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As you already know I have a weakness for small and simple cottages, but I couldn’t help but fall in love with this beach cottage in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. The cottage is located close to the water and has some coastal influence. Honestly speaking, this place feels more like a year-round house, but that’s very normal for the area. What made me really like this beach cottage was how sophisticated certain rooms felt, while others were more inviting and simpler, making this a balanced and harmonious home to live in.

The formal rooms are decorated in deeper hues, making them the perfect place to entertain in style and the casual rooms show you’re close to the water with softer pallets and coastal decor.

I hope you feel inspired and enjoy seeing this beach cottage.

Beach Cottage

I’m not sure what I love more, the shoes or the decor!

Living Room

The living room feels very cozy with this dark color. To balance it, the designer added white baseboards and lighter accessories.


Tailored chairs always bring elegance to a room. I especially like how feminine and sleek these are.

Au Chocolat

Notice the high gloss paint on the walls. They add some depth and mystery to this small room.


A small accessory reminds you’re in a coastal cottage.


This pillow is edgy! I love it!

Dining Room

I like seeing softer, calmer dining rooms. They always feel very inviting and comfortable.


The brighter side of the house starts with a sunburst mirror.


This is a classic white kitchen with a modern touch. The stunning light fixture is called “Sorenson 18 Lantern”. It’s often recommended by interior designers, but you can also find more affordable options here.

Eating Area

The light fixture (Arteriors Home4 Light Beatty Oval Chandelier) was customized by the designer by adding a grosgrain ribbon on the shade.

Family Room

Small but very comfy! The interesting coffee table is from Oomph.


Remember to mix your pillows. They should have colors that complement each other, but they can have different designs/patterns. Be creative and reinvent your living space.

Window Seat

Don’t you just love window-seats? I can’t get enough of them. The runner is called is “Bleadon” and is by Stark.


Feminine, elegant and oh, so calming… Bench is by Jan Showers.



Do you have plans for today? The kids are going back to school and things are going back to normal after the holidays. I know that sometimes we, as parents, can’t wait to have the kids back to school so we can have quiet time around the house, be able to work, hear nothing… I know that feeling sometimes, but I must say that I wish I could keep the kids with me at all times. Don’t get me wrong, I get tired of the noise, but at the same time I’m the happiest when they’re right here, with me. Their voice is like air for me. 🙂

Now, you excuse me because I need to run to the doctor to take the stitches off of my finger and I’m not very comfortable with the idea… to be very honest, I’m freaking out!!! LOL

Talk to you tomorrow.

PS: Thank you all for the great wishes. You’re the best!

with Love,

Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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 Sources: Old Greenwich Beach Cottage by MuseInteriors via Houzz.

11 Comments to 'Beach Cottage'

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  1. Karen said,

    A quaint, cosy home. Love those bright bold accent pieces throughout. Hope the stitch removal went okay! The best for you and yours this year, Karen xoxo

  2. Leslie said,

    This is such a lovely cottage (and so are those shoes!) I like the variation in color here. So often the cottages are all white. The chocolate brown, blue, and pops color are perfect – the colored tulips and the vases are so pretty. Gorgeous bedroom and kitchen!


  3. Monica said,

    The cottage is a dream coziness and perfection. Love the fabric of the first sofa looks like velvet. Hope your finger is better.

  4. What a perfect cottage. LOVE it, great color, scale…..I could move right in and not change a thing!

  5. Talia said,

    Love everything about this home! Do you know who the interior designer was /and or the architect?

  6. Hello Talia,

    Thank you for your comment.

    The interior designer is “Muse Interiors”: http://www.houzz.com/projects/20503/Old-Greenwich-Beach-Cottage

    I hope this helps.



  7. Kathy said,

    How do you find these over the top awesome places….wow I’m breathless! Happy new year Luciane

  8. Cheryl said,

    Just lovely! I can have my house packed in no time if you can get the keys to this place for me. I would let you pick a cottage for me any day. My favourite part of this post, your line near the end about your children, “Their voices are like air for me.” Beautifully said, that’s exactly how I feel about my wee girl. I feel like her laugh and her hugs have healing power. I have saved so many phone messages from her to keep a piece of that sweet young voice. I can’t hold back a smile when I hear that little “Hi Mummy”. Where is she, I’m going to hug her!

  9. Nasrin said,

    Love the aqua cushions with the cream border. Please can you share where they are from.

    Kind regards,

  10. Hi Nasrin.

    Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, I don’t have the source of these pillows. I apologize.



  11. Susan Vanderhoek said,

    Who was the builder on this home ? I love it!

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