steps

Change the Look of your Home in These 4 Easy Steps. #Furniture #HomeDecor #Interior #Tips


Have you ever been tired of your home decor but lacked the funds or the time to do something about it? You don’t need to buy all new furniture to refurbish the way your rooms look. Instead, take a few of these easy and economical steps to liven up your living space and enjoy big refreshing results.

Paint the Walls

Sherwin Williams Paint Color. Sherwin Williams SW 6766 Mariner #SherwinWilliams #SW6766 #Mariner #PaintColor

Repainting a room is the kind of task you can get done in a weekend, with just one inexpensive trip to Home Depot. With minimal hassle and only a small impact on your wallet, a new coat of paint can brighten up an entire room. If you want to introduce a daring color without it being overwhelming, or if you simply don’t have time to paint the entire room, consider painting a single accent wall. Choose a color that will complement your existing decor and bring out subtle colors you haven’t focused on before.

Another multiple color option is to paint stripes or to use stencils for great designs without resorting to wallpaper. Paint is a great way to change the feel of a room because you aren’t limited to one color — or even one color on a single wall.


Swap the Light Fixtures

Breakfast Nook Design Ideas. This breakfast nook is beautifully designed. #BreakfastNook #EatingArea #Interiors #Decor

Changing your light fixtures will take very little time, but with the right choices will change the ambiance of an entire room. If you have high ceilings, consider adding a small chandelier to your dining room, great room, or breakfast area. Your options are vast depending on your existing decor — pick something small and elegant, something luxurious, or something old-fashioned with faux candles.

Or, for a more modern feel, use a large paper lantern in place of a chandelier. Strings of small paper lanterns make beautiful accents for archways, doorways, and above beds. If you don’t want to physically replace the light fixtures in your house, add some new lamps to your rooms. You don’t have to spend a lot if you’re willing to shop around.


Add a Statement Piece

Dining Room Design. French Country Dining room. I am loving this dining room! Notice the table with marble top! #DiningRoom #FrenchInteriors #Interiors

For a bland room, a statement piece might be just the ticket to liven things up. Statement pieces add color and personality to your decor, and they can range from a bold print or painting to a unique piece of furniture or colorful area rug. If you’re working within an already complex color scheme, consider picking out a chair or a table with a funky design.

If your room operates mostly on a beige or white scale, you have the option to add bold colors and a fun design. Consider using a mirror as a wall statement piece to open up the room and brighten your lighting, as well as becoming the focus of a previously blank wall.


Spruce up the Furniture

Pillow Design Ideas. Great color combo with these colors. I want to do something similar in my house. #Pillows #Colors #Fabrics #HomeDecor

Sometimes your furniture itself is the reason your rooms need some design TLC. Reupholstering the furniture is a great way to get rid of outdated materials and patterns without buying all new furniture. Sometimes, it’s even simpler than that. You could put a slipcover over your couch that has the added benefit of being easy to wash and easy to change if you get tired of it.

New pillows on kitchen chairs give you the opportunity to introduce a fun pattern into your kitchen decor. For tired wooden furniture, consider painting it to coordinate with your new statement piece or refinishing the wood. Don’t forget about throw pillows, either. Maybe reupholstering isn’t in your budget or slipcovers aren’t your style, but you can still add accents and color to your furniture and your room with coordinated throw pillows.

Depending on how much time and money you want to spend, and how involved in the process you want to be, you can take one or all these steps to freshen your home’s interior design. Whether you want to spend a weekend painting, or simply want to purchase a statement piece and have it delivered, you don’t need to redo everything to make your decor feel like new. Spend a little time and a little money to achieve big results.


Share with us how you like to spruce your home up without spending too much money!


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