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Hello, my friends! Today I’m not going to prepare a “Cool or Fool” because I want to wish you a very Happy Easter instead, and hopefully, inspire you with these Easter decorating ideas. I usually start our Easter with the “egg-hunt-fun” with my kids. I once made little bunny paws all over my house with baby powder (shhhh) but it became a little too messy. The “bunny” got smarter and now it hides them without leaving any clues. My kids love the adventure of Easter egg hunt and we try to make it really fun.

Yes, Easter should be fun, colorful and delicious, after all, we can’t go the entire day without having at least one chocolaty treat, right? But Easter should be much more than chocolate, much more than decoration ideas and activities. For me, Easter is a moment of renewal, a moment where we should think about what part of our lives we need to concentrate on and make some changes. What makes me happy but I’m always leaving behind? What makes me grow as a person? What are the qualities in my life that should be transformed, new, once again? What should I renew in my life? Is it my faith in myself? Is it my faith in others? Is it my faith in life itself? Should I renew my relationship with my partner? Should I renew my relationship with my children, with my friends, with the people I see every day and rarely share what’s really in my heart?

Easter is a time of renewal and I ask you to stop and think what you want to be renewed today.

Ask, give it some time, some thought and celebrate!



Now, we can go back to our chocolate! 🙂

I really wish you a Happy Easter and thank you for allowing me being part of this special day/week with you!

PS: If you really, really can’t be without a “Cool or Fool”, take a look at this “Glass Bubblegum Paperweight“. Do you like it? I thought it could end up as a “Cool or Fool”, that’s why I’m sharing it with you.


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10 Comments to 'Easter Decorating Ideas'

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  1. These are wonderful Easter ideas. Happy Easter to you and your family! I took a look at the cool or fool link and had to smile at bubble gum paperweight. Very
    different and very whimsical.

  2. Have a great Easter.. Love these pretty images

  3. ana maria said,

    oi Luciane!!!

    Que coisa mais linda tua seleção de imagens, um encanto! Ah, pascoa sem crianças não tem graça, ainda bem que meu irmão tem um casal de 4 e 2 anos pra fazer a festa na casa da mãe.
    Lindo seu jeito de pensar a páscoa, muitas alegrias pra vc e sua família.

    bjão amiga!!!!

  4. Signing off for the weekend, but I had to stop by and see the pretty tables, Luciane.
    Happy Easter to you and your family, friend.

  5. Happy & Heartfelt! Very you!

    Happy Easter to you and yours, dear Luciane.

    My kids are one Spring break x 2 weeks (different school districts) so I don’t get much done here…

    But know that I am thinking of you!

    Warm hugs,


  6. I took a look at the glass bubblegum paperweight and it’s FOOL for me.

    Have a wonderful Easter Luciane!


  7. Luciana, minha querida amiga!!!!! Vim lhe desejar FELIZ PÁSCOA!!! um beijo enorme em você e em todos os seus queridos!

  8. Hi friend,

    I wish you a lovely Easter with your family.

  9. Karen said,

    There are some file worthy images of clever table settings for Easter. Thanks so much! I hope you and your family are having a wonderful Easter…we’re off to Easter dinner with family.

  10. Kathy said,

    Stunning Luciane, just beautiful

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