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Buon Natale! Are you guys all excited for Christmas? With only six days away I thought that’s about time to make our Home Bunch feel a bit more festive. I’ve told you how much I love this time of the year and I feel this year is even more special with our newest addition to the family, Matthew. Sure he’s way too small to understand the beauty of this season, but I know some day he will appreciate seeing all the pictures of his very first Christmas.

How do you celebrate this beautiful day? I think it’s important to create memories, create family traditions around it. My husband is in charge of our Christmas Eve dinner. He prepares a very special meal for us. Christmas morning is the happiest moment of it all! We open the presents as soon the kids wake up and after that we have a wonderful breakfast with all of our favorite food, like, different kind of cheeses, meat (such as salami, turkey breast, ham), fruit trays, cakes and my favorite Christmas treat: Panetone! We spend the day together, playing with the kids and their new toys, there’s always a classic show playing on TV and the fireplace is always roaring. Later that day, I start preparing our classic Christmas dinner. Unfortunately we don’t have our family living close to us, but I must say that I’m actually okay with it. The more I see my family growing, the more I enjoy celebrating the holidays the ways we do, creating our own way to make this day a little more magical, a little more remarkable and it feels amazing to teach my kids the true meaning of this season: the love of being together, the appreciation of each other and especially to the One who has taught us all about the real meaning of love.

I hope you guys enjoy these inspirational Christmas decor, but remember that what really matters at this time isn’t how many gifts you have under the tree or how much money you’ve spent with all the decorations, but who you’re sharing this moment with and how much you’re enjoying this day, after all, Christmas just feels like Christmas if we can find a peaceful moment to take a look around and see smiley faces.

Old and New

Sometimes a little goes a long way. This space feels so elegant.

All There

I like seeing many different elements in a mantel just like this one.

He’s Coming!

I adore the “Waiting for Santa”. Isn’t it a great idea?


This is very beautiful and perfect if you don’t have small children around the house. If you do, you can always put the candles out of their reach.


Is green your favorite color? If so, take a look at this very “green Christmas”!

Santa’s Chair

How gorgeous is this chair! Perfect color to put by this Christmas tree.

Hot Pink

This is yet another brilliant idea: hang the candles above the table. Impressive!

Color Me Lover

Christmas is the time where we cannot be afraid of color and should use it deliberately.

I See Stars

I love this Christmas tree. My favorite kind of ornaments are stars and I like the idea of candles too, as long their battery ones for fire hazard.

Joyeux Noël!

Can it get any cozier than this?

To: You

I always give an extra attention to gift wrapping. I think it shows how much you care.


Make your home feel inviting to your guests, including outdoors.

Hight Light

Simply gorgeous!


Make sure to not overlook the details when decorating. Often, beauty is composed by details.

White & Red

I love this white Christmas tree and the red wrapping paper.

Chirp Chirp

This is just the cutest ornament I’ve seen for a while.


Be creative when decorating your Christmas tree. You can even use some jewelry just as seen here. Isn’t it an interesting idea?


Preparing a beautiful table setting is as important as the food. Make it merry!


Flowers are always so welcoming.


I love seeing everything shinning… It simply adds more magic to this time of the year.


Very Scandinavian.

Lake Louise

Turquoise and white? My newest obsession!


The numbers are fun, but I’d like it even more with letters. You can easily do it with glue and sand or even glitter.




The Christmas Spirit should be carried in every room of our homes.


Blue, white and silver. Classic.


I adore this space.

Feliz Navidad! 

How happy is this space! Very cottage-y.


This is such a cute Christmas tree: short and chubby.

Little Miracle

Perfect size for a foyer.


Yet another great idea for a foyer.


This is the perfect size if you live in a small space. You don’t need a giant tree to make it beautiful.


What about this tree? Many of us would not look at it as a good choice, but I think it’s incredibly adorable!


Very natural and the idea of hanging gifts on it is fun!


Isn’t this super cute?


