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Kitchen Flooring. Kitchen dark stained hardwood floors. Kitchen dark hardwood floors. The floors are walnut, stained in a walnut finish. Satin Poly #kitchen #floors #hardwoodfloors #Darkhardwoodfloors #walnutfloors #stainedinawalnutfinish Satin Poly Chango & Co. Jacob Snavely Photography


In many of today’s homes, the kitchen is a centerpiece of design that really defines the personality of the home. The interior design of kitchens has come a long way from bland pastels and white appliances of the past. Now, stainless steel and sleek design are much more commonplace. Whether you are remodeling a kitchen or building fresh, it’s important to carefully consider every kitchen design choice. From the backsplash to the counter tops, every choice is an opportunity.

For example, you may spend a significant portion of your time choosing a refrigerator to fit into the new space. You want something with style and appeal, but without distracting from other elements. At the same time, solid functionality is a must. It can take some research and thought to decide on the right fridge. Once you do, though, it can really bring a lot to the space.

This is one of the big challenges of designing an elegant and modern kitchen. We all want a room that looks stunningly picture perfect. At the same time, however, we want our space to be functional. Preparing meals in a cramped, poorly designed space is what we hope to avoid with good design. How can you add functionality without interfering with the overall cohesion of the room? There are a number of upgrades that fit the bill.


Add a Hidden Filter for Pristine Drinking Water

Walnut Kitchen Island. Walnut Kitchen Island stain color. Walnut Kitchen Island. Walnut Kitchen Island #WalnutKitchen #WalnutKitchenIsland Chango & Co. Jacob Snavely Photography

For those living in more rural areas far from municipal water supplies, private well water is a fact of life. Unfortunately this water is often full of minerals and metals which negatively impact its taste. A filter that fits over your kitchen tap can look unsightly.  There’s an ideal solution – an under-the-counter filter. These can remove iron from well water and improve its taste. Meanwhile, it stays completely out of sight underneath your sink. This allows you to stick with the elegant faucet you’d like to use. It’s an easy solution and an even better compromise.

Try a “Lazy Susan” to Enjoy More Functional Cabinet Space

Kitchen Cabinet Lazy Susan Storage. Kitchen Cabinet Lazy Susan Storage Ideas. This lazy susan makes efficient use of the darkest corners, and allows homeowners to shed light on stored items! Introspecs LLC. Photos by Boone Rodriguez.

Ample cabinet space is crucial for a functional kitchen. Of course, you’ll also spend a lot of time picking out the cabinet design, too. How can you get the most out of cabinets whose interior you can’t reach? Try installing a rotating tray or “Lazy Susan.” These allow you to quickly and easily reach the stored items you need. They keep more items in your cabinets, and less of them left sitting on your counter. Now you can more easily maintain a clean look in your kitchen.

Install a Pot Filler in Your Kitchen

Pot Filler. Install a Pot Filler in Your Kitchen #potfiller  Jacob Snavely Photography

Is your sink a long distance from the stove? Perhaps you dislike carrying heavy pots of water across that distance. There is actually a way to simplify this process while enhancing the design of your kitchen. How? Add a pot filler above your range. You won’t just have access to water at the stove. You can match your pot filler to the existing faucet in your kitchen. This creates a unified look between the sink and the stove. To make a good thing even better, your pot filler can be outfitted with a water filter too.

Add a Hot Water Tap to the Sink

Kitchen Faucet Ferguson Faucet by Rohl. #KitchenFaucet Kitchen Kraft.

Don’t like to wait for the kitchen tap to heat up when you want hot water? Today, more people are choosing to install a dedicated hot water line in their kitchens. These use a small electrically powered water heater to keep a reservoir ready for use. Whether you’re making tea or blanching vegetables, this is an excellent tool. Again, you can match it to other taps for a streamlined and clean overall look. In combination with a filter to remove iron from well water, it’s a real convenience.

Explore more Potential Design Choices

 Benjamin Moore Decorator's White.  Benjamin Moore Decorator's White Wall paint color.  Benjamin Moore Decorator's White. #BenjaminMooreDecoratorsWhite Chango & Co. Jacob Snavely Photography

These are just a few ideas for interesting modern additions to your kitchen. Whether you add a pot filler or a brand new water filter, think about how to put your mark on the space. There are many ways to enhance functionality without sacrificing aesthetics, and once you start using your new kitchen these little touches will make it feel just like home.


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