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When I first saw this Southern Living Showcase home at Hooked on Houses I simply fell in love with this place. This house kept coming into my mind and I decided to share it with you. As you look at this house, you imagine it to be an older house that has been renovated, but in fact this house is only one year old. The builder Jason Black of Stonecroft Homes did an amazing  job when designing and building it. This beautiful house was named the best floor plan by the Home Builders Association of Louisville. Definitely a house that can be appreciated for its craftsmanship.


A welcoming porch is essential in a house like this one.

Living Room

Not only is the architecture beautiful, but also the furniture. This color on the wall accentuates the crow-moldings.


Elegant and very welcoming. Is it just me or did they really forget to mop the floor before taking this picture? Shall we look past that and look only at the design? 😉


Nicely done. I love the cabinets!


Great space for the whole family to be together.

Dining Room

Beautiful attention to detail. I love all the windows. This house is “staged” for sale so you can tell it’s missing some furniture here, like a credenza.

Powder Room

Isn’t it pretty?


This office is perfect! I love the built-ins!

Master Bedroom

The cupola adds so much charm to this bedroom. Imagine seeing the stars while laying in bed.

Master Bathroom

Lovely flooring.

It’s really rare to see newly built houses as charming as this one and I really admire this builder for doing such a fantastic job with this home. I wish we could see more builders that cared as much.

Thank you for being here! Have a Nice Day! And don’t forget to come back tomorrow for our fun “Cool or Fool” Fridays. 🙂

Now, I’m off to volunteer at my son’s school. I have so much fun there!


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Sources:Stonecroft Homes, Hooked on Houses.


24 Comments to 'Southern Charm Home'

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  1. Ola, Lu

    This house is to die for! That dining room is breathtaking. I also love the dark floor.
    Nice post.

  2. Rachel said,

    That house is just gorgeous! I love all the soft colors and the cabinetry is amazing!

    I’m smitten with that cupola!

  3. Like a resort, so soothing and calm, a place where relaxation is easy! Love it!

  4. I love the inside. I hate how tiny the lot is.

  5. Michele said,

    such pretty elegant rooms that i would feel at home in. although i would have to get rid of some of the preciousness. when spaces start to feel dollhouse-ish, i get the itch to inject rock and roll. otherwise people feel like they have to tiptoe around.

    if you visit today, bet i’ll make your teeth ache!


  6. Claudia said,

    I love all that brick in the first shot!!! And the cupola, so dreamy, I’d love to have something like that!

    Thank you for all your kind comments, Luciane, you are very sweet and always cheer me up!

  7. SizzleandZoom said,

    I see why the floor plan won. I do like the floor plan
    the best. The first small bathroom is lovely with the
    reflection of the chandelier in the mirror. My
    favorite is the kitchen.

  8. Sheila Zeller said,

    This one’s a beauty! I love the light fixtures over the island. Yes, I think I could live here! 🙂

  9. Amy Vermillion said,

    GORGEOUS! Thanks Lucianne

  10. Sandra said,

    lovely, but what’s with the front door opening right into the living room… an award winning floor plan should have a proper entry way

  11. Hi Sandra,

    That’s a really good point!

    Have a nice day!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  12. Rachel said,

    I love the decor in this home. Cannot stop laughing about the dirty floors! I never would have noticed that!! 🙂

  13. Karen said,

    What a wonderful “new” home. I agree with you, I didn’t think you could find a new build these days with the charm of yesteryear. Though I prefer a bungalow, this two storey would be a great place for me and my old man! 😉

  14. Greet said,

    Good morning Luciane,
    The house is very special! Love the outside, with its palladian styled porch.
    I really love that dining room with the wainscott.And the bathroom is so romantic! Yes, a beautiful house! Thank you for sharing my friend!
    PS And thank you for all your nice comments on my blog.

  15. The enchanted home said,

    Wow..that really is beautifully done indeed. Its funny because I didnt’ expect it to be so spacious seeing it from the outside, I love how they kept the cohesive color palette throughout….very soothing and elegant. The kitchen, study, master bath and living room are my favorite rooms. Its all in the details…and they did a fabulous job…..

  16. Donnie said,

    Beautiful photos. The designers are sure using a lot of white it seems.

  17. Kristin said,

    Ooooooh, this house goes straight into my heart! You made me sigh!!! Could it be any more perfect?


  18. Carrie @ Hazardous Design said,

    This house has so much charm. The detailed molding and trim work kill me, it is just so gorgeous!

  19. Paula said,


    Any way to find out where the mirror above the fireplace is from? It would be great in a pair in our master bath!


  20. Robin said,

    I goggled “houses with charm” and found your blog. Loved this post and will be looking around some more!

  21. Krissy said,

    What color paint did you use & make? I Love the green! Gorgeous!!

  22. Hello Krissy.

    This is a beautiful home!

    I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I don’t know what color the builder applied here. They might be able to tell you. Please, contact them here: http://www.stonecrofthomes.net/index.html

    Thank you for your comment! 🙂


  23. Jess said,

    What is the name of this subtle, creamy toile wallpaper in the powder room??

  24. Rosa said,

    Love the open floor plan. Great house

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