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Located in Whitchurch, Shropshire, United Kingdom, this is the kind of cottage that can easily make me want to book a flight to spend a romantic weekend enjoying the beauty this place has to offer.

You simply can’t help but feel enchanted the moment you see this cozy place. Everything seems to be incredibly inviting and charming.

Not only is the location beautiful but also the interiors, where everything seems to inspire romance. The cottage showcases exquisite linens and reclaimed vintage furnishings and decor.

This is truly a place where one can easily imagine taking a break from everything to make beautiful and romantic memories in this cottage.

Who would you invite to spend a weekend in this cottage with you?


Romantic Cottage

This cottage is incredibly charming, inside and out!


Rustic, with French flair.

Dining Room

The dining room is one of my favorite room in this cottage. I love the decor.


Beautiful details.


This kitchen is perfect! I love how everything is compact and practical, which is perfect for a cottage.


Lovely gray cabinets.


Everything was perfectly done in this cottage.


I like how cozy this cottage feels. It embraces you.


Who wouldn’t want to be in this place, right?

Living Room

The interiors of this cottage are very relaxed and inviting.

Coastal Touch

Lovely decor.


This bedroom is very cozy… perfect to curl up during a winter night.


Unique and inspiring.


The bathroom is also very small, but beautifully done.

Breakfast for Two

Can you picture yourself having breakfast here?


A place to enjoy the sunshine.


Naturally romantic.


To know more about this lovely cottage, please click here.


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 How are you doing today? It’s great to have you here! 🙂

I’m reading a book and, I have to confess, I haven’t read a book for about a year. I love reading, but sometimes it’s hard to find time when you have small children, work and house to take care of. I was not even finding time to read my magazines lately. But, I decided to make some time to read this book and I’m loving it!

Sometimes, no matter how busy we are, we need to take the time to do what we like, and tonight I’ll get my favorite throw and finish my book. Can’s wait for that! 😉

Enjoy your day, my friends and do something that makes you feel happy!


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3 Comments to 'Romantic Cottage'

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  1. Robyn said,

    Oh my, Luciane! That cottage is the perfect getaway for some cozy, private time. It’s inspirational. I’m definitely going to bookmark those details and check into staying there when I’m over there next. I’ll bring back pictures too! lol. Thank you – you’ve made my day.

  2. Hi I am the owner,Interior Designer and Artist of this property so so glad you like it thank you. Book with Unique Homestays.

  3. theenchantedhome said,

    Wow this is sooo well done, for such a small cottage. It is so charming and done in the best of taste, I can imagine being curled up in there during a snow storm..COZY!!

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