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These are so much more than bathrooms, these are a place to relax and to let all the problems go far away. I think that one of the most enjoyable things to do at home is to take a long and warm bath or shower. I must say that I love to spend a good time under my shower. This might be a little personal, but I feel that I have the best ideas while I am showering! Does that happen to you? I feel it’s the moment of the day when I can organize my thoughts and my feelings. Gosh, Am I treating my shower as therapy? :-). And when it comes to bathe, I love to do it listening to calm music, sometimes Andrea Bocelli is playing, sometimes Kenny G.

I hope these pictures make you feel inspired to take a long bath or shower today and feel totally relaxed after that.

In the Shower

This photo belongs to the bathroom above and I think this is simply stunning.

In Florida

Well designed by Marjorie Shushan.


Can you picture yourself in this bath with a glass of wine? La Dolce vita!

Lionel Richie’s Bathroom

Lionel Richie might bathe himself here… wouldn’t you if you had a bath like this?


The mosaic floor is artistic in this case. By Thomas Pheasant.


A modern twist to a classic.


I love how rustic and simple this bathroom feels. Very organic.

Use It

Good use of storage and beautiful natural colors.


By adding the stars you add “a cottage by the sea” feel to this bathroom. Easy!

Right Light

Don’t forget to use beautiful light fixtures in your bathroom too.

Source: Architectural Digest, Jane Hoffman.


I know these bathrooms are pretty and many of them are perfect. Lucky are those that actually bathe in them, but if you’re like me, you love your bathroom even if it’s not a “magazine cover” and you enjoy being there as much as you would in the one of the bathrooms above. It’s great to feel inspired so we can improve what we have whenever we want, need or can, but it’s also very important to love our house simply for being our house. It’s where we live our lives and create our memories.

Enjoy your home today.


Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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36 Comments to 'Spa Inspired Bathrooms'

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  1. Ines said,

    Hi, Dear-

    I found you at Erin´s blog. I hope, it´s ok, that I added you to my blog…

    I am in love with those fabulous bathrooms… I like the one, you can look into the garden- great!

    Hugs, Ines

  2. As always – you find the best inspirational images! I think I need to go take a nice long bath and read. Is 10 am too early for wine!

  3. Cheryl said,

    Beautiful images. My next house (or bathroom reno) will have a giant soaker tub – preferrably with a view. It’s funny that you mention using the shower as therapy – I do that too. Every once a while we need a good cry just to get it out – daily stress, frustration, disappointment. I don’t dwell on these feelings so occassionally I’ll let myself have a little cry in the shower where it won’t cause my daughter any concern and then I’m over it and I feel better. My brilliant ideas usually happen when I’m washing dishes – glamorous, I know.
    Enjoy your day!

  4. I adore everything about that first bathroom! The chandelier is stunning.

  5. Rachel said,

    Oh wow. I try not to envy other people’s homes, but I will admit I am quite jealous of these bathrooms! Fabulous!

  6. All very beautiful, I especially love the reaccuring clawfoots, my favorite. For a comfortable bathroom, all you need is a large tub and shower, good views, and colors that are calm, and not too over-powering.

  7. Ines said,

    Lovely –

    I am happy, too, that you visited me and that you like my blog 🙂

    Special blogs like yours I have seperatly. Under my pictures “no awards please” you find a little lady on a pink sofa, she is reading… I called you: living with glamour 🙂

    A big hug, beautiful lady- hope, to see you soon…


  8. Erin said,

    Oh. My. Word. This is an unbelievable collection you’ve got going. And yes, the first one is right up my alley. My heart just skipped a beat! I wish I could transport myself and sit in there all day! No need to bathe or shower, just stare at everything!!! LOVE!

  9. Michele said,

    that Thomas Pheasant bath is spectacular. i am so there in that tub watching Bravo and admiring the sparkle of the mosaic floor. i do a lot of thinking in the shower too. as a writer, usually my best stuff has its roots in there.

    hope your day involves some pampering, L.! (my glamorous agenda involves a date with a mop and a smelly shaggy dog in need of grooming.)


  10. Nichole@40daysof said,

    I love them all, but I would want a housekeeper. Who am I kidding? I want a housekeeper right now! 🙂

  11. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said,

    Hi, Luciane, you always have some beautiful inspiration photos on your site, these bathrooms are just breaktaking. What a dream!

    Honestly, I just cannot keep up with all the blogs & I feel bad about that, but it’s just the truth, so that is why I can’t get by here often. It’s a time thing! 🙂

  12. Carmen Martins said,

    Oi Lu! tudo bem? que final de semana nada, menina rsrsrs eu estava trabalhando e MUITo hehehe Vc sabe que eu trabalho com Personal Stylist, né? Então, hoje tive que rodar SP inteira atrás de roupas para uma cliente. aff tô só o pó e acabei de chegar!

