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If you could analyze 2016, what would you would bring with you to 2017? This was a year of a lot of change for me. I lost one of the most important people in my life – my grandfather. As many of you know, I was raised by my grandparents and the word “grandparents” really mean “parents” to me. Losing my grandmother in 2014 was very hard as it was to see my grandfather leaving this year. This happened in April and although there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think and miss them I must say that time has a way to “heal” every scar.

The many good things that happened this year include those many things that we often take from granted — you know, the opportunity given to us every morning we take the first step, the food on our plate, the goodnight kisses we give to our kids, the job we have, the roof over our head. I know that all of that can’t be forgotten and taken for granted. I know these things don’t come without a reason — these are real Blessings.

I feel very Blessed for my family, for having everything we have but mostly for everything we are becoming. I see my children grow and I feel I am growing as well. I have never been so open to the lessons Life is giving me and I have realized that these lessons also come through joy and not only pain as many believe.

I have learned this year that I should never limit myself. I should dream big, think big and know that I deserve big. I know that it’s okay for me to plan a life of Prosperity and Abundance. Over the years, I’ve heard two sides — one telling me to grow and to be as big as I can be and another side telling me to be humble, to almost think small. I came to understand that you really need both parts to achieve success in any area of your life. To succeeded you need to first imagine it and while imagining it you can’t be afraid to dream big, to want big, to know you deserve to get what you want. While you imagine that you also must be humble — not small, but humble. Know that everything that comes can go. Know that all of the energy you create can be transformed if not constantly positively cultivated.

I’ve also learned that Blessings are always looking for Acceptance. Are you really open for all of the Blessings, all of the Gifts this New Year is bringing to you? I am — not because the numbers are changing on the calendar, but because I am in search for more, for better and for growth.

I know within my deep core that 2017 is going to be a year of change, a year of Prosperity and Abundance.

Be open to the Blessings this New Year is bringing to you and remember to share these Blessings with others. The more we share, the more they keep coming!

Happy New Year, my friends. This will really be a Happy one!!!


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I will be back with new posts this week! Can’t wait for that!

Talk to you soon, my friends!

with Love,

Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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Sources: Ryan Garvin Photography. AGK Design Studio.

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