Any kid would adore this tree and it’s a great size for them to decorate it.


The classic red and green should always find a place in our homes when Christmas.


I really love seeing classic toys around Christmas trees. They add a timeless feel.


Decorate with whatever makes you smile!


How gorgeous is to decorate with pine cones? I adore them.

Beach Tree

This tree would look amazing in a beach house.


How many ornaments you decorate your tree with is always a personal choice, but I always think a full Christmas tree feels merrier. Don’t you agree?

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So, do you feel inspired now? I really hope you’ve enjoyed seeing all of these pictures and I also hope this post helps you get in the Christmas spirit! I certainly can’t wait for it!

Wishing you all a very happy day and a blessed week! See you guys back here tomorrow for our “Cottage of the Week”!

with Love,

Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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I just love these images Luciane. We just dug our tree today and put him in an antique urn and after Christmas we’ll be able to place him back in the grund. So very exciting thanks to our litte Charlie Brown tree.

Lucianne there are so many beautiful images in this post, but as you put it, it is the people that we love and having them around us that is the most important part of Christmas. Enjoy your sweet new baby boy, xo Kathysue

Love all your selections…so light, airy, happy and festive. Hope you are resting and enjoying your little family.

Hi Luciane have you seen my micro mini chtrimas tree !! I love candles and candelabra so the hanging ones I really like
Enjoy the week Im just off to Milano for the day and ill tea at laduree and think of you sweetpie Love fay xxxx

Luciane my dear! Thank you so much for this post! You have given me some wonderful last-minute decoration tips!!
Hope you and Matthew and your family is doing well!

Beautiful Luciane! This will be a very special Christmas for your family and you will be in my thoughts!

Hey busy mama!! I love this post, everything is so beautiful but what i thoght was really beautiful was how you expressed what Christmas means to you and how you spend your day. You definitely understand the real meaning of Christmas and that sounds like the perfect family day.And this year you have another big reason to feel tripley blessed….baby Matthew!! Good luck getting everything done, dont’ work too hard, and enjoy your beautiful family! WIshing you peace and joy.

So true Luciane! Your sentiments are perfect. Happy Christmas to you and yours ;>)

Amazing, inspiring post. Wonderful ideas!

Ooh Luciane you have found some truly gorgeous photo’s I will have to look at them all again, I miss having a real tree it would be to hot here for one. I am the same with Christmas day all fun with the family its to hot for a roast & don’t fancy waiting till evening this year so swimming in the pool & a BBQ at lunch then relaxing in the evening with nibbles & a movie 🙂 We go for a walk on the beach after opening are gifts so fingers crossed it does not rain this christmas.… Read more »

I love so many of these images and ideas. And I love a full tree! We usually have red bow on our tree, but this year my family wanted to try it without. To me, at first the tree felt somewhat sparse, so I adorned other areas of our house with bows instead, and now the tree fits perfectly…

We’re all excited for Sunday!

xo Sheila

Beautiful images.. Merry Christmas!

Lucianne..what a wonderful post !

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !


What gorgeous images and a truly inspiring post. Family and friends are definitely what’s important and with your special new addition your family will have an especially wonderful one…hoping you are able to rest a little during this busy season!!

Hi Luciane! I love all your Christmas inspiration – especially the cute little trees. Your Christmas plans sound wonderful! I hope you are feeling better!

I agree, Luciane — at Christmas, I think “more is more” … as in “the more ornaments on the tree, the better!” Merry Christmas to you and your precious family!!

Buon Natale. Seems to me that we share ancestry. I am Italian (grandparents from Caserta, Naples). I fondly remember my past Christmases – especially the strufoli, which I can eat by the pound. Just love it. I have two sons, Robert and James. They are my solace. I lost my husband recently, after 46 years of marriage – and it was still not long enough. He was a wonderful husband, father and Pop Pop. I loved your photos – especially the lanterns. Been looking for something similar, but in a stained wood. Found you via Pinterest. The pictures are beautiful.… Read more »

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