    Mas, fala pra mim! que banheiros são esses? Meu sonho é ter um banheiro com banheira. aiai hehe bjs

  13. Gorgeousglam said,

    Wow! Truly inspiring! I love a grand bathroom! Especially since I love to take baths! xo

  14. Donnie said,

    I kind of laughed that the one with the gorgeous mosaic floors had CNN or Fox on the TV behind. That would take the serenity away for me…;>)

  15. Amanda said,

    Oh yes! Was this post for me? LOL A spa in my own house….I don’t think you’d get me out of these bathrooms.

    Thanks for stopping by and hope you’re having a wonderful day:)

    The Cheeky Cafe

  16. Leah said,

    These are all so stunning! Take me to a spa now!


  17. Sherri @ Inside Out Design said,

    I love your collections of …. hard to call them bathrooms… grand rooms. They are all so different; something for everyone! I have been so busy I haven’t had a chance to be very ‘social’ lately… glad you reminded me to stop and say ‘hello’. I do check in your blog everyday though 😉 I never saw the Dexter episode either … I don’t have that channel and couldn’t find it on youtube – I think it is too new. My client said she’d have me over to watch it .. I just haven’t had time. Apparently it shows the front and back of her house as well as the inside. Have a wonderful day (or evening) Luciane! I really really appreciate all your comments.. you are so generous and kind. xoxxxoxo Sherri

  18. Kathy said,

    They are all drop dead gorgeous!


    OOOOOOOOOOh Luciane I LOVE my bathroom Im afriad that i Hate showers I like the intimacy of the last bathroom or the one almost outsde I CANT start the day without 5 minutes submerged in the warm water and mostly evenings too ! It doesnt need to be long, its the complete relaxation, having a GEORGE and then emerging as a new person WONDERFUL thankyou- and the table chair and mirror are all to hand THANKYOUUUUU sweetpie xxxFay

  20. classiccasualhome.com said,

    Wouldn’t it be nice to put your make-up on in the morning at that table and have a view at the same time?
    Mary Ann

  21. Dr Alexandra Brooks said,

    Really like the tub in the Cottage bath and the Paris bath overall…lovely rooms. Thanks Luciane!

  22. Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said,

    Hi Luciane, These are great inspiration pictures! I would be happy with any or all of them. I have to say that the last picture in Paris is my favorite.

    Sorry I haven’t been visiting much. Lots of stuff going on now and recovering from the flu. I’ll check back with you soon.

  23. Splendid Sass said,

    What can I say? These bathrooms are stunning, Luciane. You always find the most beautiful rooms.
    Have a wonderful Friday.

  24. Lily from Birch + Bird said,

    Wow, Luciane! What a stunning collection of luxurious bathrooms! I especially love the first one…that shower is beyond amazing! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  25. Modern Country Style said,

    Hi gorgeous,

    The bathroom is one room where I veer of my usual style a little bit. I just want glamour, glamour, glamour!!!

    Just like these amazing bathrooms. I’d love a bathroom with doors to open onto green countryside but I think I’d feel slightly papranoid about the postman popping round!!!


  26. Kathy Thacker said,

    Love these bathrooms!! I could see myself in some of these. Thanks for posting. Kathy

  27. Beate from *sunday in bed* said,

    Dear Luciane,
    thank you for your sweet words, again! 🙂 Time is running so fast and a day could have more hours at the moment. I am not *up to date* with all blogsites unfortunately.
    But I have seen your Italy-Post. This house is so adorable! If I would have a lot (a lot!) money, I would buy me a house made out of wood. I love the smell….it`s so sensuous material…*sigh* 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend, Luciane!
    Hugs, Beate 🙂

  28. Tereza said,

    Lindos demais, meus preferidos SINTA TOSCANA, RETORCIDO e WALK ON.
    Linda inspiração.

  29. mydesignchic said,

    I keep going back and studying each bathroom to decide which I love the most. They are all dreamy, but the 1st one with the juxtaposition of the vaulted rustic ceiling with the fabulous chandelier and fixtures is AMAZING!!

  30. lila Braga said,

    essa imagesn sao simpesmente lindas!!!

  31. Dana said,

    Love the second one!!! Wow wouldn’t you just feel like a queen?!! 🙂


  32. Dana said,

    ^ i mean the one by Marjorie Shushan 😉

  33. Isabel said,

    I love the stone bath with a view to the garden. Gorgeous images!

  34. Ann said,

    I love them all…
    The Tuscan Style is my fave…
    Love the view of rolling hills from my bath:)

  35. alyssa said,

    these are amazing bathrooms

  36. bathroom renovations perth said,

    Wow! These bathrooms images are fabulous . I have already seen these kind of bathrooms. But i really like these bathrooms.

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