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When remodeling or even building an entertainment room in your home, there will come a time when you will need to decide what type of entertainment service to subscribe to. Currently, there are several options for the savvy shopper, from streaming-only to cable, satellite, or fiber optic packages with all the bells and whistles.

Below are some of the major entertainment options available, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Cable/Fiber Optic

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The big advantage to cable and fiber optic is that you can get your internet, television, and phone through one wire, which means fewer unsightly jacks in your walls. Cable and fiber optic also offer the fastest internet speeds, which is essential for streaming media content.

Cable and fiber optic are also more flexible in terms of equipment and services.

For example, you can go with just high-speed internet and rely on streaming-only; and if you change your mind, you can easily upgrade to a television package without too much fuss. Often, a cable or fiber optic company like Verizon will offer discounts and specials for people wanting to upgrade their services. You can also look online for third-party retail deals, as well as who has the Verizon discount codes available.

It also means that if you want to upgrade equipment, such as switching from an SD DVR to HD, all you have to do is call the company and they will provide you with an upgrade. There might be a small installation fee, but the equipment upgrade is free.

The flexibility in media choices works both ways. If you determine that you would rather switch back to streaming, or make any other changes to your service, it’s usually as easy as a phone call. Also, because you don’t have a service contract, there are usually no fees for stopping or changing your service or equipment.

The final advantage is the quality and reliability of the signal. Because the signal runs along a wire, there is little risk of interference from overhanging branches, clouds, or shadows from nearby buildings.

The disadvantage that cable and fiber optic TV tend to be more expensive than satellite.

Cable and fiber optics are a good choice if you want super-fast and reliable TV and internet, no contracts, equipment flexibility, and don’t mind paying a little more for your television service.



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Satellite gives you some versatility because it can carry both data and television signals. However, you might require separate jacks in the walls, and separate satellite dishes, to get both services into your home. Satellite does not offer phone service, so you would have to subscribe to the phone company, to a cable or fiber optic provider, or rely on cellular service for your home phone needs.

The big advantage to satellite is that it is less expensive than cable or fiber optic, with packages starting in the $20 range. Satellite providers also offer specials and deals which can substantially reduce the price of higher-end packages. If the satellite company has an agreement with a local telecom provider, you can even get a bundle deal of sorts by subscribing to the satellite service through the telecom provider.

However, satellite TV and internet also has several disadvantages, the biggest of which is the unreliable signal. Satellites depend on line of sight to get a clear signal. Anything that blocks that line of sight will disrupt that signal, which is why satellite TV tends to go out during rain storms.

Another issue is that satellite internet is much slower than cable or fiber optic, and there are often monthly data limits. Once you exceed your limit for the month, the company either throttles you or cuts you off entirely. You might be able to pay extra for more data, but those costs can quickly add up. Some plans are so limited that you can easily exceed the threshold by streaming a couple of movies.

As we stated previously, satellite service also requires you to install a satellite dish onto your home, and multiple services could mean multiple dishes. Also, once the dish is installed, the company will not remove it if you cancel your services. Many satellite plans also have two-year contracts; if you cancel the service before the contract end date, you could end up paying for the remainder of the contract.

The final disadvantage is that you can’t necessarily upgrade or change your equipment easily.

For example, if you got a standard receiver box when you signed up, and then decided to upgrade to an HD DVR a year later, you could end up paying upwards of $100 for the upgraded box, and you might even need to pay an installation fee for an upgraded HD dish. The same applies if you later decide to add a box to another room.

Satellite is a good option if you live in an area where cable, fiber optic, and DSL are not available and you don’t plan to do a lot of streaming; or if you wish to subscribe to cable or fiber optic for TV and internet.



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DSL is probably the least versatile of all entertainment options. DSL only carries voice and data, which means you can only use it for phone and internet. If you want television, you will need to subscribe to a different service, which means installing more jacks, and even installing equipment on the exterior of your home.

The advantage to DSL is that it is a wired signal so it’s not subject to interference. However, the fastest DSL internet is often slower than the slowest cable or fiber optic, but can be just as expensive.

Because DSL is much slower than Cable, it makes streaming difficult, which can be problematic if you want to go streaming-only.

DSL is a good option if you cable and fiber optics aren’t available in your area, you plan to subscribe to a separate TV provider or don’t mind slow streaming times, and you don’t want the limitations or unreliability of satellite internet.


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